Vincent Parascandola’s Resume Exudes His Massive Business Leadership Capabilities

Vincent Parascandola is a renowned financial management specialist, operating in the Greater New York City Area. He is highly skilled in matters of finance, asset management, estate planning, and life insurance strategies among others. Vincent is a revered alumnus of Lubin School of Business at the Pace University. He graduated with a degree course in computer science.

Career Journey

Vincent Parascandola’s career journey kicked off in 1986 at Irving Trust Company. He was a Systems Analyst at the firm for two years. He then moved to Prudential Insurance for another two years before joining The MONY Group. His stay at The MONY Group started in 1990 as a Financial Professional. His tenure at the firm was marked by a quick to rise to the rank of a sales manager and later the managing director. His last position at the organization was that of the Field Vice President. His exit was in May 2015 when an opening beckoned at AXA Equitable. He started off as an Executive Vice President and then rose to head the Advantage Group as the President of the division. In 2009, Vincent was appointed as the President for the Northern Division, a position he held for a year. His exemplary work through the years led him to be entrusted with more responsibilities as the President of the Continental Division. Vincent was put in charge of AXA Advisors Northeastern branches. He would oversee the Hawaii and California offices as well. Vincent’s would give guidance in the areas of sales, recruitments, and training as well as the overall operations and management. He rose yet again to head a bigger scope of the Continental Division as the chief sales officer and president.

Current Position and Awards

Vincent Parascandola has been the senior general manager responsible for AXA US for almost three years now. He is mandated to drive the firm’s overall growth and development. He is also in charge of all financial professionals in the Central New Jersey region. He offers his guidance to the staff with the aim of reaching their full potential and increase sales. Under his supervision, the company has marked tremendous growth. His excellent performance has led him to earn several accolades including the GAMA Career Development Award.