CRED's Kunal Shah recently took to X to make a comment of "mediocre people". Soon after he made the post, it garnered widespread attention. Numerous people didn't seem to be happy about his remark and schooled him in the comments section of the post.

Taking to X, Kunal Shah, in his post, wrote, "Mediocre people often have a clear tell: you'll often see them hanging out with other mediocre people, probably because the A+ folks avoid them." (Also Read: How CRED’s Kunal Shah hustled to support his family, Info Edge founder Sanjeev Bikhchandani reveals)

Take a look at his post here:

This post was shared on May 25. Since being posted, it has gained more than one million views, and the numbers are only increasing. The share also has over 2,200 likes and numerous comments.

Here's how people reacted:

An individual wrote, "Somewhere out there, there are people just living their lives - making friends, falling in love, raising kids, and And then there are people like this, deep diving into capitalistic hell without being able to enjoy simple things like "hanging out" without evaluation. Live a little, Kunal, and think a little less, perhaps.

An incredibly full life can be lived by both a mediocre, an A+ person, and every type of stupid definition in between."

A second added, "Doesn't correlate with real life for me — people hang out more based on their value systems than anything else and within that, they might seek folks at their level ( A or D-) for a particular thing they are doing. I hope I don't personally blanket label people at A+ or D- and explore everyone for what they are/bring. Besides supposedly a+ people by some definition, maybe total douchebags are often true and are best avoided."

A third said, "Thank you for making me realise and appreciate the importance of being mediocre."

"You don't know if someone is mediocre or A+ until you see their character during wartime. Everything else is just superficial judgement and utterly useless," commented a fourth.

A fifth added, "'A+' and 'mediocre' are definitions suited for corporate or organs and best left it there. There is no need to generalise and apply them to the entire population sample."

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