Beneful Gives Gizmo The Confidence He Needs

I have a Dachshund and his name is Gizmo. Gizmo is the cutest fluffy little dog out there and could win over anyone’s heart. Gizmo thinks that he is a big dog so he barks as loud and fierce as a big dog would. Currently, Gizmo eats Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful incredibites and they are so flavorful and nutritious that they give him the confidence he needs to protect our family. Beneful has two different types of incredibites flavors. The two flavors of Beneful incredibites are real chicken flavor and real beef flavor which allows Gizmo to have his freedom and be able to choose between which flavor he wants to eat each day. Gizmo also loves Beneful dog treats and will only train or come inside from the house when I offer him one. The types of Beneful dog treats that I buy Gizmo are the Beneful dental ridges in the mini size for him and the baked delights stars treats. Beneful dental ridges keep Gizmo’s teeth squeaky clean whereas the baked delights stars get his attention. In the winter time, I feed Gizmo Beneful roasted turkey medley wet dog food [Product link:] so that he can also enjoy the holiday season as much as everyone else can. Beneful dog food is great quality, reasonably priced, and much more like a home cooked meal than any other dog food out there is. Ever since I started feeding Gizmo Beneful he has been confident enough to stick up to anyone he doesn’t know or has suspicions about and it makes his personality that much stronger. I love that Beneful has so many dog food options and hope to allow Gizmo to try some other dog foods than the ones he has been having so he can see which Beneful dog food he likes the most out of all of them. Due to the amount of confidence that Gizmo has now I am planning on enrolling him for dog shows because not only is Beneful giving him confidence but it is making his coat more silky and shiny which really stands out because he is a long-haired Dachshund. When I don’t have the time to go shopping, I prefer to buy Beneful online from Amazon.