The Great Contributions of Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Prostate cancer is one of the most common diseases in men, and due to the rising cases of men contracting the conditions, some organizations have come together to offer screening services to the individuals for early detection of the severe diseases. The National Football League Association (NFLA), Cancer Treatment Centers of America, (CTCA) and LabCorp are among the three major organizations that have teamed up to create awareness among men concerning prostate cancer. The three agencies look forward to offering their educative programs to men aged between forty and more years, as they are more prone to contracting the disease as compared to those in their early years.

Beginning the month of September onwards, the first two thousand men who meet all the requirements of the firms will receive free prostate cancer screenings which are highly technologized and rely on Prostate Specific Antigen, which the partner organization LabCorp will use to diagnose the disease.

Cancer Treatment Centre of America was founded in 1988 and entails a vast number of highly skilled cancer experts who provide services to all individuals suffering from the disease all under one roof. The firm has always relied on a personalized, patient centered approach to cancer care and aims at offering the highest quality and the most effective services to their patients.

Cancer Treatment Centers in America is dedicated to tailoring a combination of cancer treatments to ensure that the needs of each of their clients are well addressed and attended to by their cancer experts. The firm has always relied on the use of a systematic approach towards treatment of their patient’s diseases, which range from diagnosis, treatment, and therapy. The five hospitals that the firm has established across the broader parts of the country have marked a significant growth with a vast number of individuals seeking their services.

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