Sheldon Lavin and Sustainability: His Vision on How to Make the World a Better Place

OSI Group is one of the biggest food producers worldwide. Its development from an area butcher shop in Chicago to an essential provider of McDonald’s underlying system of chain eateries in the American Midwest and a worldwide nourishment aggregate has been a standout amongst the greatest organizations accounts of the most recent century. Sheldon Lavin has dealt with that marvelous development.

It’s not a secret that OSI Group has implemented some great advancements in their sustainability practices. These practices have helped tremendously as the organization faces the worldwide requirement for more reasonable and ecologically and sustainable procedures. Furthermore, OSI Group sets annual sustainable objectives and targets, then they continually monitor and control them daily with the help of their performance measurement system.

Sheldon Lavin is conscious about the impact his company has on the environment. Incorporating the most recent innovation and more profound joining forces with producers are likewise center obligations that the OSI group are intended to satisfy. The specialized assets that OSI can impart to its customers is a noteworthy innovation that must be recognized. That’s the reason why Lavin himself, and his organization, have received several important awards: British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour, Global Visionary Award, among others.

This expansive responsibility to sustainability permeates the majority of the activities of OSI, which is currently a worldwide provider of organic products and Sheldon Lavin has made sure these advancements were achieved little by little.

But what is the story behind Sheldon Lavin’s work in OSI Group? Lavin assumed a key part in being in charge of the finances of Otto and Sons, the predecessor of OSI Group. At some point, Otto and Sons asked for him to have a proprietorship stake in the organization. He declined the offer, yet he came as a consultant after the deal was closed by Otto and Sons. Lavin was in charge to close one of the most important deals of OSI Group: the McDonald’s deal. Just after this happened, Sheldon Lavin became Chairman and CEO of OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin does not work alone. He has picked up a considerable measure of achievement in the meat handling industry by working with a nearby group of similarly invested and yearning people. Without any doubts, Lavin is an essential piece in the continuous growth of OSI Group’s sustainability vision. If you want to learn more information about OSI Group and Lavin, you should visit their website.

AIA CEO Robert Ivy Explains Some Of The Benefits Of Joining The Organization

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer of The American Institute of Architecture. Ivy received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of The South. Robert Ivy also holds a Masters Of Architecture from Tulane University. Robert Ivy started his career as the Editor in Chief of Architecture Record before becoming the Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. Working for a professional organization with a great reputation like The American Institute of Architects provides many great benefits. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Potential Networking Opportunities

Associations such as The American Institute of Architects often host large conferences every year that thousands of workers attend. This is a great opportunity for workers to interact with their peers as well as influential leaders in their field. Many of these conferences give workers the opportunity to participate in work shops and education sessions that can help them learn more information about future job openings. Workers can also network through some of the volunteer events that the American Institute of Architects sponsors.

Educational Resources

Associations like The American Institute of Architects use webinars, and newsletters to provide workers with important information. These resources are beneficial to people who are just starting their career. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Job Search Resources

Many Associations offer career assistance. Workers normally receive access to online job boards. They’ll also receive access to a career center where staff members can give each worker individual attention.

Building Credentials

In many industries, being a member of a professional organization provides credibility. It shows that people are committed to their field and are actively keeping up with different trends and developments. Serving on a committee can help people enhance their leadership skills and improve their resume.

Robert Ivy notes that the American Institute of Architect has a code of ethics. He also notes that while architects are a small group compared to other professions, their outreach is strong. Ivy also points out the The American Institute of Architects has an advocacy organization that helped impact tax legislation. Membership fees differ based on the number of chapters in the part of the country where members reside in.


Gareth Henry and the Gay Community

Four years ago, Gareth Henry was all over the international headlines after police and an angry mob of 200 people attacked him in his home country of Jamaica. The angry mob and the police had cornered at a pharmacy in Kingston, and they wanted to kill him. It was in 2008 that Henry found his way out of his country into Canada. He was the head of All-Sexuals and Gays (J-Flag) as well as Jamaica Forum for Lesbians. He fled to Canada fearing for his life where he has been granted refugee status. Henry claims that he worked with J-Flag for four years before leaving for Canada. It was under his leadership of the group that 13 members were killed. He says that he was the one who went to identify the bodies. Gareth Henry was promoted to become the head of the group after the former leader was killed in 2004 in a homophobic attack.

Gareth Henry suffered violence in three occasions at the hands of police officers. On Valentine Day in 2007, Henry suffered a notorious incident when a large mob was chasing a group of gay men. The group ran in search of a place to hide and found themselves in pharmacy in Kingston. Henry was among them. He claims that they called the police, but when they arrived, they were abusing them instead. The four police officers who had arrived started beating him up with their guns. He went to complain to the ministry of Justice in Jamaica, but he did not receive any support from them either. Even the politicians that he went meeting concerning his safety were not ready to help him in any way.

Every day police officers would come to his window claiming that they will kill him. During this time, Gareth Henry had given gay people who had been chased away by their families accommodation in his house. Some of the people he was housing were suffering from HIV/Aids. After documenting the series of attacks that he had suffered and even gaining international attention, the situation in Jamaica regarding the Gay community did not change. He had to live in hiding.

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How To Fix Brazil’s Infrastructure With Felipe Montoro Jens

Earlier this year – in 2018 – Brazil’s very own National Confederation of Industry used data from end-of-year 2017 to find that just short of 2,800 public works weren’t yet completed – or even started – a problem that Brazil is still facing two-thirds into 2018. 517 of those 2,800 public works were in the infrastructure sector, equating to roughly 18 percent of the total number of projects that were expected to be completed, but hadn’t yet borne any fruit. Find out more at to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens, the expert of Infrastructure Projects within the national government of Brazil, shared several reasons about a month ago in a South American online-based publication regarding why so many of Brazil’s infrastructure projects had fallen flat – or not even sprung to action in the first place.

You might remember hearing negative things about the water in Rio de Janeiro, one of Brazil’s most populated cities, back two years ago for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Still, the South American country’s basic sanitation projects are incredibly off-schedule. Of the 517 aforementioned projects related to the infrastructure sector that hadn’t yet begun, a whopping 447 of them were directly related to basic sanitation – think of things like public bathrooms, repairs of sinks and toilets, and sewer line installations or fixes.

In addition to the 447 basic sanitation projects that hadn’t yet gotten underway at the end of 2017, Felipe Montoro Jens also shared that some 30 highways and 16 airports around the country – both in large and small cities alike – hadn’t yet started.

Countries generally can’t grow large – at least not that large – without proper infrastructures in place. Only time, proper planning, and sufficient tax money can ultimately yield good infrastructure, says Felipe Montoro Jens.



Dr. Saad: The Benefit of Irrigation Suction Device in Performance of Endoscope

Dr. Saad’s fluid-suction device has been critical in performing various types of surgeries across the United States and other parts of the world. The irrigation-suction device is a technology that has been developed to rinse the endoscope when its lens has been blocked by the body fluids when the doctor is conducting pre-surgical procedures to determine how the inside of the body looks before one can perform the necessary process. Traditionally, the doctor was required to remove the endoscope from the body of an individual, wipe it, and then start the procedure of inserting it back into the body opening to see what is happening inside.


However, the traditional method of removing the endoscope and returning it after wiping is time-consuming and annoying as it forces the doctor to struggle once again trying to locate the original position where he/she had placed the endoscope. With Dr. Saad’s innovation, doctors don’t have to take their eyes away from the endoscope as they will be using the irrigation suction device to wipe out all the fluids blocking the lens. This means that the doctor will have ample time to view the inside of the body which will help him offer quality and exhaustive treatment.


Dr. Saad personally acknowledges that the endoscope technology has helped him to perform a significant number of surgeries where he has removed blocked food particles, needles, marbles, and other materials that children swallow as they play. The endoscope device has been highlighted as a useful innovation and a cheap one for that matter which all medical practitioners can easily access. The change is frequently used in different parts of the world because it is readily available, and one can use it even without additional training. The irrigation-suction device can easily be highlighted as the causes of success in the most recent surgical operations.


Since he started his career in the United States, Dr. Saad Saad has performed more than ten thousand surgeries, both in and out of the US. Most of the surgeries that he has performed have been on free missions where he has been offering the services to the children from the underprivileged families who could not afford to pay for the operations were it not for the assistance. Saad has also been very vibrant in leading the research teams in the quest to discover new methods to improve the healthcare sector. His discoveries have contributed greatly to restoring confidence to the patients who were always scared whenever they were to undergo an operation. They could worry about the likelihood of the operation resulting in complications on their health conditions. However, with the new devices that he has invented, the patients can rest assured that their health issued are in good control. Learn more :

Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Award For 2018

Robert Ivy is an accomplished writer and leader in the field of architecture. He has been a professional for many years. His experience in this industry has allowed him to become a key leader among the professionals in this field.

He has even been given the mandate to lead the largest organization of architects in the United States known as American Institute of Architects (AIA). Ivy holds the position of executive vice president and CEO of the organization.

Ivy has helped in protecting the welfare of this organization, which is the main reason why he was appointed to hold this position. He has acted as a leader should always do- leading his group in such a way that they can enjoy the fruits of their expertise. Ivy has acted as a father-figure in the organization. Due to his experience, he gives wise counsel to young architects on how they should approach the industry.

He worked for Architectural Record before he was appointed at AIA. The architectural publication became very popular for containing valuable information about the industry when Ivy was the editor in Chief. He made it the leading publication in the country and even won the National Magazine for General Excellence award.

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In 2011, Robert Ivy, who hails from Mississippi was appointed CEO of AIA. His motivation for excellence continued even in the new position. Among the steps, he has taken since he joined leadership is to ensure that architects are updated on the newest trend in the industry.

In June 2018, Robert Ivy was recognized for the positive impact he had created in the architectural industry. He was honored by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Awards.

The Polk award is given to a person who has spent their career time promoting art. It is the first time that this award went to an architect. Only personalities who have roots in Mississippi are recognized. It is a way of showing gratitude to those who come from this region and are representing the region in the national and global map. Robert Ivy was recognized for bringing architecture close to the Americans.

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Gareth Henry Has A Promising Future As An Investment Leader

Institutional Investor named Fortress Investment Group LLC the Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year at the 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards in 2010. Firms were recognized for their achievements, contributions, and innovation. The 300 investment professionals at Fortress manage more than $13 billion for private clients and institutional investors around the world.

Gareth Henry, the managing director, was named a “Rising Star” by Institutional Investor. He began working for Fortress in 2007. His responsibilities include building relationships with clients in the markets of Africa, Europe and the Middle East, as well as raising capital. He was recognized for his accomplishments and contributions that made him stand out from the crowd. He was also awarded for his potential to become a future leader in the industry.

Fortress Investment Group is one of the top global investment managers. In 2011, the firm had $43.1 billion in assets. In 1998, it was founded to provide alternative and traditional investment products.

In 2014, Fortress considered Brazil as one of the best places to invest in. While attending the Alpha Hedge West conference, Gareth Henry said an amazing trading opportunity arose from the Brazilian elections that year. He was optimistic about the equity market, Brazilian currency, and interest rates. Mike Novogratz, a fellow executive, said earlier that there would be a major rally in Brazilian assets after the failed reelection of President Dilma Rousseff. He believed she would lose and there would be a change of leadership.

Gareth Henry was also interested in investing on Japan and Scotland. Through the rise of Abenomics, he expected the continuation of great trades in Japan. Abenomics are the Japanese government’s economic stimulus programs. The failed independence vote in Scotland led to many great trading opportunities. Gareth Henry recommended keeping an eye on global events that involved political change and geopolitics.

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Stansberry Research: Years of Advice For Investors

Stansberry Research is known to many investors as a publication that provides them with information when it comes to investment opportunities on the market. The business has stuck to it’s approach by providing analysts who give strategies many come to count on in our own personal lives. The business is dedicated to customer service that goes well beyond what is expected. Its leaders state that if customers are not satisfied within 30 days and they fail to meet expectations, they don’t mind parting as friends. Stansberry Research is about treating customers how they would want to be treated. They live by their selection of analysts they know to be trustworthy and giving adequate investment advice their clients can use.

Stansberry Research has a dedicated team of editors and analysts all joining together to provide knowledgeable information about investment opportunities happening in the market. They are no strangers when it comes to being accountable for the advice their analyst put forth to investors. The company has an unbridled commitment to risk management where they have franchises linked to identify the best investment opportunities. They treat information passed on to investors as if they were taking it in themselves. Further, they are proud to publish advice from analysts who consistently give out information their own family can use and follow.

As a subscription-based publisher, Stansberry Research has relationships and giving reliable information to investors that they can count on. Stansberry Research provides financial information and software that serve its investors all across the globe. Their team is highly experienced. Their website is set up to give a list of products and services and allow investors to research various resources. These include the following:

Investment glossary
Investment assessment
Education center

Stansberry Research understands the market is ever-changing and strives to provide investors with the resources to make sound decisions. Inside the education center, investors can discover how to be successful as an investor, ways to make money in the stock market and how to survive a market crash. Their investor tools also help clients understand the importance of preservation of capital.

End Citizens United Sees Beto O’Rourke Gaining On Ted Cruz In Texas Senatorial Race

Democrats have shored up 34 congressional seats in special elections in the last year. This signals a blue wave coming for the 2018 midterms. And there is a Texas politician that is challenging Ted Cruz for his senatorial seat. His name is Beto O’Rourke and he is from El Paso. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

The latest poll by End Citizens United shows the challenge is just a few points behind the longtime conservative senator. And this is shocking considering that Ted Cruz takes up one of the safest seats for the Republicans in the midterms. But it seems his status is being challenged.

There has already been some ridiculousness in this race. Ted Cruz, whose actual name is Rafael Cruz, was born in Calgary, Canada. Yet the conservative senator attacks the Challenger from El Paso for using the name Beto instead of his birth certificate name of Robert. But the Democratic candidate plainly explains that Beto is short for Robert in the city of El Paso, Texas, where he’s from. And the Democratic challenger has too much class to attack Ted Cruz for using a different name altogether.

There is a major difference between these two candidates that should vault Beto to the Senate. O’Rourke is a staunch opponent of a Supreme Court case known as Citizens United. This puts him in line with End Citizens United which is a political action group that is determined to repeal the decision. View the group’s profile on

End Citizens United has endorsed O’Rourke because they are on the same page. They believe that every voter should have a voice in every election and that corporations should not be able to influence election cycles. But the Supreme Court decision known as End Citizens United makes it possible for corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections. This is all legally possible because the conservative court found that corporations are people with First Amendment rights. These rights can only be exercised through the spending of money and there can be no limits put on that spending.

End Citizens United and Democratic Senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke both believe that this decision needs to be repealed in order to restore voting rights to the people.


David McDonald Presents At Swine Day

Swine Day is an annual event for the producers of pigs and hogs. The event is held at the Iowa State University’s Scheman Building. Swine Day is a national event for companies and individual farmers who support the pork industry. Discussions are held on topics that can include how to raise the best protein enriched pork meat and how certain things impact its healthiness. Pork topics involved using antibiotics, the right water quality, sustainability, gene editing, risk management, cured meat plants and facility management systems. North American speakers and presenters are invited that own their own swine farms or are a part of the agricultural research industry. Swine Day consists of several concurrent sessions where those attending are listening to the latest in many customized swine programs, agricultural standards, and more.

Further topics for the June 2018 sessions involved the use of custom sperms, cybersecurity, and negotiating hog prices. Other topics include designing new barns and staving off mycoplasma pneumonia which is an organism that attacks the pig population with an infection that affects the lungs. A special presenter in June’s event was David McDonald of the OSI Group. David McDonald discussed the global future of the food industry. David is the President and COO of the OSI Group and he is a board member of the North American Meat Institute. Naturally, on Swine Day, barbeque is served by any one of the highest ranked BBQ grillers in the United States. The OSI Group is the leader of premier food products around the globe produced for the food service industry and the retail food brand named industries. The OSI Group operates for then 65 facilities in over 17 counties worldwide.

OSI has a goal to provide only high-quality custom foods. The OSI Group operates eco-friendly plants and creates many product solutions inspired by excellent chefs and experienced product developers. David McDonald knows a great deal about agriculture and farming because he holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Iowa State University. Mr. McDonald has a 30-year career with OSI because right after college he worked as an intern. David McDonald and the OSI Group both have received many global awards for his leadership. The awards are generally given for best environmental service practices, as well as health and safety services. The British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor has been awarded to The OSI Group annually since 2013.