Richard Dwayne Blair is an Expert Financial Planner at Wealth Solutions

Richard Dwayne Blair has a highly developed financial acumen that serves his clients well in his leading role at the company he founded called Wealth Solutions. He is an expert in the realm of wealth management and retirement planning and helps his customers attain a solid financial path in these regards. He serves in the greater Austin, Tx. area and its surroundings with an energetic community spirit.

Blair’s Three Pillars system provides a detailed framework for the financial lives of his clients. His approach is comprehensive in nature and specifically hones in on the most relevant principles that drive successful retirements and wealth management. He knows that life is a journey and financial needs change over time and this is incorporated into his methods as well.

A financial roadmap offers a clear plan for clients going forward and forms the First Pillar. Blair uses his expertise to fashion a custom plan for his clients that takes into account their particular circumstances. He helps them identify likely areas of growth opportunities that are in step with their risk tolerance. As he ascertains their financial goals he is also building a strong relationship with them.

Long range investing happens to be the Second Pillar and it is a critical component of financial planning. Richard Dwayne Blair helps his clients build winning portfolios in accordance with their goals and needs for liquidity. Furthermore, he is an active manager which helps them realize better performance when market conditions are right.

Careful monitoring of his clients’ portfolios undergird the Third Pillar and he regularly does this. Comparisons to investment models, historical market data, and the clients own expectations comprise this phase.

Richard Dwayne Blair has observed up close the power of teachers who have a passion for education. The teachers in his own family have inspired him to take the same approach to his career as he instructs his clients on important financial principles.

The desire to make a positive difference in the lives of members of his community is also a driving force for Blair. The chance to help individuals, small business owners, and families provide great motivation for him.