Insightful facts about Sheldon Lavigne

Sheldon Lavigne has led to significant achievements in OSI Group industries and proved his concerns in the venture when he partnered with its founders. Sheldon perused finance accounting and through the various skills that he gained from his studies he worked towards achieving his dream career. In the early 1980`s, Sheldon managed to start his own company which he ran successfully before the Otto and sons brothers approached him to assist them in their new venture, that is currently OSI Group of industries. Sheldon`s continued involvement with the entrepreneurs resulted in him becoming the owner of the prolific company that has achieved a great success.

The team of employees at OSI Group of companies highly focuses on their customers and consider them to be the core contributors to success of the venture. Sheldon uses his skills to help his team of employees produce the best quality of meat products to attract more customers and in turn bring more profits to the company. Since his appointment to the firm, Sheldon has seen the company increase its revenue with a very high rate, and as a result, he has expanded it to some countries worldwide including Philippines, Japan, Australia among others.

Sheldon has been amended by many entrepreneurs and experts in the field of business due to his significant achievements in his ventures. He recently received Global Visionary Award from India`s Vision World Academy, which served as a recognition of his excellent contributions to the field of entrepreneurship. Besides, he has received some other awards that were an appreciation of his contributions to the field.

Sheldon believes in the importance of exercising good leadership skills by every individual under the authority and encourages every leader to be keen on how they treat their employees. He believes that every leader should serve by his actions and demonstrate to his employees what they are required to do at the place of work. Besides, Sheldon insists that leaders who work together with their team of employees ought to grow their companies and make them quickly achieve their set goals. He also insists that all employees should be compensated for their hard work for them to keep working harder towards great achievements of their respective companies.

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Agora Financial – Always Ahead of The Curve

Agora Financial, a subsidiary of Agora Inc., is a financial publishing platform that provides independent economic insights into a wide variety of market trends on print as well as online publications. The honest and unconventional reporting style of, and accurate predictions made by, the editors of Agora Financial publications have been acknowledged by mainstream media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and The Economist amongst an entire host of other respected publications.


Agora Financial has been reporting on market conditions and advising its base of over a million readers on how best to stay ahead for 25 years, and the team of intrepid journalists behind this is currently headed by Addison Wiggin, a New York Times best-selling author.


With over 20 publications alongside seminars and documentaries, Agora Financial helps its readers navigate different markets and financial bubbles in order to protect and grow their wealth. The team at Agora Financial does this by traveling across the globe in search of potentially profitable investment opportunities that have not yet become mainstream, so that readers can buy shares in companies projected to grow in the future while they are cheap and then see their wealth multiply.


Agora Financial has proven itself to be a reliable source of market predictions, most notably predicting the mortgage crisis of 2008 4 years before it occurred and foreseeing a rapid rise in oil prices a year before they jumped up to an all-time high. The consistency of forecasting at Agora Financial has allowed readers to invest early and take protective measures in advance.


Hence, the one-stop resource for advice on investments is, without a doubt, Agora Financial. It’s grown as an influential and important company for this department, and it’s been reporting on the market conditions for a record number of readers. Join the team, be one of them.

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Bob Reina Is Happy That HuffPost Has Rebranded Itself

About four months ago, Bob Reina published two articles amidst the news about the HuffPost re-branding. Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, mentioned in one of his articles that he believes in innovation. He continued to say when it comes to brands growing, the job is never completed.

Reina said in his article, which was published on HuffPost, said his goal is to help people succeed, regardless of what their background is nor where they are in the world. 

Since August 2016, Reina has been a contributor at the HuffPost. He tends to use the platform to highlight various stuff, such as marketing and video technology, entrepreneurship, self-development, lifestyle and skillful selling.

Reina added that he was happy to see HuffPost take a step back and re-launch their brand so they can focus on things that really matter, including fulfillment and culture. Learn more:

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a company that offers email marketing and video conferencing products to companies around the globe. The services and products are sold by independent associates, rather than offered in retail stores.

Products And Services

Talk Fusion offers a number of products and services to businesses of all sizes. These include video email, video newsletters, live meetings, video chat and signup forms. Video email allows businesses to send an email, but with a video included. Live meetings lets companies host video meetings and video chat is exactly that, a service similar to Skype. Video newsletters are newsletters that can be created, but they are video-based ( Signup forms are forms that allow companies to gather names, email addresses and other information from customers and prospective customers.


Individuals can market Talk Fusion’s products by joining as independent associates. By marketing and promoting Talk Fusion’s services, they will have the chance to generate income and the sky is the limit when it comes to how much money they can make.

Whether you’re interested in becoming an independent associate or want to use their products, you can learn more by visiting Talk Fusion’s website. Learn more:

Want to get Exposure with Brown Modelling Agency?

Do you see yourself gracing the runway? Do your see yourself published in magazines? Do you see yourself acting on a Tv screen? The Brown Agency makes this possible for several talented models and actors. The Brown Agency is based in Austin, Texas, and is a full-service talent agency that represents models and actors in the areas of film, commercial, television, print, catalogue, fashion, and runway, promotional and corporate events. The Brown Agency can open doors for you that no other agency can. They have landed their clients major roles on TV, and they have clients who have been booked several times for editorial spreads in fashion and sports magazines. If you want to get the exposure you feel you deserve, the Brown Agency is the agency for you!

Justin Brown is The Brown Agency’s President and he always says, “We are only as good as our talent.” The agency is always looking for fresh, new, talented faces to add to their roster. There are open calls hosted every Thursday from 3-4 p.m. in Austin, Texas. This is where models and actors come and showcase their talent to the talent scouts. The scouts at this agency are very welcoming, so there is no need to overthink anything. Come prepared to show them why you should be a part of The Brown Agency team. The agency needs good talent like you to uphold their remarkable reputation.

According to Market Wired, sometimes the only difference between an aspiring actor/model and a working actor/model is the latter has a good agent. When looking at agencies, you should consider their leadership team and their knowledge of the industry. There are several agencies around for you to choose from but that does not mean those agencies are right for you. You need an agency that is well versed in their industry. You need an agency like the Brown Agency. Justin Brown, formerly the head of Wilhelmina Austin, is leading the agency with his expertise and is making sure clients are provided with ample opportunities in and out of the country.

The Brown Agency would love for you to see what they are all about. There are several ways for you to stay connected with them. The Agency has a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram account that are very active. Be sure to follow their social media accounts for important updates. Pictures of new clients are posted on these social media accounts along with recent bookings for their previous clients. The Brown Agency also has videos online of their recent launch party. Once you learn more about The Brown Agency, you will see why you should consider joining the team. This is the agency for you to get all the exposure you could possibly dream of.

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Jason Hope; the mind behind the Internet of Things

Jason Hope thinks that the internet of things is the ultimate new upsurge of advancement to ever be in the technological industry. This is the ability to allow two technological devices to sync with one another. Thus, summarizing the power of devices to sync using the same network and sharing of data to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. He further explains that this technology has the power to alter the way through most businesses operate totally. This stands to become the biggest advancement technology in the technological world for many years to come. Major players in the world economy are commencing to embrace the technology thus managing to stay ahead of other companies that are still sluggish in their technology. Mr. Hope predicts that the competition is going to grow fiercely as the companies try to outwit one another with new apps to help consumers engage with their daily lives using their devices.

In the business world, the internet of things is making it possible for rapid advancements in automation and analytics, therefore, reducing the cost of production. This makes manufacturing of new things possible due to the low production costs. Europe is fast adapting to this technology than their American counterparts. The major merit of this technology is that the manufacturer combine sensors with analytic tools that will enable them to monitor the production processes at every step.

Jason Hope entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist who is well established when it comes to technology. He came from Temple in AZ but earned his degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also got his MBA from the college’s W.P Carey School of Business. His passion in technology has seen him kick off his career through the creation of a mobile communication company by the name of Jawa. His positive entrepreneurial spirit has seen him provide grants to innovative thinkers with ideas he thinks can change the world.

Mr. Hope advises entrepreneurs always to keep their minds on the bigger picture and let their fresh ideas be accessible to many people as possible. He enjoys spending his time at his foundation, The Sense Foundation which focuses on developing the anti-aging technology. Lastly, he thinks that people need to surround themselves with influential and passionate individuals to assist them to develop their business during difficult periods.

Andrew Rolfe Enhances The Success Of The Ubuntu Education Fund

Under the transformative leadership of Andrew Rolfe, the Ubuntu Education Fund has been able to support more than 400,000 disadvantaged children. When they started operations, the organization zeroed in on education. With the passage of time, the management of the Fund realized that these children and their families could not access healthcare facilities. To this end, the Fund started offering them with nutrition and healthcare services.

Recently, the Ubuntu Fund organized a gala dinner in London. Renowned philanthropists and socialites were among the 300 guests who attended the event. Even though it took the entire night, the organizers of the event said that they succeeded in surpassing their target of £600,000. The management said that they would use the money to expand their school campus, which is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In addition, a substantial amount would be used to build a pediatric clinic within the school compound. This way, the Fund will be in a position to enroll many disadvantaged children from the local area.

The guests enjoyed their meals and music. In addition, some of the people who made inspiring speeches include the founder of Ubuntu Fund, Jacob Lief, and a beneficiary of the organization, Sinesipho Rabidyani. Jacob posited that in the past 20 years he has been providing disadvantaged children with a variety of services to enable them grow up and pursue their respective careers. Sinesipho talked of how as a child she hated going home owing to her father’s drinking problem. To this end, she worked hard in school and got good grades. This way, she became one the Ubuntu Education Fund’s scholars. Recently, she was accepted at a renowned university to pursue law.

Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is a proud alumnus of Harvard University and the University of Oxford. His extensive education background has played an integral role in enhancing his leadership skills. The chairperson of the Fund also serves as the managing director of TowerBook Capital Partners. Here, he zeroes in on acquisition of different companies and seeking for various investment opportunities in the United States and Europe.

Rolfe has worked for The Gap as the chief executive officer. He has also been a senior employee of Pret A Manger. Under his leadership, these corporations managed to succeed in the competitive global market.


End Citizens United Sets Sights on 2018 Congressional Races

End Citizens United was established by Tiffany Muller in response to the flood of dark money that has flowed in, perverting the American political system. Now, more than ever, politicians are beholden to special interests and those companies and millionaires that are willing to spend big in order to pervert the democracy that the United States was founded on. Many of these issues can be traced back to the 2010 Conservative Supreme Court decision that saw Citizens United loosen restrictions on campaign financing. This pivotal decision has absolutely destroyed the political system. Fortunately people are still fighting to get back and take control of their democracy and one of them is Tiffany Muller, president of the political action committee End Citizens United.


End Citizens United has the primary goal of making their name a reality. As we state above, the 2010 Supreme Court decision that saw campaign finance restrictions loosened has been destructive to say the least. Now, more than ever, politicians are being bought off with people who can afford to pay them. Republican Senators, in particular, are being paid millions of dollars to oppose green energy and other sorts of progressive causes — just as an example. While dark money is a problem on both sides, it appears to be a tool utilized by the right wing.


Still, it should be inspiring to know that a strong start to 2017 has made it more possible than ever for End Citizens United to make their name a reality. Through the first spending quarter of 2017 the team at End Citizens United has raised more than $4 million. The majority of these donations came from small time donors who just wanted to make their voice heard. Muller says that this is a form of fighting back, a rebellion against the Trump administration, and a yearning for a better political climate. There have been over 100,000 donors to this point in the year and 40,000 of them, or 40%, have actually donated their physical presence to supporting the cause and spreading the word.


Engaging in politics and changing the Citizens United ruling is not going to be easy. In fact, with Washington D.C. sitting in its most hyper partisan state yet, it could feel impossible. The only path forward is for End Citizens United to go ahead and help elect progressive politicians who are willing to put their political clout on the line in order to propose an amendment to get this job done. There hasn’t been a constitutional amendment since 1992 and it will take a huge progressive push to get one going forward. That is why the 2018 Congressional Election is so important for so many reasons. End Citizens United hopes to raise $35 million in advance of these elections.


Matthew Autterson in His Dutiful Investment Management

Investment Management ordinarily is a term used by the financial expert to explain the harmonization of resources/ assets whether securities, bonds or shares or classically the tangible assets in a venture with the expectation of return. Investment can be through institutions or privately either directly or indirectly. A sound investment choice is made subject to analysis of asset allocation, diversification of risks or long-term returns.

There are different investment styles investors can pick on based on their external and internal business environment. They range from growth style to market neutralization, small capitalization, indexing, Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) among much more. Each of this has their risk magnitude and accepted areas of application. This brings the need to consult with a seasoned investment or portfolio manager like Matthew Autterson.

Investors who engage in mutual or currency trading floors or those under collective investment schemes benefit more from investment management. This is because their resources get professional management. According to Boston Consulting Group, assets managed at a fee have high yield compared to others. Successful managers understand the 3-Ps model which is the Philosophy, Process, and People working them symmetrically. Some of these tops of the game investment firms include; Wells Fargo, Rockefeller Financial, Citigroup Global Market and the Bank of America Global Wealth Investment Management.

About Matthew Autterson

He studied at the Michigan State University between 1975 and 1979 and the Buena Vista University with a degree in Accounting in the Finance option. He currently is in private practice of investment management advisory based in the Greater Denver Area, Colorado. Matthew Autterson is skilled in financial services, investment, and accountancy.

He is a wealth advisor and a co-founder at the WIN Wealth Management. He has worked on the $750 million project in Minneapolis and has worked with the Royal Alliance and American Express. Matthew is a lecturer of finance at the North Iowa College.

Hollywood Stars Flock to the Kabbalah for Answers

Located in Los Angeles, CA is the non-profit organization called, “Kabbalah Centre International.” The centre provides Zohar Kabbalistic courses, which are also taught online.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles was opened in 1984. Philip Berg and wife, Karen Berg developed the Kabbalah presentation with the revolution in Los Angeles. Now, they have over 50 worldwide branches, including Los Angeles, New York City, London and Toronto.

There is an influx of non-Jewish stars in Hollywood that have taken fascination with Kabbalah. Madonna one of the firsts, then followed by many more. But, why?

-Sandra Bernhard to the LA Times: Crediting the Kabbalah for eliminating “at least 80% of the chaos in my life to learn more: click here.

-Paris Hilton to Great Britain’s More Magazine: “When I split with Nick Carter, I coped by going straight to the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles…It helps me deal with my life.”

Kabbalah is quoted as “ancient wisdom that provides practical tools creating joy and lasting fulfillment. It is an incredible system that will completely change the way that you look at the world.”

Thinking this would be enough of the reason for celebrities following the Kabbalah? There’s more. Some celebrities in Hollywood were merely drawn in order to deal with personal life problems.

-Sammy Davis to Time Magazine: “I wanted to become part of a 5,000 year-old history and to hold onto something not just material, which would give me inner strength to turn the other cheek.”

More affirmations for the Kabbalah Centre were hopes to make the world a better place. But there are still more reasons that stars are practicing Kabbalah and even converting to Judaism.

-Marilyn Monroe to Daily Beast: Marilyn was attracted to Judaism because of her rough childhood which made her “identify with the underdog.”

However, other Hollywood stars that are fans of the Kabbalah Centre came by much simpler reasons.

-Britney Spears: Introduced to Kabbalah by Madonna.

All of this has stirred controversy with Orthodox Jews which are critical of stars Hollywood studying Kabbalah. Criticism has been thrown at the Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles which offers non-Jewish stars courses and teachings.

Traditionally, the only ones that are supposed to study Kabbalah are Jews over the age of 40. Kabbalah being taught to those before they are converted and before proper age has increased the controversy by going against the traditions of Orthodox Jews.

In closing, however, Rabbi Philip Berg who led the Kabbalah Revolution in Hollywood, may have had some final thoughts on the matter. The Telegraph published an obituary of Rabbi Philip Berg with the words, “by simplifying Kabbalah and drawing on aspects of modern life to make it more relevant, Berg claims that he made the struggles of biblical figures accessible.”

The Changing World Of Dating With Whitney Wolfe

People have a lot of things to say about dating. However, there is one thing that people can agree on. Dating is changing. When people are asked about dating now compared to about 15 years ago, they will admit that things were a little different. For one thing, online dating was relatively new and it has not really taken off. Now, one would be hard pressed to find someone who does not have a dating profile on at least one site. The only issue is hat online dating has not made it easier for anyone. This is why Whitney Wolfe is bringing forth even more change in the dating industry.

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One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done was made online dating a lot easier for both men and women. One of the most annoying things that men are faced with when it comes to online dating is having to stand out from all of the thirsty boys that are sending out all kinds of messages to everyone with the hopes that one of them would stick. This can annoy women because they are getting online dating spam from guys. As a result, the other guys who are interested tend to have it ruined for them.

Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has not only made Bumble where only women can initiate with men, but she has also put together a dating app that makes it easier for women to find friends that they can relate to. One thing about Bumble is that even though women find each other to be less harmful than men, there are some women that can cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, women also want to be careful when it comes to other women so that they can have the right friends and gain the right type of support to move forward with their lives. Click Here for more.

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