Randal Nardone: Self-made Billionaire and Leader

There is much to be said about Randal Nardone. He has spent his life pursuing many dreams and committing himself to each one. He is an extremely successful lawyer turned businessman and he is a force to be reckoned with. This is because Randal Nardone is a self-made billionaire. He is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the company Fortress Investment Group. He and a few of his partners and friends founded the company in 1998 and it has since doubled in size. Randal took over its management very recently in the year 2013. As the CEO, he oversees all financial and legal matters within the company. Randal is constantly looking for ways to improve the company and provide better business to his customers. He believes success stems from partnering with successful people and working towards similar goals. He is driven and never backs down from a challenge. While he is a CEO for Fortress Investment Group, he also serves as a president, vice president and director for several other companies including Newcastle Investment Holdings Corporation, Fortress Macro Advisors Incorporated, and Impac Commercial Holdings Incorporated.

Holding several high management positions at a plethora of different companies at once requires a great deal of dedication and a sacrifice of Randal’s time. He enjoys it though and it has definitely paid off for him in the end. His worth increases daily as his companies grow and expand. Randal continues to find new ways to invest his money and time to each company. On working at Fortress Investment Group, Randal’s employees talk fondly about their time employed there. Some speak about how the employees were always more than happy to help the interns. Some talk about how the productivity there is always set at a high bar and deadlines are always met. Work gets done at a rapid pace and everyone is friendly. It is a high energy firm that takes cares of its workers with great benefits and decent pay for reasonable hours.

There is a lot of praise of CEO Randal Nardone and the dedication he provides to his employees. His expertise and desire to take care of the people working below him is something that is noticed by all employees and they are extremely grateful for this. Before working at Fortress Investment Group, Randal worked as a management director at the Union Bank of Switzerland. He also worked at the law firm of Thacher Proffitt and Wood and at Blackrock Financial Management. Randal currently ranks number 557 on the Forbes Billionaire List His net worth is 1.8 billion dollars. Randal is wealthy and experienced, but on the other hand, he is also extremely educated. He attended college at the University of Connecticut. He also attended the Boston University School of Law. He has proven his reliability over and over again and has taken on many roles where his leadership led the company out of deep water and financial ruin. Today, Randal Nardone resides in New York where his company is located. He lives with his wife and they have one child together.