Jose Hawilla Is A Knowledgeable And Successful Entrepreneur

Are thinking about pursuing entrepreneurship? Want to find out what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? It is a good idea to get tips and guidance from those who have achieved success in their own business.



When you start pursuing entrepreneurship, you can fast-track your progress by learning from highly successful entrepreneurs. There are certain traits that are common among successful people.


Hawilla is a top rated businessman and honest entrepreneur. Based in Brazil, Jose Hawilla is considered a leader in the business world. He has been setting up and growing businesses and organizations for a long time, and he understands what you need to become successful in business and change your life for the better.


If you want to start your own business, you need to study those who have already become succeed in business. It is extremely important to find out what steps they took in order to reach their goals.


There are many entrepreneurs and investors out there who are willing to advise and guide beginners and others who want to learn what it takes to achieve success in their ventures. It is a good idea to reach out to them, or go online to read their success story.


Entrepreneurs identify a need in the marketplace and start a business to fill that meed. But you need to have insight into the specific traits or characteristics that make an individual thrive as an entrepreneur.


Numerous people turn to Jose Hawilla for advice and guidance on business and success matters. Jose Hawilla is passionate about guiding ambitious individuals and ensuring that they follow the proven path.


Jose Hawilla talks about the importance of persistence and focus as you progress towards your goal. Regardless of how many obstacles or setbacks successful entrepreneurs encounter, they never give up.


Having a positive mental attitude helps to keep moving towards your goal. You need to persevere and take whatever action is necessary to achieve the outcome you want. If you possess the characteristics necessary to start and grow a business or an organization, chances are you will become successful in your venture.


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Enhanced Athlete – Building the Body of Your Dreams

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Matt Badialli’s explains freedomchecks

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding freedom checks. One of the reasons for this is few people understand what freedom checks are. The other reason is that the profits seem to be too good to be true. Matt Badiali, the editor of Real wealth strategist recently posted a video online explaining what freedom checks are. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Freedom checks are a result of America’s attempt to grain freedom in energy production. To encourage more companies to trade in oil and gas, the government has come up with a way to exempt them from tax. Statute 26 F allows these companies to operate tax free if they agree to give investors freedom checks. However, this benefit only applies to companies that get 90% of its revenue from oil and gas.

Freedom checks work the same way shares do. Companies that issue them out give distributions monthly or quarterly. These distributions are similar to dividends shareholders receive. There are differences between the two though. Freedom checks give a much higher return compared to shares because the company is not taxed. The other difference is, the investors do not have to pay tax on their distributions. The distributions are treated as return of capital, not income. In the event an investor decides to sell, he or she pays the lower capital gains rate.

Buying freedom checks is just as easy as buying any company’s stock. Currently, there are over 300 companies that issue freedom checks. In his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, Matt Badialli gives the names of these companies. He also offers his readers insight on which company to invest in and how to go about it. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badialli is a geologist and respected investor. He got his undergraduate degree in earth sciences from Penn State University. He got his master’s degree and PHD in geology from Atlantic University and the University of North Carolina. While doing his PHD, a friend studying for his PHD in finance introduced him to the world of finance. Matt Badialli was to help him come up with a way of helping people invest in minerals and oil. Badialli’s knowledge in geology would be helpful in explaining the profitability of minerals to clients.

Today, Mr Badialli is a contributor to Bayan Hill Publising. Bayan Hill is a publication that is dedicated to educating the masses on issues of finance. It also gives investment insights to investors. Watch:


Octavio de Lazari Faces The challenge Of Balancing The Past And Future As He Takes Over From Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi As The President Of Bradesco

Recently, Octavio de Lazari took over the reins at Bradesco bank as the President of the second largest lender in Brazil. Mr. Octavio takes the leadership at a critical time when the organization is turning 75 years and faces stiff competition from their bitter rivals. Octavio de Lazari faces a challenging task of balancing the company’s past and future. Bradesco has overtime upheld traditions that focus more on the well-being of their customers rather than profits.

Octavio de Lazari, the new President of Bradesco, has on numerous occasions laid bare his thoughts on this delicate balance between the old and the digital banking. He notes that overcoming dilemma is one of his biggest challenges that he is currently facing.

Octavio de Lazari assumed the role of the President of the bank after his name was approved during the shareholders’ meeting that was held on March this year. Octavio is the fifth President of the bank of Bradesco after taking over from his predecessor, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. His name was announced one month before the much-anticipated shareholder’s meeting that was attended by more than 200 people. The meeting went down in the Council room where the bank’s assembly takes place. After completion of this tradition, Octavio de Lazari was officially pronounced as the President of the bank.

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What lay ahead of Octavio de Lazari
The future of Bradesco bank now lay in the hands of one man, Octavio de Lazari. As soon as he took over the responsibilities that come with being the president of the bank, he is now responsible for generating enough profit that will pay more than one hundred thousand employees. He is also expected to continue making investments that his predecessors laid down for Bradesco bank. The weight of more than hundred thousand needy children that Bradesco bank provides fees for lay on his shoulders. So, Octavio de Lazari needs to establish enough pillars that will enable the bank to stand firm regardless of the uncertainties that the future poses.

Acquisition of the HSBC Bank
Two years ago, Bradesco bank paid a staggering $5.2 billion during the acquisition of the HSBC. Luiz Carlos Trabuco led the bank into this deal that enabled Bradesco bank to swing back to the top position. The purchase also enabled Bradesco bank to grow six times ahead of its time if it were left to grow organically. The challenge of recovering the money used in this acquisition lies on the shoulders of the current President of the bank.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi
Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed to head the bank as the chairman of the board when the former chairman penned his resignation. Mr. Luiz has served in Bradesco for several decades where he started out as a bank teller. Luiz has been in charge of various departments in the institution before rising to the position of Executive Vice President, President and then chairman of the board of Directors. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is known as a performer who has played a crucial role in the Bradesco’s current success.

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Investment Guru Paul Mampilly Prediction about Bitcoin is Coming True

The rise in the value of cryptocurrencies has forced investors to consider it to be one of the best avenues for investments. The price of Bitcoin has increased drastically in the past year, and it has forced many people to invest in it thinking they too can get those kinds of returns. But, there are experts such as Paul Mampilly who believes that Bitcoin is a bubble and when it does pop, it will lead to great losses. The price of Bitcoin has already started to decline, and thus, Paul Mampilly warns his clients against investing in them. He advises people to invest in technology instead that is only growing and will continue to grow. Read more about Paul on

Paul Mampilly is known as one of the most successful investors and financial analysts in the United States with experience of nearly three decades. As a banker and a hedge fund manager, the track record of Paul Mampilly has been nothing short of remarkable over the years. Paul Mampilly had ensured that no matter where he works, he leaves the institution in better shape than when he joined.

At the time he joined Kinetics Asset Management as an investment portfolio manager, the firm managed assets worth close to $6 billion. However, by the time he left Kinetics Asset Management, the firm was handling assets worth more than $25 Billion. After working for several years for some of the top financial institutions in the country, Paul Mampilly felt a bit hollow working for only the top one percent affluent people in the country. He wanted to contribute to the lives of the common American people and thus, chose to become the chief editor of Banyan Hill Publishing.


Paul Mampilly is also the founder and the owner of the highly reputed newsletter by the name of Profits Unlimited. It is one of the most recognized financial newsletters in the country and has more than 90,000 members subscriber to it, and counting. Paul Mampilly aims to help people recognize stocks that are still in its primitive stage, but has a bright future ahead. Many stocks have entered the mainstream market that is not affordable for common middle class people anymore such as Facebook, Exxon Mobile, Apple, and others. Profits are made by the people who have bought the scripts mentioned above at the right time, and it is what Paul Mampilly helps people recognize at the right time. Learn more about Paul on

Randal Nardone: Self-made Billionaire and Leader

There is much to be said about Randal Nardone. He has spent his life pursuing many dreams and committing himself to each one. He is an extremely successful lawyer turned businessman and he is a force to be reckoned with. This is because Randal Nardone is a self-made billionaire. He is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the company Fortress Investment Group. He and a few of his partners and friends founded the company in 1998 and it has since doubled in size. Randal took over its management very recently in the year 2013. As the CEO, he oversees all financial and legal matters within the company. Randal is constantly looking for ways to improve the company and provide better business to his customers. He believes success stems from partnering with successful people and working towards similar goals. He is driven and never backs down from a challenge. While he is a CEO for Fortress Investment Group, he also serves as a president, vice president and director for several other companies including Newcastle Investment Holdings Corporation, Fortress Macro Advisors Incorporated, and Impac Commercial Holdings Incorporated.

Holding several high management positions at a plethora of different companies at once requires a great deal of dedication and a sacrifice of Randal’s time. He enjoys it though and it has definitely paid off for him in the end. His worth increases daily as his companies grow and expand. Randal continues to find new ways to invest his money and time to each company. On working at Fortress Investment Group, Randal’s employees talk fondly about their time employed there. Some speak about how the employees were always more than happy to help the interns. Some talk about how the productivity there is always set at a high bar and deadlines are always met. Work gets done at a rapid pace and everyone is friendly. It is a high energy firm that takes cares of its workers with great benefits and decent pay for reasonable hours.

There is a lot of praise of CEO Randal Nardone and the dedication he provides to his employees. His expertise and desire to take care of the people working below him is something that is noticed by all employees and they are extremely grateful for this. Before working at Fortress Investment Group, Randal worked as a management director at the Union Bank of Switzerland. He also worked at the law firm of Thacher Proffitt and Wood and at Blackrock Financial Management. Randal currently ranks number 557 on the Forbes Billionaire List His net worth is 1.8 billion dollars. Randal is wealthy and experienced, but on the other hand, he is also extremely educated. He attended college at the University of Connecticut. He also attended the Boston University School of Law. He has proven his reliability over and over again and has taken on many roles where his leadership led the company out of deep water and financial ruin. Today, Randal Nardone resides in New York where his company is located. He lives with his wife and they have one child together.

OSI Group & The Accomplished David McDonald

David McDonald’s Career History & Background

Throughout all the working industries in the world, there is no getting around the fact that the food and business industries are two of the most challenging and demanding industries of them all. In the food industry, the level of competition for the top spot in the industry is unlike any other. As for the business industry, the level of demand and chaos that it can have is also unlike any other. So, when it comes to businesses who thrive in both of these industries, it truly is amazing to reflect on their history and accomplishments. Worth mentioning, no other company has been able to succeed and prosper in both of these industries the way OSI Group has been able to. As one of the more prominent company’s around, OSI Group has left little to nothing on the table in terms of company accolades. Needless to say, this is saying a lot about the company’s overall success. As impressive as that it, what is more, impressive is reflecting on the leader and guiding executive that runs such a company. As for OSI Group, that leader is none other than David McDonald. So, to further understand how and why David McDonald has been able to accomplish so much as a professional, here is more on his career and his position at the company OSI Group.

More on David McDonald & His Role at OSI Group

As alluded to before, David McDonald is as accomplished as it gets as a professional. IN fact, his brilliance has established him as one of the most sought-after and highly-regarded experts in his field. Impressively enough, there is still so much more to David McDonald’s successful ways. In addition, with his many career accomplishments, perhaps none have been as impactful and beneficial for him than his role at OSI Group. As President, CEO, and leading Executive at the company, David McDonald has sought nothing less than success for the company. Not only has David McDonald been able to do this but, he has also helped advance the company to a position it has never been in before. If this does not show how great David McDonald is as a professional, who knows what else does? All in all, there is no denying that David McDonald will continue to succeed as he always has. In addition, with the way things are going for him, he might go down as the best to ever do it in his field.

To know more click: here.

The Illustrious Career Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is an experienced member of the architectural and construction fraternity. He is a graduate of architecture from the University of Sewane and holds a master’s degree in the same from Tulane University.

Currently, Robert is serving as the chief executive officer and executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). For the last two decades, Robert Ivy has been harnessing his skills and expertise in the industry, and he is bringing a lot of experience to the organization. He has transformed the institute through various programs including advocacy, education initiatives, and public outreach. These programs have significantly improved the architect’s service delivery to their clients.

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Since Robert Ivy’s arrival in 2011, AIA has seen a significant shift in the management structure. The company has changed to become more responsive, influential, and proactive. With the changes, AIA is more capable of serving its 95,000 members better and has also transformed the people’s perception of architects in America. Robert has reorganized the association in various ways especially in governance. He has revamped the decision-making process, modernized the firm’s technology infrastructure, and introduced a new public awareness campaign. Robert has also dedicated the organization’s capital to help deal with difficulties facing the world today. Challenges of climate change, effects of design on public health, and sustainability.

Robert Ivy has seen his career grow and blossom during his time working for other corporations. He was the vice president and editorial director of McGraw-Hill construction before joining AIA. He was also the editor-in-chief of the Architecture Record Magazine. During his tenure at the magazine, Robert was recognized severally for his exemplary job in humanizing the architecture career. Alpha Rho Chi fraternity recognized and honored Robert in 2010. He was named Master Architect for his gift of sharing the worth of design. Alpha Rho Chi is a fraternity that honors single architects for their achievements. Robert became the first architect to be distinguished in this century and the eighth in history. Mies van der Rohe and M.I Pei are among other notable architects that have been feted by the fraternity in different centuries.

According to Robert Ivy, architecture is a problem-solving profession just like any other in the design world. It must be included in helping solve the challenges facing the world. Issues of a polluted human environment, climate change, and social differences can be resolved using architecture.

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Freedom Checks And Why They Are Worth The Investment

Freedom Checks is a phrase coined by the well-respected geologist Matt Badiali. Matt Badiali, a former Duke University, and the University of North Carolina geology instructor has been researching natural resources including the mining, energy, and agriculture industries for quite some time.

Badiali consequently discovered there are companies in the oil and gas industries that are essentially prospecting new gas and oil wells within the United States. Additionally, these companies are transporting oil and gas within the pipeline networks, and refining oil within sizable oil and gas fields right here in the United States. These companies are referred to master limited partnerships or MLPs. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

The investment of these master limited partnerships is a reflection of America’s goal of encompassing energy independence in the near future. There are approximately 568 master limited partnerships, or simply MLPs, that can distribute freedom checks to investors. The distribution of freedom checks is comparable to traditional stock dividends that are paid out on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Although the term “freedom checks” was just recently conceived, the actual investment was enacted in 1987 by Congress and if a master limited partnership meets the Statute 26-F requirements, the company is legally allowed to issue freedom checks.

Freedom Checks are definitely considered an investment especially compared to a standard CD or a general corporate junk bond. Investing the amount of $1000 to one freedom check opportunity can potentially yield up to $149,300 in capital gains and regular payments. Watch this video at Youtube.

As previously stated above, most MLPs are similar to traditional stock dividends, as they are paid out monthly or quarterly, but are respected as a return of capital instead of income. Therefore, investors of MLP’s are not required to pay income taxes on their investments. To be clear, however, some profit made from MLP investments are taxed, but at the lowest capital gain rate.

Investing in an MLP is seemingly as simple as purchasing shares in companies like Google and Yahoo, and the distributions are either mailed or deposited into a brokerage account. Furthermore, investing in some MLPs is possible even with a limited amount of money.



How Sheldon Lavin Went From The Financial Industry To Food Processing

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman of the board of directors and the CEO of OSI Group, LLC, a food processing company based in the greater Chicago area. Before joining this company in the 1970s he had worked in the financial industry. He had a business where he matched businesses who needed loans with those who would provide them. This is how he first learned of OSI Group, at the time called Otto & Sons. He said that McDonald’s had asked him to work with this company so that they could build a new processing facility in the Chicago area. When he completed that deal his involvement with Otto & Sons continued.

Eventually, Sheldon Lavin became a part owner of OSI Group. He eventually bought out the Koschowsky family’s share of this company and he has wholly owned it for many years. He says that he has always had a big appetite for expanding OSI Group. It is now a multinational company which is operations in 17 nations. He says that his company is entrepreneurial in nature. This means that he and his executive team don’t dictate from the top. Instead, those lower are given latitude to come up with solutions themselves for various business problems. He says that there are broad rules in place, and of course budgets to follow, but by and large his employees use their best discretion in performing their jobs duties. He describes the atmosphere as family-like.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of processed foods. Many quick-serve restaurants get the food they serve from OSI Group. He says his company also produces a number of the private label brands that people buy in grocery stores in Asia, Europe, and North America. Most of what they provide is protein-based but they do offer other types of food as well.

One of the countries in which OSI Group does business is India. This nation’s Vision World Academy recognized Sheldon Lavin’s lifework in March 2016. He was given the Global Visionary Award. This award recognizes business leaders who conduct their business with a grand vision of excellence in place. The called out at the award gala how he had taken a company that only did business in America and expanded its operations around the world. His company does business as OSI-Vista Processed Foods in India.

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