The Rise of EOS

For many decades, the lip balm industry had seen little change. Chapstick, with their famous cylinder tube, ruled the aisles. Even though this product was popular, many consumers would say that this product was boring. Roughly ten years ago, planning began to change all of this.

EOS, Evolution of Smooth, is the company that brought us the orb-shaped lip balm. These have taken the world by storm and are a favorite among many celebrities. EOS has been in business for seven years, and they have risen to second place in the industry. The road to the top was not easy and, a lot of work was done to get there.

Before starting on any production, research was done. EOS lip balm researched their customer base and wanted to know more about the industry. They found that mostly women bought lip balm and, that they were not thrilled with the current choices. This was about to change.

After hearing what the customers wanted, a clay artist was brought in to help shape the new product. The orb was the chosen product because it was easy to find at the bottom of a purse and, it fit nicely in the palm of a hand.

The ingredients used in the orbs lip balm are all organic and natural. The trend for many personal products are to use organic and all-natural products, and EOS followed suit. EOS offers many choices for flavors of their lip balms as well.

Once EOS was able to get certain stores such as Well and Walmart to agree to put their orbs on the shelves, online stores Amazon and eBay( soon followed, it was not long before people started to notice. Magazines and celebrities raved over these products and the public followed suit. EOS has grown to sell over 1 million units a week and is not showing signs of stopping.