Vande Bharat sleeper, Vande Metro update: Indian Railways is all set to roll out two new trains for passengers in the coming days. Vande Bharat sleeper, a train expected to be much better than Rajdhani Express trains, is expected to be out for trial runs by August 15, railway officials told TOI. In the meantime, Vande Metro, another new train by Indian Railways, this time for short-distance intercity travel is ready and its trial runs will start soon, officials said.

Indian Railways is currently developing a sleeper version of the Vande Bharat train, following the successful introduction of the chair car variant. The sleeper train is expected to offer superior features compared to the current premium overnight travel options, such as the Rajdhani Express and Tejas Express. BEML is manufacturing the first prototype,.

On the other hand, Vande Metro, also known as the Vande Bharat Metro, is inspired by the semi-high speed Vande Bharat Express and aims to transform train travel for shorter distances.

We take a look at the special features of Vande Bharat sleeper and Vande Metro trains:

Vande Bharat Sleeper: Top Features

  • Vande Bharat sleeper prototype will have 16 coaches, including 11 AC 3 tier coaches, 4 AC 2 tier coaches, and one AC 1st coach.
  • The total berth capacity of the train will be 823 passengers, with 611 in AC 3 tier, 188 in AC 2 tier, and 24 in AC 1st.
  • The berths will have extra cushioning, better than Rajdhani Express trains. The side of each berth will be well-cushioned to ensure a comfortable travel experience.
  • The interior of the new Vande Bharat sleeper will feature a soothing color scheme, with shades of cream, yellow, and wood creating a pleasant ambiance.
  • Passengers will find it easier to access the upper and middle berths, thanks to a better-designed ladder.
  • Sensor-based lighting will be installed in common areas, while energy-efficient overhead lighting will provide adequate illumination.
  • The aisle areas will have strips on the floor to facilitate easier movement during the night.
  • Vande Bharat sleeper will have sensor-based inter communication doors, noise insulation and mitigation measures for silent saloon space, special berths and toilets for differently abled, automatic entry/exit passenger doors
  • To ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, the Vande Bharat sleeper train will use semi-permanent couplers, similar to those used in the existing Vande Bharat chair car trains. This technology will minimize jerks and provide a more pleasant travel experience for passengers.
  • The Vande Bharat sleeper train will feature fully sealed gangways, allowing for easy movement between coaches. Passengers can expect a well-regulated air-conditioning system that maintains a comfortable temperature and a dust-free environment, much like the Vande Bharat chair car trains.
  • The exterior design of the Vande Bharat sleeper train will be inspired by the "prowess of eagles", incorporating sleek lines and a "fierce aura".
  • As a semi-high-speed offering, the Vande Bharat sleeper train will be capable of reaching speeds of up to 160 kmph, with the prototype being tested at even higher speeds of up to 180 kmph.

Vande Metro: Top Features

  • Vande Metro is a self-propelled train set, similar to the Vande Bharat Express, which means it does not require a locomotive to pull it. The main goal behind the development of the Vande Metro is to replace Mainline EMU trains and provide passengers with quicker and more comfortable travel option.
  • Vande Metro trains will utilize rapid acceleration and deceleration technology to reach a top operational speed of 130 kmph, which is much higher than the speed of current Mainline EMUs.
  • The Vande Metro trains will be fitted with contemporary designed lightweight cushioned seats, accommodating 100 seated passengers per coach, with additional standing room for 200 individuals. The lightweight car body will contribute to the train's overall efficiency and performance.
  • To begin with Vande Metro trains will have fully air-conditioned coaches. The Vande Metro trains will be equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and efficient journey for passengers seeking a premium short-distance travel experience.
  • The trains will also feature fully sealed gangways, allowing for easier movement between coaches and a dust-free environment, similar to the Vande Bharat Express.
  • Vande Metro will have lightweight aluminium luggage racks and Passenger Information Systems with LCD displays. Passengers will enjoy automatic entry and exit doors, mobile charging sockets, diffused lighting, route indicator displays, and wider panoramic sealed windows with roller blinds.
  • From a safety aspect, Vande Metro trains will come equipped with the KAVACH train anti-collision system, CCTV cameras, emergency talk-back units and automatic fire detection and alarm systems. The trains will also have modular toilets with bio-vacuum systems.
  • The number of coaches in each Vande Metro train will be either 12 or 16, depending on the demand of the specific route. According to a TOI report, railway officials have indicated that Vande Metro trains are expected to operate on various routes, including Agra-Mathura, Delhi-Rewari, Lucknow-Kanpur, Tirupati-Chennai, and Bhubaneswar-Balasore.
  • In February 2023, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw first announced the Vande Metro. Currently, two prototypes are being built at RCF Kapurthala and ICF Chennai. These prototypes will now undergo extensive testing.

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