Sheldon Lavin Roots for Global Expansion of the OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has developed a career in the meat industry. He has been in the industry for the last four decades. Before joining the meat industry, Sheldon worked as a banker and a successful investor in his consulting firm. Since then, Sheldon has gone up the ranks to become the CEO and Chairman of the OSI group.

Due to his dedication, OSI team has a total number of over twenty thousand employees across the globe. As the CEO, Lavin is very proud of his workers the organizational culture that he has been able to entrench in the various company ranks. He confesses that unlike other firms, OSI industries witness a very low employee turnover and all the staff work as a family. He considers the employees as the most important stakeholders in the industry.

During the reign of Sheldon Lavin as the CEO of the OSI industries, the firm has been able to expand far and beyond. The management has received various awards and trophies on behalf of the company. Today, OSI group is the best processing plant and powerhouse in the entire globe. Lavin has dedicated his whole time towards the success of the venture. To achieve this, he understands that the various stakeholders must feel honored and respected. For this reason, he ensures that the clients are always satisfied and that the employees have enough motivation to realize the company goal and mission.

Today, at over 80 years of age, Sheldon Lavin feels energetic and active to focus on the growth of the company to Asia and Europe. He says that expanding and diversifying business operations is the best part of any business. He feels relieved by the mere fact that he has been able to carry the entrepreneurial culture overseas. Despite working at his old age, he hopes that the current generation of young entrepreneurs will be able to foster growth while making efforts to conserve the environment.

As a successful businessman, he hopes that he will be in a position to inspire the young generation. He feels that the only way to alleviate poverty is by teaching the young people to conduct business transactions and operations responsibly. In this way, they will be able to create employment opportunities and support the global economy.

Lavin is a cheerful giver. He is involved in various works of charity. He has supported different groups such as the Inner City Foundation in Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund amongst other groups.

About Sheldon Lavin: