Securus Technologies Challenges GTL To Prove Themselves

If you a frequent reader of the correctional departments news, you will not miss articles on Securus Technologies. Almost every week, you will find an article pertaining t the great services that are offered by the company. If not, you will find GTL trying to attack the company. Rarely will you find negative reviews from Securus’ clients. So you wonder why another company in the industry would be attacking them. If you thought insecurity, you are right.


Securus seems to have outdone itself when it comes to delivering excellence. This BBB accredited technology provider has always been ahead of its industry’s game, in terms of technology and delivering unmatched value in their services. Securus recently challenged GTL to be in competition where a neutral judge would decide who among the two companies was the best. According to the press release posted on PR Newswire, Securus boss challenged GTL to join the competition if they really think that their services can be matched to Securus.


Rick commented that they would never be on the same lane. Having invested over $700 in their customer service during the last four years, GTL wouldn’t even fathom the idea of being in a judged competition with them. Securus beats GTL 10-nil, not only in customer service but also in the number od services held under their portfolio. And, to give their clients the best experience, they train their own staff, rather than subcontracting which is what GTL does.


About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers for the correctional facilities. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus has a very large market share in North America. They provide services such as video visitation and helping correctional departments prevent and solve crimes. Today they boast of over 3,000 correctional facilities using their services.