Securus Technologies, Doing Great Things

Securus Technologies is a popular prison technology company. Securus was founded in 1986 and it is located in Dallas, Texas. Securus also has offices in Atlanta Georgia, and Allen, Texas. They have technology contracts with over 2,000 jails and prisons throughout the United States and even Canada. The CEO of the company is Richard Falcone. He has been the president of the company since 2008. Securus is a good sized company. It is the home to an estimated 1,000 employees.


Securus is an important phone technology service to have. They service detectives, inmates, and inmates families. Without Securus many people wouldn’t be able to communicate with their loved ones who happen to be incarcerated. over 1,200,000 inmates used Securus’ services every day. Some of Securus’ other services also include providing emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management,and monitoring products. Securus does a great job with all of their services. Recently, many people came together to express to Securus how thankful they were for their great works!


The amazing thing about Securus is that their hard work has been helping law enforcement solve and prevent crime from happening. They have helped by monitoring criminals phone conversations that were incriminating. After using Securus’ monitoring tools, the officers were able to arrest the suspect. Securus has also been recognized for preventing others from being harassed. They have great investigating tools in general. Just by always monitoring all calls from inmates in facilities, they have been able to stop crime. Securus is one of the factors that makes law enforcement job’s easier. Many people all around the world appreciates their services.