How José Auriemo Neto Got Bequeathed

Fabio Auriemo is a great man. Since his days as a young man, he has always cherished the institution of family. His love for his family is so great that he has always worked with his family members to do business and make Brazil more developed that it has always been. In 1992, his love for development and family led him to found a construction real estate development company with his brother, Jose Roberto. Construction was only the rudimentary foundation of Fabio’s passion for real estate, but he compromised to make a living with his brother. The two had seething sibling rivalry, but that couldn’t stop them from seeking prosperity together. They founded JHS together and were successful in their business. However, the two could not contain their different ideologies and aspirations in one business. Ultimately JHS split into JHSF and JHSL. Fabio’s JHSF ventured into development.

In his dealings, Fabio made sure to deliver impeccable services to all his clients. He consolidated so much influence and wealth satisfying his customers that the development company grew int a real estate company. JHSF impressed  best read property magazine in South America, the Bovespa. When JHSF’s previous customers are asked to explain why the company grew into Sao Paulo, New York, and Salvador, they always attribute the growth to the company’s ability to;

• Be innovative
• Be daring
• Be of quality
• Identify opportunities in the market of operation
• Be pioneering

The family man had also been grooming his son to thrive in the real estate business. Part of the reasons why the old phenom is considered to be great is the fact that he was able to groom his soon to be a greater visionary and negotiator than him. He was able to retire much earlier than his peers since he had successfully real estate business groomed a person to bequeath his responsibilities, José Auriemo Neto.

José Auriemo Neto proved that he could run the family business into prosperity when he persuaded the old man to purchase a seemingly worthless parking lot at the edge of the Marginal Pinheiros. The insight needed to conduct the hotel, business complex and an airport developments which the company is obliged came out clearly and strongly. The parking lot had not been spotted by any other real estate mogul and was thus acquired by JHSF at a low price. IT turned out to the single most profitable investment that the company ever made.