Securus Technologies is Helping to Change American Prison Security

Securus is a great technology company that works closely with the prison system. This organization provides state-of-the-art computer and electronic equipment to help secure correctional facilities and law enforcement areas. This company also provides inmate communication systems so that the family members and spouses of incarcerated felons can keep in touch with their loved ones.


Securus first began in 1986. At the time this organization serviced the prison industry by setting up land-line phone service. Now, their services have extended to include computerized video calls and digital communications. Prisoners can talk to family members at a competitive rate and even see them while they speak. This was not possible in the past but is a reality in today’s age.


Many prison guards enjoy Securus technology because it helps to keep them safer while doing their jobs. When technology becomes more sophisticated for members of regular society; people behind bars also improve their technology position as well. This is why smartphones are common behind bars. Securus uses the Syscon Justice System to detect prisoner owned smartphones. This tool helps to keep this form of contraband from overrunning the prison area.


Throughout the years, Securus Technologies have worked hard to ensure that correction guards are safe. They have camera systems, microphone installations and ID equipment which are all used to keep law enforcement personnel protected while on the job. This technology is also good at preventing crimes as well. Securus Technologies is a first rate communications provider for prisoners everywhere.