The Philanthropic Works of Eric Pulier

Few people have worked harder than Eric Pulier to leave a progressive impact in the world. Pulier can be termed as a man of many talents, most of which he has directed to helping the less fortunate in the world. He has created over 15 companies and raised hundreds of millions for various venture enterprises.

Pulier has also raised millions for his philanthropic causes. He mainly focuses on doing this within his niche of expertise which is technology. Pulier has created many innovative systems that help solve some of the problems faced by low-income communities.

One of his early creations was an interactive system designed for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The informative system was designed to teach those with multiple sclerosis about their condition.

Pulier has also donated a lot to charity. In 2010, he was honored for his contributions to the healthcare industry in Africa. His innovations that cater for children with special needs have been used by US Doctors for Africa to provide better healthcare to families in Africa.

Pulier also aims at influencing others in the technology industry to follow in his footsteps and create innovative products that are geared towards solving world problems. He does this through the ACE Foundation, which aims to get the players in the software industry to focus on developing systems that can alleviate some of the human challenges currently present. The foundation also partners with HeroX in sponsoring technology contests which are aimed at encouraging practical innovations to combat humanitarian problems.

Apart from HeroX, Pulier is also a board member and a donor to the XPRIZE Foundation which also organizes competitions for developments that could benefit the world. The foundation features other high profile individuals such as Elon Musk and Ratan Tata.

Pulier is also actively involved in the Painted Turtle which is a charity for chronically ill kids. The organization hosts a summer camp in California for the children, which is meant to help them experience the joy of being a kid.

Lastly, Pulier also donates to the Campaign for Free College Tuition. His works have indeed made the world a better place.