Tony Petrello Gives Aid To Hurricane Harvey Families Through Nabors Fund

This last fall, Houston mega corporation Nabors Industries truly did become a good neighbor to people in Houston who suffered from the damages of Hurricane Harvey. When the hurricane hit and inflicted massive damages on the Texas coast, Nabors Industries’ workers pitched in both money and manpower to help out. CEO Anthony Petrello not only told company employees that they would get paid for their volunteer efforts with the cleanup, but also pitched in a $173,622 contribution to match a fundraiser Nabors had hosted. Petrello has believed in doing all he can to support the Houston community not only during disasters, but also during the good times.

Tony Petrello has been at his position as CEO and Chairman of Nabors Industries since taking over in 2011. He first came there in 1991 because of his financial expertise and experience dealing with corporate law, and his leadership has helped lead to technology initiatives and the building up of some of the world’s top oil rig equipment. Tony Petrello got both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in advanced mathematics from Yale back in the 1970s, and then attended law school at Harvard where he complete his JD prior to going into the field. He served a lot of top Wall Street clients while practicing law at Baker & McKenzie for over a decade, and he even became a partner at the firm halfway through his tenure. He resigned from the firm after seeing the opportunity that the Nabors Industries Board of Directors presented to him, and in 2013 he made news by becoming the highest paid CEO in the nation.

One of the most touching stories in Tony Petrello’s life is what he’s done for the Texas Children’s Hospital where he’s given to research in neurology and become part of an effort to help cure children with brain diseases. He and his wife Cynthia have a young girl named Carena who has needed special care because she has cerebral palsy, the result of being born with periventricular leukomalacia. When told by the nation’s top physicians that there was no cure for CP, Tony Petrello made a pledge that he would do all he could to fund research in that field. He got to know Dan and Jan Duncan, a couple who had begun a foundation at the Texas Children’s Hospital, and as part of a fundraising event to benefit foundation the Petrellos made a $7 million contribution which went to the neurology institute there. Tony Petrello not only made that donation for his daughter, but said he hopes to inspire other CEOs and executives to see the importance of this field.

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