With the advancement in technology, the entire world is going digital. The digital platform is revolutionising the market sector. Leading to the creation of cryptocurrency, that has taken the world to a whole new level in almost every other industry thus reducing and hence virtual removal of the physical currencies that are used for transaction purposes. According to Malcolm CasSlle. Thus cryptocurrency will lead the world in doing business in a whole new set up.

Companies are ever changing, to incorporate and have their space in the ever dynamic world of cryptocurrency to remain up rest if they have to remain for posterity purposes. World Wide eXchange is one such company that is taking the lead in the globe with the crypto era that we are in with the creation of virtual assets that can be traded in the entire globe. Malcolm is the president of WAX (World Wide eXchange).

Malcolm CasSelle is sure of the fact that, the platform while taking its rightful place in the marketplace, as is required thus having it in entirely all the platforms. Malcolm CasSelle is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate and a degree in computer science from Stanford University thus his broad knowledge base is of great importance in the sector and having expertise in the area.

Malcolm CasSelle as the president of WAX is helped by other in running the company. The Chief Executive Officer of WAX is William Quigley. The design of the platform is of great importance hence the need for a designer who is John Brechsci and Jonathan Yanthus is the COO of the company.

WAX is the number one bitcoin merchant on the platform in the world leveraging on its large market size and user demand of protocol since it is based in different countries to enable greater connectivity for a large market base.

The entire system is meant to aid in connect buyers and sellers with minimisation of fraud thus the system is secure to be dependable as its supported by blockchain which assists in tokenising and removal of the geographical separation as it operates on a platform that is run by algorithm hence efficient, flexible and faster.