Wikipedia’s Safeguards Makes It Impossible To Defend Yourself Against Marion Cotillard-type Attacks Without Help

Information spread like wildfire these days. The Internet can carry information all the way around the globe before you can even blink, whether or not that information is even true. And once something goes up on the Internet, it is there forever. There’s somebody out there taking a screenshot of it and another person that will make a Wikipedia page about it. The Internet can grow with the correct information or damaging misinformation if you let it.

Take the most recent case of the love triangle between Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Marion Cotillard. News of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce zapped across the Internet like lightning. Social networks lit up with activity and a flurry of comments and nasty Wikipedia revisions were made, mostly negative about Marion Cotillard. The 40-year-old French actress is currently costarring in the movie Allied with Brad Pitt. Speculation was rampant that the two costars were having affairs without the knowledge or consent of their loved ones back home.

In this case, the lesser-known French actress became the target of scrutiny. Wikipedia editors sympathetic to Angelina Jolie immediately went to her Wikipedia page to make edits. These damaging edits are now immortal on the Internet and have done serious damage to the French actresses image. These Wiki edits were small but they created a huge ripple effect on the Internet, making click-bait headlines in every corner of the world. The changes were made to the actresses occupation on the Wikipedia page, listing her job as a “cheater”. Screenshots were taken and articles were written.

But by the time the first articles came out, another edit was made. After the vigilant Wikipedia community erased the cheater occupation, another one popped up. This time it listed her job as the reason that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up. Screenshots were taken again and more articles were written in the defamation of Marion Cotillard’s name.

If you are worried about similar unfair treatment on the Internet when it comes to your image, it is in your best interest to hire Wikipedia experts. It’s called getting your own wiki and it is something you cannot do on your own. The encyclopedia website forbids anybody from editing a page about themselves. That’s why it is important to hire Wikipedia writers that will not only create a superb page full of information that you like, they will defend it against the kind of unfair attacks that Marion Cotillard suffered.