Hiring a Lawyer in Brazil

It is imperative that you select the most ideal attorney for your legal situation. There are may be many legal representatives that specialize in the area of law you need help with, but not all of them will be a perfect fit for your needs.


Legal advisers will often offer a free or very inexpensive consultation to examine the details of your situation and give you an opportunity to ask some basic issues about the law firm. This appointment should not only help you make a decision whether to go forward with a legal representative in general, but also whether you should proceed with this lawyer or attorney. If you later decide to hire the legal representative, you will go into a more detailed assessment of your case and ask more specific issues along the way.


Generally speaking, you’ll really want to have a list of issues in mind to ask during the appointment. Also, you should feel comfortable enough making inquiries that relate to the legal representative’s expertise, experience, fees, very special knowledge, and management of the case Before meeting with a legal counsel, go over your situation and make notes about the difficulties you want to discuss. Gather all of the relevant documents to present to the lawyer. This will make it easy for you to present your legal case in the most organized manner possible. By having this information with you will also be able to focus on assessing the legal representative’s response to your questions and your issues.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a leading legal expert in Brazil, with vast experience in Brazilian Law. He comes highly recommended in the legal community due to his high success record. Ricardo Tosto has given quality legal services for more than 22 years to both corporations and individual clients. And he has handled some of the most complicated litigation matters in the country.


Ricardo is a caring person who dedicates tremendous time and effort towards his clients’ cases. He takes the time to review his clients’ situation, including the nature of their business and then devises the most appropriate litigation strategy.

Makari Skin Cream Will Solve A Skin Crisis

Women who are having a skin crisis must begin using Makari skin cream as soon as possible. They will find the cream to be quite helpful, and they will enjoy the way it feels when they are applying it to their skin. This article explains how a woman may moisturize and treat dark skin blotches with one product.

#1: How Long Does The Skin Lightening Process Last?

There are quite a few different people who have dark blotches they wish to eliminate. They may have tanned too much, or they may have peeling skin that was discolored due to damage to the upper layers. Makari skin cream will solve the problem for every lady, and she will feel much better about herself when her skin has been repaired.

#2: Women May Use It Night And Day

Makari skin cream is a lovely product that will help women when they have no other options for changing their skin tone. They may wear the cream in the morning as part of their makeup routine, or they may wear it at night after they shower. They have several options when using the cream, and they will see instant results once they begin using the cream on a daily basis.

A woman who wishes to ensure her skin will look perfect must use Makari.com products as often as possible. She will feel her skin begin to change, and she will see dark patches become light in a way they have not been for some time.

UK Vintners List The Wines You Should Go For This Holidays

Picking the best wine to enjoy these holidays has never been any easier. Thanks to the UK Vintners (UKV PLC), you can pick any one of the best five wines that the company lined up. UKV PLC is a wine distributor that is well networked, and works together with numerous wine dealers. The company acquires the finest of wines, sampled by chosen wine experts, and distributes them for consumption.

Here is a look at the top wines UK Vintners recommends for the holidays:

– Beychevelle from 2008

The Saint-Julien appellation rarely disappoints with its wine brands, and the Beychevelle is an example of their masterpieces. The wine has been kept fruity and soft as you would want it to be. Small amounts of raspberry and cranberry have been added to bring the taste out.

– D’Yquem 2009

The Chateau d’Yquem winery in France boasts over 400 years of experience in wine making. This 2009 bottle of white wine was made by the winery. It promises a sweet flavor got after carefully mixing honey with apricot, among many other spices.

– Montrose 1998

Celebrate this New Year’s Eve in style with a 1998 bottle of Montrose. Made using Merlot grapes and black cherry aromas, the wine is great for any occasion this holidays.

– Ducru Beaucaillou

Get yourself a 2005 bottle of this wine and enjoy what the Saint-Julien appellation has to offer. Its deep purple color makes it stand out. Its aged flavor is also irresistible.

– Pichon Baron 1998

Small amounts of sweet toast oak, black currants, and charcoal have been blended together and mixed with other ingredients to bring out a fine flavor. The acid content of the fruits has been greatly reduced. Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon have also been added to the wine, making it fine and tasteful.


UK Vintners is a privately owned firm that solely deals with acquiring and distributing wine. The company has a committed team of wine experts that is exclusively dedicated to selecting the finest of wines from selected wineries across the world. For this reason, UK Vintners works with a wide network of wine merchants, brokers and dealers, making sure that the wine they select is up to standard.

Furthermore, UKV PLC offers brokerage services. The service is meant to help those that want to sell investment grade wine. The condition for this service is, however, that the wine is held within the laws of the UK.

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Handy Takes Painful Path to Success, and for Good Reason

In a time when other companies have been changing their business model from one of growth of one of profitability, one company made the decision to pursue a path that while painful to endure at first subsequently led them to an enviable position of being able to enjoy both. Handy, Inc. was recently profiled on the INC website with an article that chronicled their unusual approach to moving their company to a profitability position when all competitors in their category have still remained focused on large growth to penetrate as many markets as possible. The unusual strategy, the brain child of Handy co-founder and CEO Oisin Hanrahan, and one that his fellow co-founder Umang Dua and others at the top rung of the company’s ladder did not agree with at first.

The idea was simple enough, streamline the onboarding process the company used to contract with local professional cleaners to accommodate the needs of their every rising amount of bookings. They felt that they had to make the change to cut costs of several million dollars a year as they saw the possibility of further venture capital beyond their then current series C funding being limited. This was nothing to do with the company itself, but rather a trend in the VCF industry itself, where more and more VC investors are beginning to become increasingly concerned with long term sustained investment options that they are with large scale growth models.

The plan to move the onboarding process to an online and much more streamlined one by the company was a path that at first seemed doomed to fail, but perseverance and the willingness to fine tune as a they went allowed the men to take the risk and reap the rewards. This is a story that is playing out in more and more companies today that have seen the cash cow of venture capital starting to run dry in the last 12 plus months. Handy.com had been seeing the change coming since their primary competitor Homejoy had went out of business in July of 2015 after failing to raise a second round of funding. As such, they had already been developing a self-service model for customers and a self-onboarding process for cleaners, but had been delaying their rollout for the foreseeable future. The roll out of those programs much faster than expected was what led to the painful period of adjustment for the co-founders, but in the end it paid off.

Now handy is on the path to having both steady and sustainable growth, as well as ever increasing profitability. With their days of venture capital quickly receding into their rear view, there is only one thing that can be said for certain about this on-demand cleaning service, they are cleaning up more than counters and floors in their market, they are sweeping in the cash, and will be doing so for a long time.

Billy McFarland- intelligent, ingenious and creative

The intelligence that Billy McFarland used to come up with the Magnises card is remarkable. His creativity as an entrepreneur enabled him to come up with a new platform. Clients can enjoy professional networking with discounts and offers from several brands.

The experiences have been made to match the needs of every customer. The experience that comes with the Magnises card includes excellent dinners, private members only dinners, fantastic art and dinners prepared by perfect chefs.

According to recent news reports, Billy McFarland is a creative online entrepreneur. At the age of 13, he started an outsourcing company that matched designers to clients. He later went to Bucknell University in Pennsylvania to study Computer Engineering. He dropped out from the university in the first year to start a company known as Spling. Spling is an online advertising firm where Billy serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

According to INC, Billy McFarland started the Magnises card after he felt that the millennial generation was ignored. The older generation predominantly used the American Express Card. For young millennials, they had no card that could assist them to connect. Billy McFarland created the smart black card to help millennials to come together.

Billy is a top entrepreneur and executive within the United States. He is often named among the youngest people to successfully start a venture capital for his business. After creating Spling, McFarland turned his attention to millennials with the Magnises Card. The card has helped millennials receive several credit card perks.

The whole idea of the black card came about during a discussion with his friends. McFarland discussed the various offers he has received from debit card and credit card companies. The group agreed that there was a market gap for millennials. He decided to create a card that could connect millennials to other brands and companies.

The Magnises black card is different from the traditional credit card. The card comes with a community membership and perks offered by its 50 partners. In a bid to keep the card accessible, Billy McFarland and his team have made the annual fee as low as possible. All that one needs is a simple application form and a phone interview to access the card.

Securus Technologies: Video Visitation For The Holidays

Securus Technologies recently released a short clip promoting the company’s Video Visitation technology. The clip featured an incarcerated father at a viewing station in his facility connecting to his son and significant other on Christmas day.


The father was able to wake his son via video screen on Christmas day and then proceed downstairs to watch his son open the gifts he received from Santa. The father is able to watch his son play with his toys and be part of a family Christmas that the father otherwise would have missed.


Video Visitation is able to connect countless incarcerated inmates with their loved ones on everyday occasions such as; helping their child with homework, or watching a child’s school or extracurricular activity. Families can also connect with incarcerated loved ones during special celebrations and holidays.


The way Video Visitation works is the inmate can connect with loved ones via video screen kiosks located in the prison or jail system. The calling family member can schedule a time online for the video chat and will connect at that time as long as they have a smartphone, tablet, or computer with camera capabilities. The Video Visitation technology cuts down on drive time and gas money needed for a visit, parking or any other fees associated with a in person visit.


This technology is growing in popularity and will greatly help cut down on recidivism rates as the friends, family, and inmates are able to stay current in each others life and the inmate feels a sense of connection to daily events happening outside of prison life.


Securus Technologies are constantly developing and streamlining their technology to make communication between loved ones and inmates easier and safer. Located in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies services over 3400 facilities and 1,200,000 inmates across the nation. Securus specializes in emergency response, incident management, information management, investigation, biometric analysis, and inmate self service.

George Soros Continues Political Activism

George Soros is a world-renowned businessman, philanthropist, and political activist. George Soros is considered to be one of the 30 wealthiest people in the world, as well as a very influential actor in liberal politics.

George Soros has long been an activist in the political world, speaking out and fundraising for progressive political candidates. This 2016 election year was no exception, as Soros was actively involved in contributing to candidates and speaking out on their behalf. In 2016 alone, Soros committed or donated $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. Soros had somewhat scaled back his giving since the 2004 presidential election, but felt that the stakes were too high in the 2016 election, so got behind Clinton in a powerful way. Soros, who has known Clinton for over 25 years, donated to a number of super PACs supporting Clinton, including Priorities USA Action, American Bridge 21st Century, and Immigrant Voters Win, among others.

Following the election of Donald Trump, Soros and other liberal donors gathered in Washington for a conference on devising ways to fight Donald Trump. The meeting was sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club, and was attended by a range of liberal leaders, including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Keith Ellison. At this meeting, Soros participated in a “conversation with George Soros” session, during which he discussed his experiences living through the Holocaust and communism in the Soviet Union.

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George Soros rises again

Soros was born in Hungary and lived there as a Jew during the Nazi occupation. As a result of this experience, George Soros has spent much of his career working to promote open societies, even founding the “Open Society Institute,” which financially supports civil society groups around the world that focus on advancing justice, education, public health and independent media. The dialogue with Soros at this closed-door meeting was intended to discuss these open societies and how the freedoms these open societies enjoy are now being threatened in the United States, according to Soros.

In addition to helping the Clinton campaign, George Soros also used is influence in other political races this year. For example, he gave $2 million to one group’s effort to defeat Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a conservative. This was his largest donation this year to a local race, and his first donation in a race for a sheriff’s seat. Soros got involved in this race because of the implications it would have on immigration reform, as well as criminal justice reform.

Soros also gave millions of dollars to local prosecutor races throughout the country, in hopes of electing new prosecutors who support criminal justice reforms. For example, he gave over $1 million for a district attorney race in Houston’s Harris County. He also gave $1.5 million to unseat a sitting district attorney outside of Denver. Additionally, he spent over $1 million against a Republican district attorney in Arizona.

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Bruce Levenson Is Trying To Sue For Damages Against Atlanta Hawk’s Former Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson is taking the Atlanta Hawks former insurance company, AIG to task over an issue regarding the sale of the team and buyout of Danny Ferry’s contract according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This issue arose after Levenson sold his share of the franchise, along with Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) in 2015 to Tony Ressler’s group. AHBE had bought out Ferry, the former general manager’s contract and in doing so claimed that they were covered under the current insurance policy to file for a claim. AIG has refused thus far to pay out any damages or compensation to AHBE and Levenson, even though AHBE’s attorneys say they were obligated to do so. This case has now gone to court where it could be in for a long hearing.

Bruce Levenson is quite an accomplished figure both as an NBA owner, and a businessman. He spent much of his career in journalism going all the way back to his days at the Washington Star, the now defunct paper he worked for while attending American University. He and his friend, Ed Peskowitz started their own publication business in 1977, and that company soon became Unified Communications Group (UCG), the publisher of many industry newsletters and publications. UCG started a subsidiary TechTarget that Levenson has served for on the Board of Directors, and they also are the owners of GasBuddy, a mobile app that displays gas prices at a location.

According to Time Magazine, Levenson also started and chaired several charity foundations to benefit underprivileged children. One such organization is Hoop Dreams, a charity event that raised funds through hosting basketball tournaments in downtown Washington D.C. He also has contributed to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, a place that hits close to home with his Jewish Heritage. Levenson is also a supporter of Birthright Israel, Seeds of Peace, and many other Jewish activist groups.

Source: brucelevenson.com

The Benefits of Being an Informant for the Securities and Exchange Commission

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has praised the efforts of a keen informer in the financial services industry. The informant received more than $17 million from the SEC as a token for his efforts. The individual has provided crucial evidence regarding financial malpractices taking place within the industry.

The task-force aims at awarding informants 30 percent of total financial transactions obtained within a particular period. The new reward is the second largest in the workforce six-year experience.

Labaton Sucharow is pleased to know their client identified such wrongdoings in the financial. More importantly, the informant gathered irrefutable evidence that sheds light on illegal financial dealings of an influential personality in the sector. The source wishes to remain anonymous in fear of blacklisting and retaliation by implicated individuals. Moreover, the Commission prefers not to divulge high profile cases in which witnesses provided vital evidence.

Jordan Thomas, a SEC whistleblower lawyer, praised the client for stepping up and identifying unscrupulous characters, at a time when most employees preferred to turn a blind eye to the situation.

Mr. Thomas is also a beneficiary of the program after successfully charging an employer for retaliation against a mole. His efforts to protecting moles earned him an award as the first officer of a public institution. To sustain rewards and constant flow of information, Congress has set up an Investor Protection Fund with an excess of 400 million. Clients are encouraged to monitor and anonymously report security violations in the industry. By doing so, investors are assured of justified monetary use for development activities.

Background of Labaton Sucharow LLP

The firm is a top provider of law services to consumers, institutional investors and different types of businesses. Having garnered a fifty-year experience, the company has made significant strides in advocating for whistleblowing on financial violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Furthermore, they possess a witness protection program in conjunction with the State Department to safeguard the identities of moles. The company has an in-house team of forensic accountants, investigators and analysts to provide the best legal representation for informants.

Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010 to provide incentives and protection to persons to inform on violation of securities laws to the SEC. Under the Act, moles are eligible for 10-30 % payment per case filed. In addition, they are protected from harassment and discrimination of any form. Labaton Sucharow was the first firm to assemble a team to advocate and protect the rights of informers. Led by Jordan A. Thomas, a SEC whistleblower attorney, the firm has played a vital role in the creation of legislation and implementation of laws.

Handy: More than a Basic Home Cleaning Company

Since Handy.com first debuted, they have been so much more than a home cleaning company. They have been a chance for people to offer their cleaning services and a place for people to find the perfect cleaner for their home. While the site does not directly offer services for cleaning homes, they are able to connect people who need these services and people who are offering the services on their site. This has allowed Handy the chance to truly be so much more than any of the other home services companies that are online because of the way that they work.

When Handy first started, it was simply a place for people to offer the services that they have when it comes to cleaning. This is something that is easy and something that can be done easily for the people who are a part of the company. It has been a major help to the people who use Handy and has been instrumental in making things better for home cleaners who previously only had the option of listing ads in classified sections of newspapers and on websites that would only get them strange people calling them.

The people who need cleaning services are also able to benefit from what Handy has to offer. This is something that has been a great deal of help for people who are a part of different areas. The company has worked hard to make sure that they are doing things the right way and that they are getting what they need out of Handy and the cleaning service’s application. People can do everything that they need when it comes to finding a house cleaner and booking the services from the website because of the way that it is set up to be easy to use.

When people are looking for the right thing, Handy has it. They are a company that has worked hard from the beginning. They have been able to build up their business from the bottom because of their excellent dedication to customer service. They know that they will not be able to have a successful business without making their clients happy. They want to make sure that all of their clients, whether cleaners or people who need their home cleaned, are able to get what they want from the services that Handy has to offer. This is the way that the company works and how they plan to make things better. For more info, visit https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york.