Goettl Air Conditioning Brings In More Customers With Southern California HVAC Buyout

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the top HVAC contractors in the USA and it’s because they’ve made sure homes have stayed cool through fixing even the most complex heating and cooling problems. Goettl is headquartered in the Phoenix and Tempe areas of Arizona though they’ve been focusing on the greater Las Vegas area lately, and now they own Walton’s Heating and Air in southern California. This HVAC contractor had been struggling with business even despite changes that owner Todd Longbrake had tried to implement. Goettl CEO Ken Goodrich offered to buy the company in exchange for keeping Longbrake as the manager of its southern California operations while now having additional services and costs cut.

Goettl Air Conditioning is also the parent company to Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air, and is also a partner with The Sunny Plumber. Goettl has made their company about educating customers on what it takes to maintain air conditioners and heaters and why they should subscribe to Goettl’s ongoing maintenance service. Goettl has received outstanding accolades for customer satisfaction and for their installation of Energy Star products. Goettl has been involved with HVAC certification programs at local community colleges so that they are hiring only the most highly-trained technicians.

Goettl Air Conditioning has also been a leading example of charity in action in Las Vegas for families who’ve struggled to keep their homes cool or warm. It was just this last year that an elderly man in Las Vegas couldn’t afford his air conditioning costs and his house had fallen into disrepair due to him being physically unable to maintain it. Goettl’s team of technicians and The Sunny Plumber came to this man’s house and went to work installing a brand new air conditioner and repairing his water pipes and all free of charge. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Goettl Air Conditioning is named for its founders Adam and Gust Goettl who started the HVAC comapny in Phoenix as an industrial cooling company, but in the coming years it became a residential-based contractor with some light commercial projects. The company had its ups and downs but continued to stay running even during hard times. Goettl was bought by Ken Goodrich in 2013, about 5 years after a company based in Tennessee had bought them, and Goodrich helped change the atmosphere of the company to reflecting more family values and serving customer needs more so than they had been. You can visit their facebook page for more.

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The Open Society Foundations that George Soros is using to Advance his Agenda

George Soros is ranked among the top five richest men in the world. He has a net worth of more than 25 billion dollars. His current success is commendable, especially considering his humble start. George was born in Hungary in 1930, during a time when the Nazis had occupied the country. When Soros was a teenager, he was forced to flee the country, because he is of Jewish descent, and move to England. He took up a series of odd jobs such as being a busboy to pay his way through the London School of Economics. When he graduated from the school, he worked in some companies before he started his first hedge fund with a capital of $12million and read full article.

Even though he later made it big, especially in the black Wednesday short sale of $10 billion sterling pounds, making a billion pounds in profit, the persecution he had faced in Hungary stayed with him. It inspired him to participate in activities which are meant for the improvement of the society. After the black Wednesday short sale, he moved to the US and started operating his businesses from there. He began the George Soros Foundation, the organization that has been planning and executing all the open society support programs that the Soros Foundation has helped and learn more about George Soros.

George has always had a passion for helping the downtrodden in the society. He spoke up for the black South African students who had been denied the opportunity to access higher education during the apartheid regime. He has also been a supporter of the liberals and most of the policies that they propose. For instance, when Bush invaded Afghanistan, he was disappointed by the ruthless killing and displacement of innocent civilians. He decided to fund John Kerry in his attempt to get Bush from the White House in 2004. Even though Kerry was unsuccessful, the open society foundations which he had been supporting, went on lobbying for the ideals they saw in the liberal candidate and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

In 2007, he supported Clinton in the primaries. The support was because he has always been impressed by the type of politics that Hillary plays. She, however, lost to Obama in the primaries and he supported Obama into the White House and what George Soros knows. In the just-concluded presidential election, he had made it known earlier on that he would be supporting Clinton. George still does not feel that Trump is the right person to be in the white house, because of his temper, the things that he stands for and his beliefs. He has been funding PACs and other groups to stay relevant and perform checks and balances on the Trump administration. Soros is determined to make a lot of difference in the world and more information click here.

Other Reference: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/05/jeffrey-katzenberg-dreamworks-barack-obama-fundraiser/

Growth-Oriented Leadership Style has Seen OSI Group Take Root in More Locations across the Globe

OSI Group is a household name in the food manufacturing industry around the globe. Its growth rate is rapid both in capacity and products range which can be credited to the industrious Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin. When he acquired the company, he had decided to grow it to a global leader in the industry. He also had also committed to using an innovative management approach that would create a family culture within the company. His dreams have since come true, and the resulting firm is a market commander all over the world. Today, OSI Group boasts of 65 production facilities spread across 17 countries. The President of the company, David McDonald, has also played a big role in the remarkable growth.

Continued Expansion

OSI Group has continued to win more customers with the wide range of products available in the market. The increasing demand prompts the firm to increase production to keep up. In this breadth, the company has over the years invested in the expansion of production facilities across the globe. Closer home, OSI Group spent 7.4 million dollars to acquire a facility in Chicago owned by Tyson Foods. With the acquisition came an increased production of hamburgers, hotdogs, meatballs, and pork & poultry items among others.

The firm’s presence in Europe has greatly widened following the acquisition of two companies, Flagship Europe and Baho Foods. Both companies offer OSI Group the much-needed production support to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients. Flagship Europe products include frozen poultry, sandwich fillings, dressings, sauces, and marinades. Baho Foods has a presence in 18 countries with five subsidiaries which offer OSI Group an even wider platform to grow. These countries are served by two processing facilities located in Germany and Netherlands focused on the production of snacks, deli meats, and convenience foods.

Winning Strategy

OSI Group has achieved much success in the running of all its facilities. What can be attributed to this success is the firm’s knowledge on the importance of managing the facilities locally. The company understands that each locality has its own cultures and tastes which only a person who understands them can deliver.

About OSI Group

OSI Group is a food production titan headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded over one hundred years ago as a meat supplier owned by Otto Kolschowsky. It currently offers assorted food products to leading food chain brands across the globe. It has also grown to employ over one thousand people who align with the firm’s vision of being the best in the industry.

About OSI Group: www.mapquest.com/us/iowa/osi-industries-llc-6772346

Cassio Audi’s Impressive Early Music Life

Cassio Audi was a well-renowned musician in his early life. He was born and raised in Brazil. In the eighties, while in his teen years, Cassio had a slot as a drummer in the Viper band, a popular Brazilian brand that specialized in metal rock music. The group was formed in 1985 consisting of five members namely; Andre Machos, Filipe Machida, Yves, and Pitt Passarell where each member had a responsibility. He was known for his drumming skills that helped spread the band’s fame across Latin America.

Cassio’s passion for rock music was attributed to his love for a British band that was famous in the eighties. Despite being a skilled drummer, Cassio gained skills in composing music. The band released their first album consisting of songs such as Killera. He wrote a song that featured in the album Soldiers of Sunrise which was an official album and was launched in 1987. The group went ahead to produce another album Theatre of Fate which was released in 1989. The two latter albums received a great reception from their fans. Theatre of Fate was unique with a touch of classical music exposing Cassio’s talent in composing songs. In a bid to popularize their music, the Viper band went for world tours to perform and showcase their talents. Cassio helped the Viper Band move from struggling to market their music to airing exciting performances that helped them gain massive following worldwide.
However, in 1989 Cassio left the band and decided to go back to college to study business administration at Pontifical Catholic University. This was after the major success in his musical career after the third album’s release. He later upgraded his academic papers after joining Sao Paulo University for an MBA in finance. Despite this, Cassio remains legendary in the Brazilian rock music industry.

Omar Yunes Surprises Everyone to Win the BFW Award

Omar Yunes owns a chain of franchised eateries spread out across Mexico. As of 2017, the visionary hotelier owned franchises 13 franchised sushi joints in places like Vera Cruz, Mexico City and in Puebla. Omar has come a long way to become the Best Franchisee in the World. He first ventured into the Japanese food restaurant business at the tender age of 21. He’s had to constantly innovate and re-invent his strategies to stay afloat and profitable.


Speaking while receiving the honorary Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Award in Florence, Italy, Yunes dedicated the accolade to the over 400 staff working with him at the 13 outlets. That in itself is a clear sign that Omar values his employees above all else. He, unlike many business managers, realizes the importance of investing in the welfare of workers and Omar’s lacrosse camp.


The first runner-up in the Mexican franchisee category was scooped by Ivan Tamer, a franchisee from Prendamex. The food outlets were feted for the outstanding job done in implementing creative marketing strategies. Patricia Campos, a manager at Prendamex franchisee lauded Omar Yunes for raising the industry’s standard. Patricia confessed that some of their systems have been borrowed from the successful models by Omar’s outlets and learn more about Omar Yunes.


The grandiose 2015th BFW Award ceremony in Florence, Italy brought together high-ranking officials of the franchisee brand from all corners of the globe. The representatives awarded points to brands that had the most robust networks and motivated employees, among other poignant aspects listed on Entrepreneur.com. The Mexican Association of Franchises and the Universidad Anahuac represented the Mexican brands in the judge’s podium.


Diego Elizarrarras who was in charge of organizing the BFW awards event praised Omar Yunes and his franchise for the excellent data management systems and the cost-cutting measures they’d adopted at their 13 units in Mexico. Elizarrarras further added that the win has effectively propelled the Mexican franchisee brand to the global platform and contact him.


The CEO of the Sushi Otto, Benjamin Cancelmo remarked that the awards were primarily meant to encourage franchisees to work closely with their customers. The BFW award also motivated the franchisees to provide their clients with superb quality services, always and more information click here.

Talk Fusion: There Is No Reason Not To Use It

At the present time, there is really no reason not to use Talk Fusion if you have heard about it or are interested in it. Now, they have 30-day free trials for new customers (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/video-marketing-leader-talk-fusion-launches-30-day-free-trials-300249666.html). This is the full version of the product, so when someone uses the free trial, they get everything that comes with Talk Fusion and more. It is not like they are only getting a small sampling. They get the video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. This is the way of the 21st century now. Everything is being done online and video is more popular than ever. It is growing each and every day.


It is how people prefer to conduct business. It is simpler, easier, and more efficient. The great thing about Talk Fusion is that this is not a one-size-fits-all product. No matter what type of business someone has or wants to start up, they have the proper equipment for them. It works for everyone, and a lot of people have been afforded the chance to quit their job because of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has given them the confidence to start up their own business. Once they start it up, they see why so many people have been on board with this company for so long.


For many people, it is not really about the money. Yes, they need the money to keep a roof over their head and to pay the bills. It is more about the fact they want to be able to live life comfortably without anyone telling them what is their path. After all, independent thinkers are important to the world. The world needs more of them instead of people who are simply doing what someone else tells them to do. Talk Fusion is all about individuality and being free from the constraints of a 9-5 job.


People have to do what is best for them and they are the only ones that know what is best for them. No one else can tell someone how they should live their life or what is the right path for them. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial


Next generation Cloud databasing from Nuo DB

With big data and information technology playing a bigger and bigger role in our lives, it seems like there are no new companies that can compete with the giants of cloud database technology.

New and effective cloud database technology may seem as though it’s too big or project for a small company, but the startup NuoDB is looking to challenge that stereotype.

With the focus on scalability and stability, NuoDB has positioned itself as the top provider for scalable and elastic SQL Cloud databases. They were able to achieve this by focusing on five core requirements.

First and foremost the ability to scale out and accommodate new computers and systems with ease. In addition to adding new computers to easily, removing computers is also simple.

Second, it doesn’t ever need to be shut down. This includes for maintenance and upgrades, which can be a major source of headaches for cloud database users.

Hardware and software are fault tolerant. There aren’t any circumstances where tables are dropped, nor can errors cause catastrophic effects.

Next is multi-site operation. Many companies may have cloud databases that can access from anywhere, but they cannot necessarily maintain their system from anywhere. This allows the software to be a true cloud platform.

Finally, the software boasts automatic load balancing, ensuring that stalls and slowdowns are a thing of the past.

By taking this modern approach, NuoDB has built something truly unique for the current age of cloud database technology, and we are all looking forward to what they can come up with next.

Diving Into NuoDB For SQL Database

NuoDB was founded in 2008 and its main purpose is to help expand servers that have SQL Databases run faster by using specific architecture that is on the cloud. NuoDB is used by several companies like Aflec and Kodiak and many others. NuoDB responds the same way as other applications would on a regular SQL database. According to Wikipedia “The system can process more than 1 million transactions per second.” NuoDB Is peer to peer making sure that SQL Databases are distributed across multiple nodes. NuoDB is great because not only just the cloud but off the cloud it works really well and can be used for multiple scenarios for different companies trying to achieve different database goals. Every database is different, more and more computer operations are being used by the cloud so it only makes sense that servers would start to adjust to newer technologies especially SQL databases.

James Dondero and his Career Success

James Dondero has participated majorly in donating millions to non-profit organizations and charities in the Dallas area. James Dondero is the president of the Highland Capital Management, L.P. in which he is a co-[founder as well. Highland Capital Management gives out most products to other retailers and institutions. The products by the highland capital management are of high quality and are award winning. The total assets of the company’s resources are worth approximately 14.9 billion dollars. The assets include the affiliates such as Acis Capital Management, Nextpoint Advisors which is close-end fund, Nextpoint Strategies Fund, Nextpoint Residential Trust and the Nextpoint Capital-Health care BBD. The Highland Capital Management was awarded the 5-star designation in the world for the global allocation. The Highland Capital Management again was awarded by the Lipper Awards because of its floating rates opportunity band it is the top in ranking by the morning star in the Healthcare Short and Long equity fund.

James Dondero was an analyst in his first job he got in the year 1984 as he was working with the Morgan Guaranty in a training program. He later graduated with a degree in commerce from the University of Virginia. He attained the highest honors, the dual major in the accounting and finance. James Dondero also has the professional qualifications and certificates search as the CFA-Certified Financial Analyst together with the CMA—Certified Management Accountant. James Dondero worked as a corporate board analyst in the year 1985. Afterwards, he shifted the position to work as portfolio management that held around one billion dollars. James Dondero decided to leave the American Express later in the year 1989.

James Dondero joined the Life’s GIV Company as a Chief Investment Officer. Nit had been newly formed in the year v resigned from the American Express. The subsidiary grew significantly under James Dondero’s reign to two billion dollars before him co-founding the Highland Capital Management. James Dander is also working with other companies, and he is the chairman of the board in the NextBank and NextPoint. James Dondero also works as the chairman of the board in the Cornerstone health care and the CCS Medical. Additionally, James Dondero belongs to the board at the American Banknote and the MGM Studios.

How to Boost Your Failing Credit Score – Freedom Debt America Might Help

Dealing with debt is difficult, and often results in an insolvable cycle of debt. Financial problems often result from bad credit, resulting in people never getting the help they need. Here are a few tips that anybody can use in dealing with unsettled debt and bad credit ratings.

Cosigners can make a world of difference, although not everybody has a responsible person in their life willing to assume payments if the account holder defaults. Cosigners invariably boost credit ratings, in theory assuring creditors that debts are always paid.

Never close out lines of credits. While it is OK to pay them off, closing accounts cuts down on account history, resulting in lower scores than before consumers started.

Maximum balances are never meant to be reached. Not only are they difficult to pay off and less likely to be resolved, they inherently cause credit to plummet.

Look into an automotive loan if you’re in need of a new vehicle. Even if you’re not, it’s more than possible to sell your current vehicle and finance one of similar quality. As long as you have sufficient cash flow, your credit score will go through the roof.

If you rent through a property management company, paying on time will prevent your score from slipping even further. However, private, small-time landlords won’t offer a credit effect.

Freedom Debt Relief is a for-profit debt negotiation company that deals with creditors and shrinks payments to a fraction of their original cost. In opposition to what some potential clients think prior to initiating the process, Freedom Debt Relief is entirely legitimate, registered and in good standing with the BBB, and has founded other organizations to help consumers tackle their debt. Employees at Freedom Debt Relief help clients work through problems effectively, even if they choose another servicer other than their employer.

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