David McDonald and his Contributions to OSI Group

David McDonald works with OSI Group where he serves in the capacity of the chief operating officer. Before acquiring this position, David McDonald served at the same company as the project manager. Previously, he worked with Marfrig Global Foods as the independent director. David, who is sometimes known as Dave, now works at the OSI International Foods’ board of directors as the director. David McDonald is known as a reliable and efficient leader who has steered OSI group to achieving tremendous growth and success. He is hardworking, disciplined, passionate and committed to his work at OSI Group.

David McDonald has an impressive educational background which he attributes to his career success. He holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science acquired from the Iowa State University. OSI Group is a food company that deals with the processing of meat. The company supplies different food products to other food companies across the world. The main offices of OSI Group are in Aurora, Illinois. The company also has regional offices in China, Europe, and the United States. OSI Group was started in the year 1909 and has been serving the food industry for many decades. The food company has employed over 20,000 individuals and had revenue of approximately $6.1 billion.

OSI Group understands that different customers have different food preferences. It is for this reason that the company offers the different variety of food products. Some of the food products provided by OSI Group include fruits and vegetables, poultry, pizza, hot dogs and many others. The success of OSI Group comes from its talented and experienced management team. For the last twenty years, David McDonald has worked hard to expand the presence of OSI Group in China. He has overseen the construction of 8 factories with two more undergoing construction. The mission of David McDonald is to make OSI Group the leading poultry producers in China.

OSI Group will serve significant clients like Burger King, Subway, Yum, Saizeriya and Starbucks among others. David McDonald was born and brought up on the farms of Iowa but managed to work hard to become successful. His passion since he was young was in the agricultural industry, and he eventually pursued that. David McDonald has led OSI Group through numerous profitable endeavors. Recently, he oversaw the company’s construction of a frozen food processing facility based in India. David also assisted OSI Group in acquiring Baho Foods which he believes is a significant investment for the food company.

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