Anupriya Goenka-starrer short film Break The Silence was screened at the 77th Cannes Film Festival this year and the actor is ecstatic about this milestone. Directed by Hemant Chauhan, the film is a crime suspense about kids with special needs. “It was made with a certain intention to bring a situation to light about special kids and a certain mentality that your providers and caretakers around you can be the most dangerous people for you. With the film going to Cannes, there is a certain credibility around it now and the message could reach a wider audience,” the actor says.

While she couldn’t be present at the festival, Goenka doesn’t regret it. “I am happier that our film went there. I do pull my director’s leg that he didn’t take us there though,” she quips, adding that as an actor, such prestigious platforms do add to her repertoire. “Everybody dreams of Cannes and having their films screened at such prestigious festivals as only the best of world cinema gets there. It does make one feel proud and helps one get more work that aligns to one’s sensibilities,” she says.

With so many influencers attending Cannes now, does she feel the value of the films going there diminishes? “There must definitely be a reason why certain people are invited or made to be a part of the festival. Till the time we keep focus on the art that needs to come forward, we are sorted,” responds the 36-year-old who featured in films like Padmaavat, Tiger Zinda Hai and War and was seen in OTT projects including Asur, Criminal Justice and others.

Goenka has achieved success in OTT and now this milestone of Cannes in short films, but she agrees that such achievements are yet to take place in films for her. “At some point I was making a good balance between OTT and theatrical, but then Covid happened. I do have some films I have been a part of, but they haven’t yet been able to see the light of the day. I would love to be a part of big-budget commercial films and reach a wider audience in all forms,” she ends.

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