Justice in Venezuela Fails

Venezuela is in chaos. According to MySpace, more than a million people protested recently as their living standards dived. As the economic crisis deepens, crime is rampant. There are lootings, robberies, and other violent acts committed.
According to ABC News article that went viral on facebook, when Robert Bernal was running in the street, most people didn’t know why, but they assumed that he had to commit a crime after an elderly man claimed Bernal robbed $5 from him.

So the mob meted out justice. It was harsh as Bernal, 42, was first kicked and punched into unconsciousness, and then soaked with gasoline and burned, while the vigilantes stood by to watch him die.

Violence against those accused of crime is becoming commonplace. “There are no trials, an accusation is enough” says Diaz Granados. This kind of reminds us of the Middle Ages. But, nowadays, crime isn’t the only concern in Venezuela. There are also shortages of food and inflation spiraling out of control.