A woman got into a heated confrontation with a man after he cut the queue at an eatery in Bengaluru as her lengthy post has gone viral on X. However, the conclusion of this story is proof that life, well almost always, comes full circle as it happened with Anushka in a moment that was nothing but euphoric.

"A few weeks ago I got into a huge fight (full public scene) with an uncle at the darshini near my house. At the counter he cut in front of me in the line and, not wanting to make a scene, I simply turned to him and said, 'there's a line here' to which he snapped at me. He said, 'There's no sign saying to make a line, you can stand in a line if you want to' (remember this detail) and waved his hand at me," Anushka said in her post that has garnered over 3 million views.

His response left Anushka enraged but she decided to let it go as she did not want to "escalate things". Her anger, however, didn't subside.

"It really takes nothing to just follow basic social etiquette in public plus have a default polite attitude to strangers. I also knew he spoke to me that way because he saw I was a young girl = no consequences of behaviour, for creepy uncles. So I decided to confront him," she said, adding, "I have a rule when it comes to public confrontations: never lose your cool, not matter what emotions are surging in your body."

After the man completed his meal and came to the wash basin area, Anushka walked up to him and asked him the reason why he spoke to her in that tone. "He asked me what my problem was and I was like it's just basic manners, I don't have to tell you that. And no matter what, you can't speak to me this way."

However, he turned their conversation into a "public scene," as she claimed that he also started hurling profanities at her in Kannada, "to which my boyfriend loses his composure and starts yelling back at him."

Several other people at the restaurant, in the meantime, stepped into mediate as she began feeling "physically unsafe". She left, as she realised there was no point in continuing the conversation.

"I didn't go back to the darshini for weeks because I felt like I was now the hysterical woman who picked a fight. And I just didn't want to put myself in an unsafe space," she said.

However, earlier this week, Anushka finally went to the same restaurant, and you won't be able to guess what she saw.

"I noticed that they have a new sign next to the counter. Remember what he said about there being no sign saying anything about following a line? Well guess what the new sign says?"

This, for Anushka, was such a big win: "Just posting this because it was a full circle moment and personal W for me, but also a win for women who stand up to rude uncles in public."

This incident is a reminder that it is imperative to nurture civic sense as it promotes respect for others' rights and space in public places. It encourages behaviours such as queuing up, giving way, and not causing inconvenience to others.

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