The Benefits of Beneful

In 2001 Nestle Purina was researching new possible brand. It was then that they began Beneful dog food. Beneful is created right here in the United States and includes wet and dry food and all manner of dog treats. It has gradually introduced new kinds of ingredients such as being the first dog food company ever to introduce soy to its products. Other ingredients include corn, chicken, beef, wheat, rice, flour, bone meal, sugar, salt, yogurt, carrots, and peas. During the years Purina has produced these canine foods, the brand has ascended to become one of its most popular.

By 2006, it was making over $300 million a year. Along the way, it has also won design awards for its packaging. Today the brand has eight varieties of products: Beneful Original, Beneful Playful Life, Beneful IncrediBites, Beneful Healthy Smile, Beneful Healthy Fiesta, Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Healthy Radiance, and Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies. It is today a company brand that benefits the dog world through more than just food. Beneful also sponsors the national annual Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest, which is a contest to build dog parks in desperately needed areas.
These areas win by submitting a winning design for a dog park renovation. The contest has definitely made a difference, brightening communities all across the nation. As of 2015, Beneful has been sponsoring the contest for five years. It honored its fifth year, by selecting and working with deserving communities all across the nation. It has worked with the leaders of these communities to either introduce or renovate dog parks to or in their areas of leadership. One of its primary areas of renovation focus has been in St. Louis, Missouri.

It began this enormously ambitious project in June. And their massive vision is not yet complete. They will faithfully work on it throughout the rest of the year either build new dog parks or repair and upgrade existing dog parks. The staff who work these projects, put all of their passion into it. They even use their own personal pets to test the effective fun of their creations. In the process of this, Beneful hopes to share its vision and passion for the future of dog health. Interested persons can view the progress of the project on both Amazon, Twitter and Facebook.

Beneful remains focused on creating a society of healthy dogs, however, that vision might come to pass. Their dog food is a food that your pet will always find delicious and satisfying. It is also specially designed to maintain health, energy, and strength in dogs of every age for all day activity. There is absolutely no way any canine will not both benefit and enjoy Beneful to the fullest. Our stuff is definitely not imitation. You can be certain your dog is always getting real meat and authentic grains and vegetables. Authentic foods equal maximum nutrition, which adds up to a long-living dog with strong muscles. Loads of needed carbohydrates, vitamins, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, your dog requires all this stuff for an efficient immune system.

Shaygan Kheradpir: Can You Hear Me Now

Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive for business and technology. However, he has been a part of the ongoing revolution in mobile communications technology. Shaygan Kheradpir has helped with the running of Verizon in 2000. Verizon has helped with the advancement of mobile phones. Cellphones were already going through some changes from when they were first invented. Cellphones have already advanced from the big and bulky telephones to the smaller and yet easier to lose. Eventually, people have started using cellphones for more than just talking to people. Verizon eventually started offering Internet data. However, it is to be expected due to the fact that the Internet is provided over phone lines.

With the invention of smartphones, Verizon has begun to offer data, and also unlimited talk. Shaygan Kheradpir on newsvine has also been a part of providing people with the ability to text each other. Often times, people are easier to understand through text due to the low quality of the phone lines. Verizon has also found ways to reduce the costs of their plans while offering mobile data. Their plans have become more affordable and there are also plans that are no contract. However, users still pay for their monthly usage.

During the development of new products, Shaygan put into the use a cycle of 30 days in which people got to test a prototype of new products that they were developing for the consumer. Shaygan helped with the development of the fiber optic video product. They have created tons of different products for Internet and video. Verizon has also developed iobi. Iobi has managed people’s address books. Other things that the product deals with are other features, caller ID and other devices. They also created a combination phone. Shaygan has definitely been very influential in the reduction of prices of their products and the plans that they have for their consumers.

Shaygan has left Verizon and has started work for Barclays. Among the things he has developed for the company was the mobile payments software called Pingit. This made it easier for people to make purchases or pay for what they need. Later on, he has joined Juniper Networks where he helped investors reduce their expenses.

Shaygan has done a lot of work and made a huge impact in the technology industry. He was very influential in the development of new devices and software. He will continue to help people make more of their mobile technology. He has helped with the development of apps and the technology to use them. He is especially helpful when it comes to reducing costs for people in every company that he works in.

Overcoming Tragedy and Facing Danger To Liberate North Korea

Beyond the borders of the North Korean nation, the quiet voice of a 21-year-old North Korean defector and human rights activist was heard around the globe at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland in 2014. Yeon-mi Park told a packed audience about her heartbreaking and emotional story of defecting from the hermit nation at the tender age of 14. The defection of Yeon-mi is a representation of the desperation that many North Koreans face as a result of starvation, torture, rape, forced abortions, inhumane prison conditions and death camps.

The harsh living conditions and mind control tactics of the North Korean government are felt among its hostage citizens. Mind control trickled down to Yeon-mi who was brainwashed like other North Korean citizens to have unreal views, such as believing that their former dictator, Kim Il Sung, had supernatural powers and the ability to read people’s minds from his presidential palace. North Koreans are even brainwashed to believe that the local animals can hear their thoughts, and they believe that those animals, like birds, can report updates back to their dictator.

Prior to defecting, Yeon-mi’s father worked as a civil servant for the North Korean government, but after he was caught illegally selling metals to China, he was jailed and sentenced to 17 years in prison. Yeon-mi’s mother was also imprisoned for three years as a result of her husband’s actions, which left the 9 year-old Yeon-mi and her 11-year-old sister, Eunmi, to survive alone as orphans in the cold and famine-laden North Korean peninsula. Roughly three years after their mother’s prison sentence was over they reunited, and shortly after that, Yeon-mi’s father was able to bribe his way out of prison. While Yeon-mi’s father was incarcerated, he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

After her father’s release from prison, Yeon-mi’s family suffered great hardship, which caused them to formulate a plan to defect to China. Unfortunately, their escape plan was modified when Yeon-mi’s older sister defected on her own without notifying the family. As a result, Yeon-mi, her mother and her father had decided to let Yeon-mi and her mother defect without their father so he would not slow them down. The sole intent was to locate Eunmi and bring her back to North Korea so the family could escape together.

The covert journey to China was brutal for Yeon-mi and her mother, for they had to cross mountainous regions and barren deserts in minus-40 degree weather while navigating under the black, unforgiving night sky. Once Yeon-mi and her mother arrived to China, their nightmare did not end, for Yeon-mi was threatened with rape by a man who demanded sex in exchange for his silence; the threat was serious because defectors are routinely returned to North Korea by the Chinese government. As a result of their dilemma, Yeon-mi’s mother did what any mother would do, and she offered herself to be raped in place of her daughter.

After this horrific incident, Yeon-mi’s father eventually reunited with Yeon-mi and her mother in China, but his colon cancer had advanced dramatically and he passed away within a year of them reuniting. Following this continuance of tragedy, the nightmare continued for Yeon-mi and her mother as they crossed paths with heartless men who sold them into the brutal world of sex trafficking.

The story of Yeon-mi and her family’s ordeal is heartbreaking. However, these circumstances set Yeon-mi on a course of activism. Her and her mother eventually made it to South Korea where they reunited with Eunmi. Yeon-mi is currently attending college and majoring in criminal justice. She tours the world for speaking engagements as a human rights activist so she can spread awareness about her story and about the horrific, inhumane conditions that exists in North Korea. Unfortunately, her life is in constant danger as the North Korean government has added her name to a hit list along with other vocal North Korean defectors. Despite the threats to her life, her fighting spirit and heroism is unrelenting as she is willing to stand in the face of danger with the sole objective of liberating North Korea.

Tips for Getting Help with Intellectual Property Law

Most people are unfamiliar with Intellectual Property Law, but they are quite knowledgeable about actual property law. Thankfully, these two things work in the same manner and basically protect your assets no matter what they happen to be. When you are dealing with Intellectual Property Law, you are going to be dealing with things that you have created or designed yourself, and this is something that can be highly beneficial for those who might be dealing with infringement issues. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that Intellectual Property Law works very much like other types of law, so you may still need a professional to help you out.

There are many ways for you to enjoy the fact that Intellectual Property Law is on your side. If there is anything that you have created or designed in the past, you can claim these as your own using Intellectual Property Law. You will have to have the right paperwork and necessary documentation to prove that your work or design is your own, but once you have these items and are taking them to court with you, you will be able to get full copyrights to the work that you have done.

Many people are finding that while Intellectual Property Law is a very real thing, they still need legal help to ensure that everything goes according to plan for themselves. You will want to speak with a local attorney who is going to be able to help you to understand Intellectual Property Law a little bit better as well as to prepare your entire case for you. By having legal aid like this, you can be sure that your case will go smoothly and in your favor when you are in a court of law for this type of thing.

Frans Schoeman on crunchbase who is the director of Phatsima Diamond law firm has been working with people for years when it comes to all types of law. You will find that Frans Schoeman is there to assist in any possible way that he can, allowing you to feel confident knowing that you have an expert by your side. Frans Schoeman is experienced in this type of law and has worked with both individuals and large corporations alike. This makes him a prime candidate for those who need legal assistance and have to get things done quickly to save their own assets.

Once you find out the benefits of working with a legal professional like Frans Schoeman, you will notice that you are able to relax when it comes to any pressing legal matters that you have been dealing with all on your own. It is great to know that there is a professional out there who is more than willing to help out with this issue and can turn things around for you and your potential. This is why a lot of people have been contacting Frans Schoeman so that they can get this specific type of help.

Skout Has Great Online Dating Features

It seems that our cell phones have truly become an integral part of our lives. We use them for communication. There are a variety of different outlets on our phone that we can use to connect with one another. We can talk, text, video chat, and so much more. We also use our phones for work. We are able to check our email, send important files, and read up about important work-related business. We use our phone for entertainment. There’s always games we can play, articles we can read, and social media we can check out. So, why not use our phones to fall in love? In this day and age, it only seems natural.

A friend of mine suggested I try online dating after she saw how much I was on my phone for work. I decided to give it a shot. After all, I have very little time in my life to physically meet someone. I was disappointed with a few of the online dating apps that were out there. That wasn’t the case with Skout. I was immediately attracted to the app for a variety of reasons.

First, Skout on is super easy to use. I was able to quickly create my profile. I chose my pictures. I chose my interest. I added a few little fun tidbits in there about me and then I sat back and waited. It wasn’t long until my inbox was flooded with messages. I couldn’t believe that all of these people were interested in getting to know me. It was a good feeling. I loved that I also had the option to message people first. There are some apps out there where you have to wait and see if you match with someone else first. Not here. I love that Skout didn’t buy into the whole “judging a book by its cover” aspect. I felt at east when using Skout. I was able to see who was also checking my profile out.

Skout felt like one big community to me. I think this had a lot to do with their buzz feature. Skout’s buzz feature allows users to post little updates about their lives. Some write what they’re thinking, some write about what they’re doing, and others share pictures. It’s fun to get a private glimpse into the lives of others. If I liked what people post, I’m able to leave a comment. This was a great way to start up conversations with strangers! Skout understands that sometimes it’s nerve-wracking to message someone first. The buzz feature allows users to feel each other out first before private messaging.

Overall, Skout offers the most users and the most features. I love the layout of the app, as well. There really wasn’t any downsides. It’s fun and it truly helps me to enjoy online dating. I haven’t met the one yet but here’s hoping that changes with one of these potentials.

Bruce Levenson’s Rise to the Heights of Business

In the business world, Bruce Levenson is a legend and his business acumen has amazed many people around him, both friends and foes. He is well known for the role he played in making the Atlanta Hawks one of the best basketball team in the NBA league. He not only brought his business managerial skills to the team but also supported the team and laid a foundation in its operating structures that have made it a great business outfit in the sporting world. I addition to his being a major partner and co-owner of the Hawks, he also sat in NBA’s Board of Governors.

One of the greatest characteristics of an entrepreneur is their ability to risk their resources and their propensity of daring to dream. This unique characteristic is also displayed in Bruce Levenson’s character. He has invested in different industry in an effort to reduce the chances of losses when one industry fails and also as a result of his highly creative mind. He has interests in banking, sports, communication and technology among other industries. For instance, Bruce Levenson co-founded a communication company known as the United Communications Group. In the IT industry, he has also several interests including being a co-founder and partner of the TechTarget Company.

Levenson is born of Jewish parents although he is an American citizen by birth and most of his childhood life was spent in the US. He is a very hard working person and this can be seen in his life through college. While other students were studying and having fun in their free time, Levenson did not have the luxury of spare time. He took on night classes because during the day he was busy working at in Media Company nearby as a magazine editor. This is how he began building a career in the communication industry.

He founded his company in 1977 when he partnered with longtime friend Peskowitz, with whom he has ventured in many other business like in the ownership of the Atlanta Hawks. This was his first business venture and it was run and operated from his own apartment. He was at this time publishing a newsletter that targeted the energy industry since it was the only interesting news at the time. At the time, the American population had put much focus on the program and events on the oil industry and the newsletter got enough audience as a result.

Levenson has grown to become one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in the world and his business ventures have increased ever since. He is known for his great compassion for the poor and his philanthropic actions. When he was a co-owner of the Hawks, he championed a campaign to help the Holocaust Museum where he felt connection considering that his mother in law is one of the living survivors of the tragic event. Due to his contribution in the world of technology and communication, he is one of the few people who have had the privilege of being listed in the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame.