The Important Work of Eric Lefkofsky

The co-founder of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky, is moving on to bigger and more important things. Lefkofsky is a Chicago based entrepreneur who has been focused on data analytics for the majority of his career. It has led him to focus on companies like Groupon and concepts like Accelerated Disruption. Now, Lefkofsky is focusing his work on combining the two concepts to craft his biggest endeavor yet: Tempus.

Tempus is likely the most important work that Lefkofsky is going to approach in his career and it is due solely to the reason that it can fundamentally change lives. Tempus is an operating system that has been developed to work alongside electronic medical records. The goal of Tempus is to create an overlay for electronic medical records (EMR) that makes them more accessible and usable for medical professionals. The result of a successful implementation of Tempus is as simple as it is staggering: results, real results, will start to come to fruition in the realm of cancer research.

Now, Eric Lefkofsky has always approached his career as an entrepreneur with one simple concept in mind: find a problem and then craft the solution. Lefkofsky does not create for the sake of creating. Though he does admit to getting lost in his fantasy worlds of solving EVERY problem, Lefkofsky knows that targeted work can be the only successful path in the tech world and more information click here.

For Lefkofsky, Tempus is an ideal solution to a problem that has saturated and slowed down the entire health care world. While much of the United States focuses on health care insurance, Lefkofsky is focused on health care solutions. Cancer research is notoriously fickle due to the fact that every body reacts to medications at least a little bit differently. That means a drug like Herceptin may work in 40% of applications while completely doing nothing for the other 60%. Tempus, as it turns out, is a chance for us to figure out WHY this is the case.

If Lefkofsky is successful implementing Tempus at anything near a national level then he might go down as one of the most important entrepreneurs around and what Eric knows.

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