Vijay Eswaran: The Man Who Believed In His Multi Million Doller Idea When No One Else Would

Vijay Eswaran is someone who is known for being a man of great success. He is one of the wealthiest people in Asia and has lived through the years of a classic rag to riches story. He has worked through hardships and has made his way to the top through sheer determination and drove to be the best that he can be. His success within the fields that he has worked in have only been possible because of the work that he had put in.

Vijay Eswaran started out as a taxi driver in Malaysia. His family did not have much to their name, and Eswaran was struggling to make ends meet. His financial situation was not the best, but he woke up every day with a smile on his face, ready to put his best foot forward, no matter what he did. Even while driving around the city, his entrepreneurial spirit could not be oppressed. He would continuously think of business ideas that he could implement, and company ideas that he could work through and bring to the general public.

One idea in particular that Eswaran had and was working towards was a company that specialized in online direct marketing. At the time, the internet was only emerging, and online marketing was practically unheard of. Personalized marketing had always been one of the routes that companies take to reach customers, and he had faith in the implementation of this concept, only in the digital world. However, since he had this idea in the 1990s, no one believed Eswaran when he said that this would be the new way to market products to large audiences. In spite of the skepticism that surrounded his ideas that he was implementing, he decided to pursue this idea.

Eswaran believes that the only reason the idea was able to come to life was his belief in it. If he had listed to the people who said that the company would not grow, he would have never become the well-reputed name that he is today. He built QI Group of Companies from the ground up and made it the well-known name that it is today.

Because of what an early start Eswaran got into the world of digital direct marketing, the company was able to grab the attention of big companies who wanted to take on this medium. The company stood out for being one of the first within this sector, and Eswaran pushed his ideas for the development of the company to take it to the next level.