Oncotarget: User-Friendly Online Medical Journal

Oncotarget is a publication owned by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov, two of the most prominent oncologists who are working for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The two are good friends, and they have been working on their project for several years now. Oncotarget is considered as the only peer-reviewed online medical journal, which allows them to screen and critic every article that is being sent to the company. Because of the inquiry coming from the public asking for the direction on how they can write for the online medical journal, Oncotarget decided to make all of their communication lines available for public use. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.


This year, Oncotarget will be sending some of the researchers who are also working as a contributor for Oncotarget. The representatives were chosen according to their performance with the government, and they are hoping that the company would continue to rise against its competitors. Since the magazine’s official debut in 2010, more and more people are becoming interested in what Oncotarget is. For those people who wanted to learn something new, all they have to do is to visit the website of Oncotarget and choose the options available all throughout the screen. The official website of Oncotarget can be compared to a giant library where all the books have been restored and placed in their right places. The articles written on the website of Oncotarget shows how cooperation is slowly changing the scientists’ perception about cancer. Download output styles at Endnote.com

Today, Oncotarget is being released twice a week. The contributors can write as many as they wanted, but only a few will be accepted and posted on their original website. For those who wanted to join the growing number of people who are affiliated with Oncotarget, all they have to do is to visit the site and send an email of inquiry. There will be further actions to those who would like to write for the scientific journal.

Learn more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1558/

Mike Baur Is The Driving Force Behind The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory who has been an inspiration for many people during his life. He grew up in Switzerland and studied at the University of Rochester and Bern University where he received business degrees. As a youngster, he became an apprentice with the Union Bank of Switzerland, and he continued to work with the bank until 2008. During his time there, he offered Swiss investors advice for how to best protect their wealth, but he eventually moved on to work with the bank, Clariden Leu. Six years later, he decided to follow his gut and left the bank to guide tech entrepreneurs with their startups.


In 2014, Mike Baur put together the Swiss Startup Factory with his partner Max Meister and began to mentor entrepreneurs from Switzerland. His company also funded and continues to fund startups whom get the benefit of rent-free offices and three months of help in other areas that are crucial to their businesses. On top of these services, his company and himself encourage new aspiring tech businesses to enter pitching contests where he has been a juror. One of these contests, START Summiter, accepts firms who have less than $1 million in funds and chooses the most promising of them to invest in.


Mike Baur also put together Think Reloaded, which is a company that offers financial advise for well-off clients. Together, the company, along with The Swiss Startup Factory help to train entrepreneurs and also takes a closer look at the ideas, inventions, and possible dollar value of a startup. This helps them to get the financing they need. Mr. Baur has been quick to point out that the most important asset that a company has is its intellectual property, and this can help to greatly improve its potential value.


In an interview, Mike Baur shined some light on why the Swiss Startup Factory is different from other incubators. This difference stems from the fact that it is an independent company that is not beholden to politics or any other business. This means that it can make decisions on its own, and due to its own keen investors who are a part of the company, startups who work Mr. Baur can be confident that they will be backed by people who can afford to invest in their ideas. Mr. Baur, to-this-day is helping aspiring entrepreneurs to build the companies of their dreams.


Hope’s The Internet of Things is improving the Quality of Lives

Mr. Jason Hope is the writer of the recently released e-book about the “Internet of Things.” He has written several e-book and articles on the Internet of Things technology. Mr. Hope is an outstanding entrepreneur and investor with an established mobile technology business based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope obtained a degree in finance from Arizona State University early in his career. He later proceeded with a Masters Business Administration from the college’s W.P Carey School of Business. Jason’s books and articles focus on shedding light on several benefits of using internet connectivity to radicalize user experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) helps readers to have a deeper understanding of technology and the way it weaves around our homes, education and day-to-day lives.

The Internet of Things is a wide network of devices that links to the internet or to each other for the purpose of promoting the lives of people who use them. Almost everything uses internet connections including smartphones, medical devices, wearable fitness trackers, coffee machines, washing machine, and lamps. The Internet of Things influences the operation of businesses and industries alike. Internet of Things has the ability to operate anything that can turn on or switch off. The Internet of Things enables people to connect with multidimensional aspects of the user experience.

This e-book is written by Jason Hope and is available online or in soft copy. Anyone looking for this e-book can see the first section for free by clicking on its photo icon on the list of Amazon books available for kindle. Interested customers can buy the book from Amazon or download it from the website for a minimal cost as well. The e-book demonstrates how the Internet of Things operates and how it influences the industry as well as businesses.

Internet of Things will stand to be the best advancement in network sharing within the technology of industry in the near future. The network technology has the capacity to transform the way businesses work. In the future, all major organizations will compete for ToT that will enable their consumers to interact with different and variegated systems of devices to conduct their daily duties. The ToT has the power to increase efficiency and eliminate wastage of time and make work easier as well as safe. Jason Hope believes that embracing the ToT in our businesses and industry will promote productivity and optimization on profits. Mr. Hope is involved in many philanthropic activities in his community. He also participates in internet mentorship programs for young people.

Sources: https://gazetteday.com/2017/12/jason-hopes-e-book-future-internet-things/

Clay Siegall innovates exciting new cancer treatment drugs

One of the most promising developments that have begun coming onto the cancer drug scene over the last three decades has been the advent of targeted cancer therapy. This is a class of drugs that broadly contains many different drug types. But what they all have in common is their ability to directly target malignant tissues, potentially lowering side effects and increasing the amount of drugs that can be delivered directly to the site of the tumor, the place where these drugs get the most bang for their buck.

No one has been more instrumental in the development of this exciting new class of drugs than Clay Siegall. As the founder of Seattle Genetics, one of the most important biotech firms dedicated to the creation of targeted cancer therapies, Dr. Siegall has done more than perhaps anyone else in the medical research space to bring to fruition targeted cancer therapies that are able to treat real-world cases of cancer.

While working as a senior researcher for Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dr. Siegall first began synthesizing a new class of drugs known as antibody drug conjugates. These drugs use synthetic antibodies that are created by first injecting live mice with varying types of malignant tissues. The mice’s bodies then create antibodies that are designed to attack these foreign tissues. Although the defense mechanisms built into the antibodies are usually completely ineffective against the malignancies themselves, the molecular key that the antibodies contain, which allow them to find and attach to the site of the malignancies, are almost always perfectly effective.

These antibodies are then able to be synthesized in order to find the molecules that are most accepted by the human body without creating adverse side effects, while still working to successfully find and attach to the site of the malignancy. Once suitable antibodies have been synthesized, they can be bound to cytotoxins that are delivered directly to the site of the tumor.

Through use of this method, it is possible to dramatically reduce the side effects and increase the amount of cytotoxin delivered.

George Soros Donates Majority Of Wealth To Charity.

There has been a renewed focus in Washington D.C. over the past year to try and disenfranchise and demonize progressive philanthropists. Standing tall above them all is George Soros, a world-renowned investor in financial market as well as someone who has made a name for himself as a progressive philanthropist. George Soros was born and raised in Hungary but now lives in New York. In 1979, George Soros established the Open Society Foundations in order to try and network out charitable causes around the globe that focused on a few specific tasks: spreading humanitarian aid, pushing for social justice and equality, and fighting against oppressive governance.

Since the foundation was established, the OSF has donated nearly a full $14 billion to various grassroots foundations around the world. Now, it looks like the Open Society Foundation is getting an amazing boost and will be able to spread their work even further. George Soros was revealed, via financial disclosure documents, to have shifted the vast majority of his wealth into his foundation. What does this mean for the future of the OSF?

When Donald Trump began campaigning for President, many people laughed in their hands at the idea. Donald Trump was a reality show blowhard who bankrupted as many businesses as he had established and got by largely on his father’s money and name. Still, Trump exploded up the GOP ladder and in doing so secured the nomination for President. The world quit laughing and George Soros was chief among those who was stone-faced. Soros knew the real damage that populists fueled by hateful rhetoric could cause. After all, Soros was in Hungary for the beginning of the Nazi occupation.

It was upon Trump’s election to President that Soros began to seriously start setting up a path of resistance and a path to a brighter future. Soros would donate nearly $10 million in November of 2016 as a symbolic gesture, showing that the Open Society Foundations would stand tall against the hateful rhetoric that Trump was spewing. Then, Soros quietly shifted more than $18 BILLION to his foundation and this was only revealed thanks to financial disclosure reports. Soros was not attempting to cash in or give himself a pat on the back, he was simply doing the right thing.

Still, doing the right thing isn’t always that exciting — especially when right-wing media giants try to demonize you for it. Ever since Soros publicly spoke out against George Bush’s march to war in Iraq, he has been a prominent target for conservative politicians.

Soros has been labeled all sorts of things, including an evil mastermind who has done massive damage to conservative America. This is, of course, false. However, the way that the media has been weaponized to attack George Soros should say something about the general state of affairs. Still, George Soros is standing tall and fighting for his progressive values at home and abroad. His donation to the OSF stands to be one of the greatest donations in the history of philanthropy and the good it will do cannot be undersold.

To Read More : twitter.com/georgesoros

End Citizens United Ending the Rule of Huge Corporations and Rich Individuals in U.S. Politics

Even though money always played its part in politics, its role has become more potent than ever in the last couple of decades. Huge corporations and wealthy individuals are using their money and influence to ensure that the outcome of political elections is aligned with their long-term benefit. In the United States, the last couple of Presidential Elections have seen a visible increase in the amount of money being spent on election campaigns, and it is mainly due to the power is given by the Supreme Court to the individuals as well as the corporations. In 2010, Supreme Court in the United States decided that there would be no restrictions of any kind on how much money an entity or an individual can spend on election campaigns. It has made it easier for the companies and wealthy people in business to spend as much money as they want on elections to favor the political candidates they support.

With so much money being spent on elections, it becomes easier to influence the public who gets manipulated with the glittery affair that elections have become. Any political candidate having the power of money can travel freely across the country, organize large-scale public relations campaigns, advertise their slogans and media campaigns, and more. It helps in reaching out to the people and influences their decision as to whom to vote while the candidates who are not backed by the large-scale corporations but have all the credentials as well as the qualification to become an honest politician, loses out in the rally to win the election. End Citizens United is the Political Action Committee that has been around since 2015, but it has ensured consistent growth that it makes its presence felt.

End Citizens United was started by Tiffany Mueller to protest constitutionally against the Supreme Court decision of lifting the limits from how much money the individuals or the corporations can spend on elections. End Citizens United was started with the principle to limit how much money goes in and out of the election campaigns and help spread awareness about how the massive corporations and wealthy individuals are making the elections rigged indirectly. The PAC opposes the candidacy of the political candidates who it feels are against the reform of campaign finance rules that exist currently. Recently, the ECU named the candidates who it would be targeting in 2018, which included Darrell Issa, Duncan Hunter, Dana Rohrabacher, and Mimi Walters. The PAC has been able to collect millions of dollars from the grassroots donors, and it aims to use it in an accountable manner to help the honest politicians win the election. It believes it is what would eventually lead to the transformation in politics that the country needs.

Source The End Citizens United : action.dscc.org/page/s/citizens-united

Organo-Not Your Father’s Coffee

Organo (originally Organo Gold) is a company that is predominantly known for selling coffee, but also sells body management products as well as personal care products. Organo products can be purchased from their website (http://shopog.com/en-us/home.aspx), retailers including Amazon, or through their network of independent distributors. Most popular is the Organo beverage line of coffees and teas which come in sachets and customers can make an instant cup by simply adding hot water. Organo beverage products range in price from $25.00-$50.00 per package and include from 15 to 30 sachets depending on the product and box size. Shop now at Shopog.com.


The Organo Company also provides potential income opportunities for Individuals who want to become distributors of their products. Individuals who want to take advantage of this business opportunity can sign up via the Orango website (https://www.organogold.com/en/why-organo/). The Organo Company also has an OG Mobile app through Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.organogold.android&hl=en) to help their distributors grow and handle their business more efficiently.

What makes the Organo coffee line unique is that one of the ingredients ganoderma lucidium (also known as Reishi Mushroom) is referred to as “the king of herbs” and has been utilized in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The Organo Company emphasizes the healing and health benefits that this ingredient adds to their products. According to WebMD (https://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-905-reishi%20mushroom.aspx?activeingredientid=905) ganoderma lucidium does contain properties that can promote better health and can boost the immune system, but there is not enough research at this time to determine the proper dosage and can produce side effects such as nausea and upset stomach which were reported by some customers after consumption. Organo Gold does imply that their products provide weight loss benefits, but according to diet spotlight (https://www.dietspotlight.com/organo-gold-review/) while their products contain some natural and beneficial ingredients there is no correlation between consuming these products and losing weight. Watch this video on Youtube.

In conclusion, Organo is a multi faceted company that sells a line of premium beverages and products that individuals can purchase which may or may not provide health benefits, as well as a company that offers individuals the opportunity to become distributors and earn income by selling Organo products. Whether an individual wants to purchase products, or become a distributor the cost can be a bit pricey, but Organo is a real company that has been in business since 2008.

Read: https://yourbeautycraze.com/organo-gold-shares-creative-ideas-spice-international-coffee-day/

Greg Secker is a Household Name in Forex Trading

Greg Secker, a foreign exchange trader from the United Kingdom, recently sat down for an interview with ideamensch.com to explain how he become one of the world’s renown experts in Forex trading. Greg is the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, expert trader, and entrepreneur, but his greatest success is being a father. It is this sort of down to earth thinking that attracts so many to Greg. He formed his Knowledge To Action Group in 2003, after deciding that his primary goal in life was to improve others’ lives through education. He created his first company, Learn to Trade, so he could teach others his methods and this was the first company of its kind in the UK.

Greg says the key to his success is that he always take to the time to pre-vision what his results are going to look like. Having the end game in mind from the beginning makes the path to that goal that much clearer and free of mistakes that are typical to others. He calls technology the single most powerful thing that has happened in business in his lifetime and being able to maximize one’s potential requires understanding how to utilize that technology to your benefit. Giving himself time to think is the key to his success on a daily basis.

Greg Secker began his career as a trader at Thomas Cook but quickly became attracted to the foreign exchange marketplace. He left Thomas Cook to start his own Forex company called Virtual Trading Desk, the first real-time forex trading platform in the world. He was later named as a Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation and achieved great success there in a relatively short period of time. He became so successful that he opened Learn to Trade in his own home and later opened offices on three other continents. To date, through Learn to Trade, Mr. Secker has taught over 200,000 people worldwide on how to become successful Forex traders.

Lifeline Screening is Ahead of the Competition in the Journey

Lifeline Screening is a health company that focuses on testing individuals to examine any cardiovascular health issues before it is too late. Over half a million Americans die each year from cardiovascular disease, and statistics show that it is the number one cause of death among both men and women in America. Thanks to Lifeline Screening, there is now a way to foresee these health issues and take charge of them, allowing individuals to live a healthier lifestyle.

In one of their recent studies, it was found that people were more inclined to start making dietary and lifestyle changes once they underwent testing, regardless of the result. This awareness assists in the overall mission Lifeline Screening has embarked on, as they continue to highlight the importance of knowing what is going on with your body on a frequent basis. Heart disease is a condition that can grow for a long time before individuals began to feel or see any effects from it, so it is imperative that people get screened. Since beginning in 1993, Lifeline Screening has focused on these tests and have succeeded in great amount. Although many Americans are aware that a good diet can help them greatly in the long run, they simply just are not motivated to embark on the journey of healthy living. As noted by their recent study, many of the participants felt inclined and motivated to begin eating and living healthier. Those that were found to be in the abnormal or severe testing pool were inclined to refer to their doctors suggestions and take any medication prescribed. In terms of screening, there are three main types of tests that are done:

Finger Stick Blood Tests- the most common testing, blood tests are essential in determining cardiovascular health among individuals.

UltraSound Screenings- Another effective method in detecting cardiovascular issues is through the use of Ultrasound screenings, as Lifeline utilizes advanced Ultrasound technology.

Electrocardiograph- Also known as an EKG, Electrocardiograph testing is great for detecting patterns in the heartbeat that may seem irregular or out of place.

Healthy living is essential for all Americans in an effort to combat disease, and Lifeline Screening is ahead of the competition in the journey.

Lifeline Screening Social Media: www.lifelinescreeningblog.com/

Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings is a leader in lending services. They are a world-wide company that can ease any financial problems. They offer low rate stock-based loans to help anyone facing financial crisis. It’s a company that has office in- Perth, US, Australia, Hong Kong, China, and other global locations. It’s a monumental financial company that has earned a great reputation.

For over 12 years, the company has provided financial services for people all over the world. It’s a trusted financial institution that offer the best low fixed rate loans. As they continue to grow, the loan options are making a major difference in improving individual’s financial woes.