Rick Smith and the Success of His Company

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of high-tech software solutions. The company has been operational for over three decades since its founding in 1986. Its primary focus has been in the corrections industry. Securus Technologies offers a top edge civil as well as criminal justice technology solutions which enhance the public safety. Its technology solutions are robust yet simple and secure to use. Securus Technologies serves most of the public security and law enforcement & corrections agencies in North America. It has aided a lot in connecting inmates to technology.Based on the latest figures, Securus serves over 3,400 correction agencies and more than 1.2 million convicts in forty-eight states across North America. The company aims at providing public information, communication, incident management, verification, public information, information management and inmate self-service so as the world can be a safer place. The company software solutions help a lot in the processes of connecting emergency dispatcher and responders to those in need, and linking family and friends to their loved ones who are incarcerated.

It also leads correctional facility personnel to critical information and joining g the dots that aid in the investigation processes.Securus operates as a network of designers, engineers, thinkers innovating solutions and technologists. The company operates with the aid of a highly experienced team of about 1,300 associates. It is the company with the largest number of staff members in the Industry. All the products and services offered at Securus are of high quality and offer customers value for their money. Also, the company has the best customer service in the industry. Its technical support and customer call center operate on a 24/7 basis. Securus Technology has grown into a leading innovator over the years. It has over 140 patents and still working on 90 additional patents. Each year, the company records over $19 million reinvestment. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas with operational regional subsidiaries in Atlanta, Carrollton, and Allen.

Richard Smith also known as Rick is the CEO of Securus Technologies. Before becoming the CEO, he served as the President at the same company. Smith joined Securus in 2008 and has previously held several other leadership positions in various companies including Eschelon Telecom. At Eschelon, he served as the President and CEO and later on as the COO. Rick has also previously worked at Global Crossing North America.Rick who has a high experience in the telecom industry is a board member at Eschelon Telecom as well as Integra Telecom. He holds an MBA from the University of Rochester and a master’s degree in Engineering. Before his master’s accreditations, he had attained a BS in Electrical Engineering degree at State University of New York at Buffalo. Rick also holds an Associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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