The Chainsmokers Star Continues To Shine Bright in 2018

This year is undoubtedly going to be a fantastic year for The Chainsmokers’ career. The DJ/Production met in 2012 when Alex Pall was introduced to Andrew Taggart by Adam Alpert, their current manager. Initially, the duo focused on creating electronic beats and remixing Indian bands. They made electronic beats and solicited the services of vocalists and songwriters to portray the emotional aspect in their music. The Chainsmokers released more singles like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” that enjoyed massive airplay and success.

In July 2016, The Chainsmokers released a song called “Closer.” They featured singer Halsey and Taggart on the vocals. This was a first time for the DJ duo and the song topped local and international music charts. After the release of the song, Alex and Taggart spoke to Interview Magazine and Pall said that this new style and identity would change their live performances and they would now incorporate live music performance shows and their DJ shows to give their fans new and exciting experiences.

This year, The Chainsmokers have proved to be unstoppable from dropping radio hits, energetic live performances to winning awards. They are currently working on their second album which features songs like “Sick Boy’ released in January, ‘You Owe Me” that was put out in February, Everybody Hates Me” and “Somebody.” All the songs have been received well globally.

At this year’s Billboard Music Awards, The Chainsmokers were celebrated as the number one electronic/dance artist. Earlier in the night before receiving this award, the DJ duo together with Halsey was accorded the chance to pay tribute to Avicii a pioneer dance music DJ and artist that passed away on 20th April this year. They showered him with praise for being a trendsetter and inspiration to the electronic dance music fans and artists. Halsey urged everyone to show love and encourage friends and family members who were troubled by mental disorders. She added that Avicii was a happy person and everyone enjoyed working with him. Later in the night when receiving their award, the duo dedicated it to Avicii for being an inspiration to them.