Tony Petrello philanthropic mission

Tony Petrello is a leading business executive in the United States. He is the CEO of a Texas based drilling firm known as Nabors Industries. This is a company that has been in the drilling sector for very many years. However, it only became a global company after Tony Petrello joined the form. For a long time, it has been working as a medium level company. Tony Petrello has been with this company for the last two decades. This is a long time to have influenced the operations of the firm. Tony Petrello joined company in 1991. He has been working closely with the team of management at the firm to come up with measures that will ensure that the company reaches global levels of growth.

Tony Petrello is not only an accomplished business executive, he is a generous philanthropist who has been supporting key community initiatives. Tony Petrello has been very supportive of the neurological research center found at the Texas children hospital. This is a research Centre that is dedicated to coming up with solutions for neurological problems that affect children. Tony Petrello has contributed over $5 million towards supporting various activities in the hospital. Tony Petrello is a victim of such disorders in his family through his daughter called Carena.

Tony Petrello has spent many years looking for treatment for her daughter who has neurological disorder. Carena was born prematurely. She developed a condition which led to her brain receiving inadequate oxygen. With insufficient blood supply to¬†Carena’s brain, Carena would go on to have other problems. He developed a condition known as Cerebral Palsy. This is a problem that paralyzed her body living her unable to conduct numerous body functions such as eating and walking. Most of these things he has to be taught. With this condition, Anthony Petrello was disturbed that his daughter was going through too much suffering.

Being a wealthy person, he invested a lot of his resources to searching for the best medical care for his daughter, after being around the world, he was disappointed that no hospital had the facilities of know how to deal with his daughter’s condition. This is when he decided that he would make his own initiative and support research that was aimed at coming up with treatment methodology to deal with disorders. Tony Petrello has remained committed to this mission and hopes that he can be part of a team that will bring changes in the medical care of young children.

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