Makari Skin Whitening Cream leads the way to Radiant Skin

Makari the skin care company goes above and beyond  with its collection of skin care products for those interested in ageless beauty. Its products are made in Switzerland with ingredients like caviar and sulfur, which are excellent clarifying components for repairing acne prone skin and developing a healthy glow. Focusing on women and men of color, the company is one of the few that addresses their specific skin care needs, and they take their role as a provider for this community very seriously.

Makari is one of the most luxurious brands for women and men of color, and they offer their products in local beauty stores as well as private locations in New York City, Brussels and Paris. They focus on addressing the unique beauty concerns of their customer base and refuse to add Hydroquinone to any of their products, a chemical that is used in many African beauty products that causes health problems. Some of their products are quite popular, especially the lotions and cream cleansers with carrot oil as the main ingredient. Their most enduring product, however, is their skin lightening cream, used by millions of their customers to relieve dark spots and even complexion.

Their lightening systems include exfoliating and antiseptic soaps plus moisturizers. With ingredients like carrot oil, shea butter and SPFs added, the products contribute to even tone and lightens even the most obvious facial acne scars. What makes their lightening products unique is their refusal to use Hydroquinone, which is known to cause ochronosis, a skin condition that causes darkening and thickening of skin and dome-shaped yellowish and grayish-brown spots.

It is hard to find skin lightening cream that is ethically produced and do not cause serious health problems. This is what makes Makari such a valuable company for those of Asian and African extraction. While skin lightening products are popular in these communities, many companies add ingredients that can create serious health risks down the line. Makari can be trusted as a company that offers alternatives to the typical skin lightening creams, with products that work but do not contain harmful chemicals.

Justice in Venezuela Fails

Venezuela is in chaos. According to MySpace, more than a million people protested recently as their living standards dived. As the economic crisis deepens, crime is rampant. There are lootings, robberies, and other violent acts committed.
According to ABC News article that went viral on facebook, when Robert Bernal was running in the street, most people didn’t know why, but they assumed that he had to commit a crime after an elderly man claimed Bernal robbed $5 from him.

So the mob meted out justice. It was harsh as Bernal, 42, was first kicked and punched into unconsciousness, and then soaked with gasoline and burned, while the vigilantes stood by to watch him die.

Violence against those accused of crime is becoming commonplace. “There are no trials, an accusation is enough” says Diaz Granados. This kind of reminds us of the Middle Ages. But, nowadays, crime isn’t the only concern in Venezuela. There are also shortages of food and inflation spiraling out of control.