Beneful Wet Dog Food Keeps My Pup Moving

Buying a pup was the most exciting thing that I had ever done, but I quickly discovered there were a lot of things I had to think about after I bought my new dog. I had to buy a host of dog supplies including a crate, dog dishes, leash, collar, toys, and of course dog food. The dog food part really had me stumped because I never thought much about dog food before, but suddenly standing in the grocery store aisle there were so many brands I had no idea where to start. Finally, I decided to go with Purina because my parents always fed our family dog Purina so I knew I could trust the brand. However, I was really attracted to the Beneful Purina brand when I noticed how many different flavors of dog food there were. My little pup is just a toy breed, so I knew that I would be feeding her wet dog food, and some of the flavors by Beneful looked so good I almost wanted to eat them. I figured if they were that tempting to me than they would have to be great choices for her. Some of the great choices available from Beneful are Hearty Roasters, Prepared Meals, Chopped Blends, and Medleys. All of these are great choices and they offer a wide variety of proteins such as chicken, pork, and beef to make sure that my dog gets a balanced diet. When she was a puppy the diced varieties were excellent, but now she likes the hearty chunks that really bring out her canine side (or so I like to think). The resealable tubs are also great since my dog doesn’t need a lot of food at each meal. I can pop it out of the fridge and then seal it again when I am done until the next meal and it seals the odor in too. After all, while I love my dog I don’t want my fridge to smell like dog food, and so far it doesn’t. I trust Beneful to keep my dog healthy and happy, and it has delivered on its promise tenfold.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson went to Washington University in St. Louis and later graduated with a law degree from American University. He used to study for the law degree at night due to his full time job as a journalist with the Washington Star. He originates from a Jewish family and spent his early days in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is a businessperson based in the US, a former NBA team owner and is renowned for his philanthropic activities. Together with Ed Peskowitz, Bruce Levenson formed the Atlanta Spirit LLC back in 2004 and used it to by the Atlanta Hawks LLC, which was at that time under the ownership of Turner Broadcasting. Buying the NBA team also meant that they would have to take over Atlanta Thrashers that is categorized as an NFL team. However, they sold Atlanta Thrashers in 2011. Bruce Levenson has since been on NBA’s Board of Governors first as a representing member of Atlanta Hawks but later as an ex-official. Humble Beginnings Bruce Levenson formed the United Communication Group also known as UCG in 1977 together with Ed Peskowitz. According to PR Newswire the company by Levenson started as a newsletter publisher in the oil industry but has since developed wings to other industries such as energy, technology, healthcare, telecommunication, and mortgage banking just to mention but a few. In addition, UCG has come up with a mobile application that informs drivers where to get the lowest gas price depending on their location. Bruce Levenson serves as a board member of TechTarget and Electronic Publishers Association. He also advises the BIA Digital Partner and featured in the 1977 Software and Information Industry Association Hall of Fame. The first general manager and president of basketball operation for Atlanta Hawks when Atlanta Spirit LLC bought it was Danny Ferry. He came to the picture in 2012 and considering his was once a professional player with Cleveland Cavalier and later became their manager before becoming San Antonio Spurs’ vice president, the duo thought he would do well with the team. One of the experiences that Bruce Levenson may not forget is accompanying the team to visit the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. His mother-in-law is a survivor and this not only made it personal but he was also able to speak with the team. However, later in 2012, he decided to sell his ownership shares for the team stating that the African-American fan base for the team was going down. He has involved an investment-banking firm to help with the sale. Philanthropic Activities Bruce Levenson is known for his philanthropic works including the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., I Have a Dream Foundation, Washington chapter, the Hoop Dreams Foundation, the SEED Foundation, and Seeds of Peace. He also participates with the Birthright Israel, Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, and the Jewish Foundation. As of 2013, he was among other prominent American Jews who advised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to work closely with US Secretary of State.

A Few Reasons To Use Home Cleaning Services

It’s not always about having or even creating the time to tend to the much needed housecleaning duties, sometimes it comes down to the value of one’s time. Take for instance a work from home legal or medical records transcriber with all the inbound work they could ever wish for. They could chose to set aside a couple of hours each day to tend to the daily house cleaning chores and upkeep or they could make other home cleaning arrangements and continue to work, earning twice what the service cost them.

Then there is the stay at home parent whose day is filled with school drop offs and pick-ups, family grocery shopping, a trip to the gym for some “me time”, a swing by the dry cleaners and soccer practices after squeezing in a quick snack. With no time in the weekday schedule to clean house or even take care of laundry, it boils down to either sacrificing one of the coveted weekend days to play catch up or make arrangements with a home cleaning service, such as Handy on facebook, to handle it!

Handy home cleaning is just what the doctor order for those with a busy schedule. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more, Handy can even tend to the washing, drying and folding of the laundry if so desired. And Handy’s customers always rest easy knowing that they are in the hands of caring and competent cleaning professions, each carefully vetted by Handy who stands by their service with a 100% money-back guarantee. Handy is the gold standard when it comes to home cleaning services.

Besides easing the demands on one’s busy schedule, there are other occasions when home cleaning services can be helpful. For those who entertain regularly, utilizing the talents of a home cleaning service can put that extra sparkle on the home’s interior while at the same time freeing up the host to tend to other important pre-entertaining preparations.

And then there is the dreaded visit from the judgmental mother in-law. If there wasn’t already enough to worry over in the days and even hours before her visit begins, the thought of a missed cobweb or dust bunny in the corner can be enough to drive a person to drinking. Assuring that a home’s cleanliness can face the scrutiny of a mother in-law is nothing more than routine for a top rated professional home cleaning service.

These are just a few examples of why someone might choose to utilize a home cleaning service, there are many more. And the truth be told, some people do not even have a reason other than they would rather have someone else clean their home for them while they relax and do nothing!

Kenneth C. Griffin: Investor and Community Leader

Ken Griffin, founder and CEO of Citadel LLC, has been touted as one of the most successful and secretive traders in the world. Even though Griffin’s is not a rags to riches story, there is no denying that Ken Griffin has made his mark on the world of investing. Griffin began his investing journey during his freshman year at Harvard, trading stock options out of his dorm room. The stock-market crash in 1987 allowed Griffin to clean up in the market with his launched convertible-bond arbitrage fund. By Griffin’s senior year, he had accumulated $1 million dollars through investors. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Harvard, he has never forgotten his alma mater, donating $150 million to the Harvard University financial aid program, in 2014. Griffin credits his Harvard experience with changing his life, and with his gift he has paved the way for many more to have the same experience and opportunities he had.

Citadel  LLC, has been the dream of Griffin, since his first trade transaction, during his freshman year at Harvard. The investment group has become one of the world’s largest hedge funds under the leadership of Griffin. The use of quantitative trading method and focusing on proven technologies has driven Griffin to become one of the 400 richest people in America. Having a net worth of $6.6 billion Griffin regularly donates to various organizations including a variety of cultural organizations in the Chicago community, where he resides. He is a passionate art collector and shares his collection with his community through loans of his art to the Art Institute of Chicago.

Along with leading a team of top talented individuals at Citadel, Griffin is an active supporter of educational causes that drive community improvement in the Chicago area. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund, and is on the Board of Trustees for some of the leading cultural organizations in Chicago, and the University of Chicago. Even after amassing a fortune through shrewd investment decisions and just plain hard work, Griffin continues to support his community and invest in the young minds of tomorrow. He works to bring his economic experience to the global community through his membership in the G100, a network of CEOs that meet to discuss the global economy.

Managing a record $26 billion and experiencing a 170 percent increase from January 2012, Citadel LLC has flourished under the leadership of Griffin. Citadel is no doubt a dominant force in the investment industry. Griffin has compiled a top talent workforce of over 1,250 team members focusing on uncovering and capturing new investment opportunities, and generating high-risk investment results for their investors and capital partners. Griffin has taken investment risk and turned it into investment results, he is truly a hedge fund king.

How To Become A Better Writer For Wikipedia

Have you ever wanted to create an article that would be used on Wikipedia? Have you ever wanted content about your name or business on the site? Having a wiki page can truly help your business garner more growth, develop your brand name, and really help get people talking about your business.

How To Become A Better Writer For Wikipedia

If you want to be good enough to write for a site like Wikipedia writers, it’s so important that you work hard towards crafting content that will fit their specific requirements since they do want articles written in a certain way. They want all of their content to be top notch. It’s hard sometimes to know exactly what may work best if you aren’t the best writer out there, so be sure to take your time and to practice your writing skills.

The first thing you need to do is try practicing writing an article just like Wikipedia. A great practice test is to read a few articles about different celebrities and take a look at their current layout. Focus on how the content is created. Your next goal is to write a practice piece on another celebrity and their life that you haven’t read about yet, and the key is to create a piece that is identical to their current wiki page. If it turns out right and quite similar, then you have definitely found the right place.

Get Your Wiki is your ultimate source on the web if you want to get top of the line quality content for your first wiki page for those of you that aren’t Wikipedia writers. The truth is that you probably only want to make an article about yourself or your brand. Some business owners want to gain that authority which can be found by having a page on this huge online site. Get your article done and created by a ton of professionals who know and understand the process involved. There are people on their writing team who can help provide you with all writing needed done for your wiki page. Get Your Wiki has writers who can almost guarantee an accepted article by the Wikipedia giant.

Writing for Wikipedia is definitely not a picnic, and it takes more work than expected to reach their level of writing skills. It pays off to go this route if you’d like to save some time and instead have a professional writer handle the writing.

Susan McGalla Hopes To Inspire Women in A Different Way

Ohio-born and Pittsburgh-based businesswoman and consultant Susan McGalla hopes her ascension to top level corporate manager inspires other woman to achieve greatness in their own way.

After graduating from Mount Union College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, McGalla, in 1986, began her career at the Joseph Horne Company, a former, well-known department store chain based in Pittsburgh. There, McGalla learned the business world, harnessed her personal skills and gained extensive understanding about clothing and apparel, knowledge which would, in later years, propel her to great heights. During McGalla’s eight years at Joseph Horne, she was employed in a variety of different marketing and managerial roles.

From Joseph Horne, McGalla moved on to American Eagle, where her first job was as a merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. McGalla’s innate understanding of the apparel industry and her personable approach paved the path to top management positions within the company. By March of 2007, McGalla had been named Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and President of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. In this role, she oversaw the design, marketing and revenue of several of American Eagle’s clothing lines. McGalla also headed the launch of the corporation’s statup brands aerie and 77 kids.

After a brief tenure as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Wet Seal, McGalla, in 2013, formed P3 Consulting, LLC. In short order, P3 became the holy grail of consulting firms for executives in the apparel and retail sectors, who used McGalla’s counsel to help them make important decisions about their own companies. In January of 2015, McGalla was named Director of Strategic Growth and Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL).

Many have marveled at how seamlessly McGalla succeeded in the corporate world and believe she serves as an inspiration to other female managers and executives. McGalla credits her upbringing for laying the foundation to her great career and, while she appreciates being thought of as a top female executive, would rather be valued as an intelligent, confident, well-spoken, personable individual. McGalla said gender played no significant role in her life as a child. She grew up with two older brothers and a football coach for a Dad. Her family did not view her as a girl, but as a person with goals. McGalla took that lesson to heart and put it into practice throughout her working life. She humbly considers herself not merely as a woman, but as a solid employee who always performed her job well. McGalla stresses she does not think a woman should feel she must carry a chip on her shoulder or compete with her male counterparts. She firmly believes that, if a woman, or anyone else proves themselves, success will soon follow.

Kenneth Griffin Shares His Business And Investment Secrets

Kenneth Griffin is one of the experienced investment experts that I ever met and interacted with. He is my mentor and friend. Why him and not other investment personalities? Ken has extensive knowledge about any investment. In certain circles, I considered Mr. Ken Griffin on valuewalk one of the amazing hedge fund managers who has not only built one of the leading hedge fund firms but also has been able to manage his employees.

During the recent Global Conference hosted by Milken Institute, Mr. Ken Griffin exposed how he managed to build a complex hedge fund and asset management business. What I learn from his lectures is that the art of building a successful hedge fund firm and managing employees requires professionals with different talents. Mr. Griffin criticizes hedge fund managers who are interested running a small hedge fund business with few employees.

From Griffin lectures, I also learnt why he was able to build a bigger hedge fund firm such as Citadel. His success came as a result of hard work and dedication in finding and developing human talent.

Building one of the largest organizations like Citadel requires leaders who spend time in improving the welfare of employees. Mr. Griffin discussed why he is not spending his limited time on giving directions. He revealed that he likes allocating some time coaching his employees as this ensures the company and employees moves together as a unit.

Success in building a successful business not only comes as a result of managing employees but also in selecting the right candidate to accomplish certain tasks. He advised companies to hire people with top brains who understand diversity and who are open to change. Mr. Griffin discussed interesting approach in talent identification, development and management.

Ken also discussed the art and science behind hedge fund investing. He revealed that he was able to grow Citadel through making correct investment decisions. He said that running a business venture is both an art and science. The science involves the hard work and process of making correct decisions. The art involves how well ideas are differentiated from people’s perception.

Griffin believes that hedge fund managers become successful when they employ different views and when the investment market agrees with their views. This is the art perspective of hedge fund business that makes hedge fund managers succeed.

About Ken Griffin
Ken is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Citadel LLC. As stated earlier, Citadel is one of the successful hedge fund firms based in the United States. Ken Griffin holds a business degree from Harvard University. Last year, he donated $150 million to support the needy students at Harvard University. I asked him why he likes education more than anything else. He told me that he was able to complete his studies at Harvard through financial assistant from well-wishers.

His success in hedge fund management has made him recognized by several reputable organizations. He has been recognized as one of the top 100 hedge fund managers by Forbes Magazine with a net worth of $7 billion.

Content Discovery Gets Even Better as Flipora Rebrands as Rover

Flipora, the app that lets you gather the content that matters to you, announced it will rebrand as Rover. The move fits with the company’s strategic plan to give users the ultimate experience in personal content.

Flipora is the go-to app for people wanting to gather content they care about in one place. As you “flip” the page in a magazine, Flipora allows users to “flip” to the content they like all in one place.

That experience, however, is about to get much better and “flipping” is being relegated to the past. Under its new name Rover, the company aims to make the journey of content discovery even more personalized. With a collection of 15,000 topics in which to search, the app finds the content that is most relevant to the user.

Not only will the app individualize content, it will also make it easier to share that information with others who are interested in the same topics. With content discovery the new hot topic in content delivery, Rover believes it has an edge.

Imagine an app that tailors the content it delivers to its users according to that users preferences over time. Rover scours the Web to find content that matters, that informs, and that engages the user.

With the rebranding, Rover intends to continue on its path of growth and product development. So what can users expect? According to its developers, the newly-named app will launch:
a new user interface
a new way to follow influencers
greater control over a user’s personalized home feed
improvements to speed and accuracy
easier means of sharing with followers
Along with its name change, Rover has also received an infusion of cash from Silicon Valley investors who are experts in artificial intelligence. Among them are executives from Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft.

The future of Rover appears bright and filled with possibilities. For users of the Rover experience, it signifies a journey of discovery to the many portals of knowledge.

Men Don’t Have To Choose Between Comfort And Style Any Longer

Trending men’s shoes are popular for many reasons, but one reason that most people do not buy them for is the comfort that they bring to a man’s feet. All too often when a shoe looks stylish it hurts a man’s feet, and that isn’t right. It’s not fair that one should have to sacrifice comfort for style, and that is why men who want to wear an italian shoes that will look good on them will have to work extra hard to find the right brand to purchase their shoes from. They’ll need to know that the shoe brand offers something that is stylish, but that is also comfortable, as well.

Paul Evans might be the brand that every man who is on the quest to find comfortable and stylish shoes should be looking to. The men who founded this brand wanted to be able to give their customers a product that would leave their feet feeling great, and that would also help them to stand out from among the crowd and look nice and stylish. They have worked hard to make the best trending shoes around, and they have accomplished that well. They have allowed men the chance to slip their feet into a pair of shoes that will not hurt their feet as they make them look great.

It can be a hard decision to choose between comfort and style, and that is why it is so great when one doesn’t have to choose. When a man wants to put on a pair of trending men’s shoes he now has a brand to go to that will help his feet to stay feeling good while still looking great. There is a brand out there that is determined to give men the kind of shoes that they need for both comfort and style.

The Benefits of Beneful

In 2001 Nestle Purina was researching new possible brand. It was then that they began Beneful dog food. Beneful is created right here in the United States and includes wet and dry food and all manner of dog treats. It has gradually introduced new kinds of ingredients such as being the first dog food company ever to introduce soy to its products. Other ingredients include corn, chicken, beef, wheat, rice, flour, bone meal, sugar, salt, yogurt, carrots, and peas. During the years Purina has produced these canine foods, the brand has ascended to become one of its most popular.

By 2006, it was making over $300 million a year. Along the way, it has also won design awards for its packaging. Today the brand has eight varieties of products: Beneful Original, Beneful Playful Life, Beneful IncrediBites, Beneful Healthy Smile, Beneful Healthy Fiesta, Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Healthy Radiance, and Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies. It is today a company brand that benefits the dog world through more than just food. Beneful also sponsors the national annual Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest, which is a contest to build dog parks in desperately needed areas.
These areas win by submitting a winning design for a dog park renovation. The contest has definitely made a difference, brightening communities all across the nation. As of 2015, Beneful has been sponsoring the contest for five years. It honored its fifth year, by selecting and working with deserving communities all across the nation. It has worked with the leaders of these communities to either introduce or renovate dog parks to or in their areas of leadership. One of its primary areas of renovation focus has been in St. Louis, Missouri.

It began this enormously ambitious project in June. And their massive vision is not yet complete. They will faithfully work on it throughout the rest of the year either build new dog parks or repair and upgrade existing dog parks. The staff who work these projects, put all of their passion into it. They even use their own personal pets to test the effective fun of their creations. In the process of this, Beneful hopes to share its vision and passion for the future of dog health. Interested persons can view the progress of the project on both Amazon, Twitter and Facebook.

Beneful remains focused on creating a society of healthy dogs, however, that vision might come to pass. Their dog food is a food that your pet will always find delicious and satisfying. It is also specially designed to maintain health, energy, and strength in dogs of every age for all day activity. There is absolutely no way any canine will not both benefit and enjoy Beneful to the fullest. Our stuff is definitely not imitation. You can be certain your dog is always getting real meat and authentic grains and vegetables. Authentic foods equal maximum nutrition, which adds up to a long-living dog with strong muscles. Loads of needed carbohydrates, vitamins, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, your dog requires all this stuff for an efficient immune system.