Whitney Wolfe Opens Bumble Headquarters

The temperature is well over one hundred degrees. The location is Austin, Texas. This is the day Bumble will settle into its new headquarters. Nestled in a residential neighborhood, the passerbys are numerous in the sweltering August heat. Whitney Wolfe of course has planned a grand opening of her tech company. Artists cover the roof with sunflowers. The walls are decorated with thousands of balloons are pastel colored. A gumball machine would be the comparison of this building. The d├ęcor is so attractive the people are coming to use this as the background of their selfies. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at Wikipedia

Whitney Wolfe has employed a seventy member team to push Bumble forward in the challenging world of running a dating app company. Eight out of ten employees are women who are in the top positions at the company. Posters and signs across the building’s campus suggest quotes and sayings that speak to the inner woman and female boss. Whitney Wolfe is a savvy marketing expert too. When her company gives out yellow sweaters at events the iconic Bumble honeycomb logo appears on the front of the shirt. She makes sure her brand is memorable and remarkable as one the only female centric dating app company in the world.

The yellow bee theme is not accident. Even the honeycomb logo goes right along with her messaging. The app sports the bee theme. The design of the building supports it. Thirty million members are also familiar with this bee. They see it pretty often. Since, being a part of Bumble requires a user to right swipe the opposite sex’s profile. The woman is required to send her message first. If not, the connection is then cancelled. This offers women the opportunity to make the move first. This is exactly what Whitney Wolfe has always believed the dating industry was lacking. She has also took a stand against sending photos that include weaponry. She is a huge proponent of making it illegal for male genitalia photos to be sent that was not first solicited. All of this is in an effort to end the misogyny in society.

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