Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Award For 2018

Robert Ivy is an accomplished writer and leader in the field of architecture. He has been a professional for many years. His experience in this industry has allowed him to become a key leader among the professionals in this field.

He has even been given the mandate to lead the largest organization of architects in the United States known as American Institute of Architects (AIA). Ivy holds the position of executive vice president and CEO of the organization.

Ivy has helped in protecting the welfare of this organization, which is the main reason why he was appointed to hold this position. He has acted as a leader should always do- leading his group in such a way that they can enjoy the fruits of their expertise. Ivy has acted as a father-figure in the organization. Due to his experience, he gives wise counsel to young architects on how they should approach the industry.

He worked for Architectural Record before he was appointed at AIA. The architectural publication became very popular for containing valuable information about the industry when Ivy was the editor in Chief. He made it the leading publication in the country and even won the National Magazine for General Excellence award.

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In 2011, Robert Ivy, who hails from Mississippi was appointed CEO of AIA. His motivation for excellence continued even in the new position. Among the steps, he has taken since he joined leadership is to ensure that architects are updated on the newest trend in the industry.

In June 2018, Robert Ivy was recognized for the positive impact he had created in the architectural industry. He was honored by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Awards.

The Polk award is given to a person who has spent their career time promoting art. It is the first time that this award went to an architect. Only personalities who have roots in Mississippi are recognized. It is a way of showing gratitude to those who come from this region and are representing the region in the national and global map. Robert Ivy was recognized for bringing architecture close to the Americans.

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