All About Neurocore Centre

Neurocore is a brain performance Centre which emphasizes on utilizing technology to help identify and address different warning signs in patients. Based on the extensive assessment of the performance of the brain, the Centre creates a safe and custom-made package that helps in training the mind.

The assessment includes brainwave analysis using qEEG technology, heart rate, and breathing analysis among other life-threatening conditions that involve analytical tests to reveal what is happening in the brain. The unique brain atlas becomes a recommendation to developing a personalized program. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Depression is a condition that involves a wide range of symptoms such as communal segregation, nervousness, low enthusiasm, low energy levels, low self-confidence and lack of curiosity in numerous activities. Neurocore begins with a neuro-assessment to understand how the brain is functioning.

Biofeedback training is also known as HRV training enables patients to learn how to breathe deeper and gentler to maximize the heart function and allowing adequate flow of blood and oxygen throughout the brain and the entire body. The first minutes of every session involve breathing improvements and getting immediate feedback from of the Heart Variability Training.

Biofeedback training helps in reducing stress, reducing blood pressure levels, increasing energy levels. Improving mood and improving the cognitive and memory performance. Neurocore is having a great impact on people’s lives based on the evidence that has been gathered over the years.


Neurofeedback Training involves watching a movie for 30 or 40 minutes. Each session is hooked up with EEG equipment that plays when the brain is operating within the therapeutic range. The video pauses when the machine goes out of scope; this tells the patient that something is out of stability. The brain learns to stop operating out of range.

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This kind of training improves focus and attention, increase energy level and enhance the value of sleep. It also helps in reducing stress and anxiety, improve attitude and also reduce the occurrence and strength of headaches and migraines. The entire process helps in identifying conditions that may affect the brain. These factors set Neurocore apart from the competition and make the center critical.