The Smart Vision of Rocketship Education in Transforming Public Charter Schools.

In the ten years a lot of good has happened. The first Rochetship facility was started in San Jose, California in a church and this set our pace. Rocketship Education has continued to give opportunities to students and parents in our communities. There has been progress and lessons learnt from our experiences. Let us see the some of these;

  1. An individual will first learn at home. People will always get their first training at home. Attitude towards learning is picked from our homes and with the help of technology students will be positive towards learning. When officials visit homes, they influence students so that they can have stronger relationships.
  2. More demand is needed for system overhaul. Elementary education is essential but we saw the need to completely transform public education by coming up with a parallel system.
  3. Working with parents will bring success in projects. Parents bring about their demands and they can air them directly to the people in power. They will steer the education quality in public schools.
  4. Involving teachers will create responsive schools. While welcoming all kids regardless of any basis, it will be important also to welcome teachers from all levels of life. They will transform the schools and help children embrace each other.
  5. Action will help in progress rather than mere talk. Instead of talking about the program, just take your kids to a Rocketship institution.
  6. Including all stakeholders will benefit the pupils. All people need to be welcome into the school regardless of their fitness. People who are abled differently need to be included too.
  7. Always learn from everybody. Interaction from many people will help students learn more from more (people).
  8. Know your mindset.
  9. Do things with others, not only you.
  10. People with kids in public schools need to be proud so that kids will be happy while learning at school.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit firm that plans for public chartered schools. They work with teachers, churches, parents and the community in ensuring that public schools that are efficient come into being.

They have improved the level of education in the schools while giving parents a chance to get opportunities that will help them hold their families.