Several cases have been reported of passengers with no tickets occupying AC coaches in trains in India. A new video showing many ticketless passengers overcrowding the Lucknow-Hardiwar Vande Bharat Express is making the rounds on the Internet.

The viral video shows several passengers boarded train number 22545 struggling to find a seat. Sharing the video, an X user wrote, “#lucknowrailway @drmlucknow @IndianRailMedia @indianrail #rail got jacked by non ticket passengers @VandeBharatExp.”

Watch the viral video here:


The video was reshared by an X handle @IndianTechGuide and amassed over 4,41,000 views and a sea of reactions with one saying, “This is a BIG PROBLEM! Recently, Tirupati–Secunderabad Vande Bharat Express triggered a false fire alarm when a ticketless passenger on the train smoked lit a cigarette inside a toilet on the carriage.” Another user wrote, “How are the TTs even allowing this nonsense. Seems a deliberate ploy to mock the rail ministry.”

“the problem is actually with the people of India one side (side) they hate the development another side they want to use of the development by not paying charges for it,” a third user wrote.

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Last month, photos of ticketless commuters blocking the way near the first AC cabin on the Delhi-Sarai Rohilla Superfast Express went viral. In the photo, commuters sat near the bathrooms for over five hours.

On May 25, a video of the AC-3 coach in the Brahmaputra Express occupied by general compartment passengers emerged on social media. In April, the Ministry of Railways addressed claims of mismanagement and overcrowding in its AC coaches, asking people to “not malign” its image. “The present video of the coach. No overcrowding. Please don’t malign the image of Indian Railways by sharing misleading videos,” the ministry quote-posted another video showing an almost-empty coach.

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