Wes Edens; Leading Fortress through Excellent Leadership Skills

Wes Edens; Leading Fortress through Excellent Leadership Skills

Fortress Investment Group was established by three major principals who are well-versed with the asset management sector. Based in New York, the firm was established in 1998 and by 2007, it had launched on the New York Stock Exchange. Around the same year, the company was declared a publically traded firm. Around June, it was managing about $70 billion in private equity, credit funds as well as hedge funds. The success of Fortress Investment Group is owed to Wes Edens, one of the co-founders.

A Look at Wes Edens

Wes Edens was born in 1961. Currently residing in New York, he has accomplished a lot in terms of growing Fortress Investment Group. For starters, he is the man behind the major operations of the bank. Besides, he has always worked with his team to oversee the management of the firm by incorporating different ideas to fit into the needs of his clients. For Wes Edens, clients come first and although the company needs to make profits, it is crucial for the management to treat clients in the most respected manner.


Forming Fortress Investment Group was an idea born from wanting to cater for the financial needs of his clients. Before that, he was a student at the Oregon State University where he majored in business administration as well as finance. After graduation, he joined the career industry and focused on private equity investment as well as hedge fund management. During one of his career explorations, Edens decided to partner with a prominent business mogul in order to purchase Milwaukee Bucks, a prominent sports team.


Besides that, Edens holds several executive positions in different organizations including in Newcastle Investment Holdings where he serves as the CEO. In addition, he sits at the board of trustees in Ski as well as Snowboard Team Foundation. Other additional leadership roles he has include;

  • Being the co-chairman of Fortress Credit Corporation
  • Being the chairman of Drive Shack Inc
  • Being the chairman of Florida East Coast Holdings.

Besides serving in all those capacities, Edens is affiliated with many companies. For instance, he spent the earliest part of his career at Lehman Brothers serving as managing director. His roles encompassed overseeing the management of the firm and making sure that all the goals are acquired accordingly. Later on, he joined the private equity division of BlackRock and served as the managing director, always overseeing the operations of the firm. Edens has been a business leader for many years. That is why even with the ongoing reshuffling in leadership, he has still retained his position.