William Saito Success In Technology

Born on March 23rd, 1971, William Saito is an American-Japanese businessman and former advisor to the Japanese government on matters of cybersecurity. He got involved in the technological world at a tender age. At the age of ten, he got an internship in computer programming at a stock brokerage firm. He founded a tech firm while in college which he operated from his dormitory room. The company grew to become influential in the software industry with technologies such as the fingerprint authentication. I/O Software Company continued to excel and in 1998, Saito was selected as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. He later sold the company to Microsoft. Saito has produced a book that details his struggles of developing a technological company in the eighties when personal computers started to develop.

Developing interest in the tech world

William Saito was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and at a time when the technological world was revolutionizing due to the advent of personal computers. He became fascinated with the technology at a tender age and his math teachers recommended him to get a personal computer to sharpen his math and science skills. In his book, he indicates that he always had an engineering mind while growing up and got interested in knowing how gadgets worked. During the seventies and eighties, computers were transitioning from mainframe to personal computers. Early personal computers were less complicated but very expensive. As recommended by his teacher, his parents purchased a personal computer worth five thousand dollars. The computer helped him develop the interest of the computing technology. While in high school he was offered an internship in computer programming at Merrill Lynch.

Venturing into technology industry

According to Saito, the connection between people brought by the internet was intriguing. Bulletin-Board-Systems technology enabled people to connect with one another across the world. Saito’s exploration into the computing world began when he started working with various Japanese companies as a translator. While still in college, he started developing software that became prominent in the computing industry. He was approached by many companies prompting him to team up with college friends to start the I/O software Inc.