Norka Luque Teams Up With Emilio Estefan Jr To Make Music History

Norka Luque grew up with her parents who were supportive and wanted her to reach for the stars. They felt sure that she had a career in music, which is why they started her on piano and voice lessons at the age of eight. The impact that these lessons had on her life was incredible. She was destined for great things. The girl from Venezuela knew she wanted to be a singer. So, she created some demos and became an overnight success in her home country. Though she loves her homeland, she wanted to test her voice and abilities in American. She packed up and headed to Miami to see if she had what it took to make it big.

It was during a musical production that she caught the attention of Emilio Estefan Jr. He was creating a musical and noticed that she had something special. This was a major feat because she was singing alongside Shakira as a backup. He did some research and found that she was that unique talent that he was looking for. Luque had the “it” factor. Estefan began to work with her. Though talented, Norka Luque’s talent was still raw. She needed direction and help to make it to the next level. Estefan wanted to make sure she didn’t just have one great hit and become a memory. Since he has won many awards and done massive work in the music industry, he was a great choice to mentor her.

Norka Luque released her first album in her homeland, but the move to Miami is what changed the course of her life. She has since taken her hit songs and worked with remix artists to change them into different tunes. One thing that anyone will notice about her songs is that they are always with a positive vibe. While others may sing about losing love and their sorrow, she tends to look for the sunshine and rainbows in life. Whatever she is doing is working for her. In just a short amount of time, she has been on the music billboards in her country. Having someone like Estefan leading the way, she is in for an exciting ride.

Norka Luque is still young and has much to learn. However, some say she has the voice of an angel and sings like a bird. Being different is a great thing when it comes to the music world.

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