The Journey of Arthur Becker to Success

In a report by Curbed, from 2003 to 2010, Arthur Becker was the Chief Executive Officer NaviSite, a NASDAQ quoted firm specializing in providing technological services. The firm provided cloud-based tech services to the enterprise market. When he left NaviSite, Arthur founded Madison Partners, LLC, and a real estate company focusing on development of housing projects in Florida, Miami and Ney York City. The entrepreneur was inspired by his previous experience of working closely with NaviSite and Vera Wang Fashion. Arthur earns money through investment in real estate properties where he redevelops them, then sells or leases them. Through selling or leasing his properties, Arthur earns RIO.

How Arthur Becker Achieved his Success

During the interview with Inspirery Arthur explained that he was lucky to enter the market at the right time. That helped him to be successful. However, the entrepreneur stated that hard work is the key to success of any business. Entrepreneurs who venture into the business world should not wait to achieve anything if they do not work hard, according to Mr. Becker. His most satisfying moment happened after his initial private investment was successful and was rewarded for it.

Career History of Arthur Becker

Currently, Arthur Becker is a member of management team at Madison Partners, LLC, a real estate investment firm. The company specializes in development of townhouses for different categories of people. The strategy of Madison Partners is to buy, renovate and later sell or lease the properties. Formerly Mr. Becker served as the CEO and Chairman of Zinio, LLC from 2012 to 2015. Before he joined Zinio, Arthur was the CEO of NaviSite, a tech provider based in both the United States and UK. Also, the company had offices in India.

Prior to joining NaviSite, Arthur Becker was a senior advisor and partner at Vera Wang Fashion. He served at the company for seven years and learned various fashion and design techniques which later turned to be useful when he ventured into the private business. Since he joined the private venture segment, Arthur has revealed his potential to achieve great success and also help other emerging and potential entrepreneurs to follow his path.

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