Sentient AI-Ecommerce Personalization

Emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have increased access to commerce personalization tools. Currently, most retailers provide clients with recommendations through collaborative filtering. The filters usually base results on best sellers, market trends, and history. However, they are limited as they can only gather information from one source such as a mobile application or an online store. E-commerce personalization enhances the customer experience through various channels.

It analyzes data on shopping habits. Through applying deep algorithms, digital retailers can continuously learn emerging signals that display personalized products.

Sentient’s Ecommerce Products

They use artificial intelligence to help e-commerce innovators, customers, improve engagement, to increase conversions and revenues. The e-commerce products integrate with existing platforms to enable enterprises to attract, engage and retain clients while generating revenue and conversion.

  1. Sentient Ascend TM

It leverages learning algorithms to test and select best performing designs for a website from thousands or millions of combinations. Ascend can generate more conversions from a website’s traffic when you want to have a multipage or single page funnel. It is efficient and time-saving.

  1. Sentient Aware TM

It is an AI-personalization with a unique design for mobile phones. You can deploy intuitive, personalized and frictionless personalized customer shopping experiences from several digital channels by having API integration to the AI Shopper Engine.

Aware uses an intelligence platform to understand products and their relation to various data and visual dimensions. It applies deep learning to provide real-time and photo-based e-commerce personalization through visual conversations that eliminate the use of filters and text search. It naturally engages clients and directs them to their desired products hence increasing sales and triggering return visits.

Sentient Aware’s learning capabilities detect a customer’s intent by using their historical or real-time activity. It combines its understanding of shoppers and products to provide new customer experiences with better recommendations, product selection, and navigation. All of these are sensitive digital marketing components.

In most instances, e-commerce personalization uses users’ cohort analysis and data from their shopping visits. Aware analyzes customers’ real-time behavior to customize your catalog for their preferences and choices. It has a quick understanding of your catalog, and it can instantly personalize a shopper’s journey. The AI product also allows clients to customize looks from famous outfits and trends.


E-commerce personalization is not a new concept in digital marketing. One has the freedom to choose a particular artificial intelligence product to integrate into a business. It helps in increasing sales and revenue.