Solo Capitlal – Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a trading and consulting firm that was founded and produced by entrepreneur, accountant and philanthropist, Sanjay Shah. He developed the company in September of 2011 and has been successfully producing secure transactions ever since. He was working as an accountant when he decided to take a leap and jump into the investment of owning and operating Solo Capital. He understood the balance, dedication and commitment to start your own company because he has owned several companies in the past. Solo Capital, however, is one of them that took off quite fast and has become very successful. By 2016 the company had reported a net worth value of in the millions, and was still successfully producing investments for clientele in the London and Dubai areas. The company started out with one location and has expanded to over thirty nine locations and over one thousand employees. It has allowed Shah the opportunity to retire and allow his trusty executives to run the successful business firm.

Shah moved from Kenya to London to study medicine. He wanted to become a doctor, and was able to attend King’s College. It didn’t take him too long to decide that wasn’t what he wanted to do anymore. He switched his major to accounting and graduated with his degree in finance. After graduating he was able to work for major investment banking firms and created a solid foundation for his future.

Since retiring from Solo Capital, he has had his eyes set on starting a charity even focused on raising money to help increase awareness for autism. He launched Autism Rocks in 2014 and has working solid to produce exceptional results with the charity. It is an invite only based even that invites famous musicians to perform and raise money for the cause. The money is then donated to programs, research developments, universities and many other beneficial autism projects. Shah has been in the music industry in the past, so it was easy for him to get started with the performances. More people are becoming diagnosed with autism every year, and he wants to be able to help others cope better.


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Mark Sparks Inspires Entrepreneurial Ingenuity

One would find it nearly impossible to name a businessman both as selfless and successful as Marc Sparks. A venture capitalist and entrepreneur to boot, Sparks currently operates out of Texas. He is an experienced earner who has never once taken his station in life for granted. While celebrated for his accomplishments, he loves nothing more then to give back to his community.

His experience in the business world is undisputed, nor is his knack for inspirational invective. He has and continues to generate portfolio companies alongside other entrepreneurial collaborators in his private equity firm located in the city of Dallas.

Known largely for running Timber Creek Capital, Marc Sparks is veteran owner of a slew of successful and diverse business operations. He has worked not only in investing but also real estate and telecommunications. His knowledge of the ladder was garnered via working with companies such as Blue Jay Wireless and Splash Media.

Furthermore, the most important thing a venture capitalist can possess is an eye for potential and no one can spot budding, lucrative business talent like Marc Sparks.

One component of this ability that is not to be overlooked is his innate faith in each individual’s capacity to realize their dreams and thus achieve success. He knows how to nurture talent, as well as how to bring the best out of people. Marc Sparks exudes self-confidence, which is in many ways a reflection of his belief in others.

He uses his own inner strength to bring the best out of people, to help them realize their own aspirations and make their dreams a reality. Marc Sparks details his business philosophy in his best selling book, ‘They Can’t Eat You’, which has proved to be massively inspirational to readers around the globe.

The encouraging and enigmatic businessman has never been afraid to think outside of the box. His philosophy preaches innovation over static, uninspired thought.

He is a man of his community, who sees the overall potential to foster positive social growth. Most recently, Marc Sparks has created an entrepreneurial initiative entitled ‘Spark Tank’ alongside longtime partner, Lynee Sipiora. The ingenious idea behind ‘Spark Tank’ offers five-thousand dollars to social service executives to craft a plan that benefits community. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList and Who Is Marc Sparks?

Through ‘Spark Tank’ people are generating communal programs built around selfless concepts. In other words, it demonstrates, on a large scale how people can help themselves by helping others, thus manifesting greater positive social change, a simple idea with the potential to change the way business is done forever.

Marc Sparks and his colleagues are promoting a truly sustainable kind of capitalism, inspiring entrepreneurs to invest not only in themselves, but in a greater good.

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George Soros Rises Above Glenn Beck’s Unprincipled Attacks

As a prominent investment expert in the public eye, George Soros attracts a lot of commentary from various parties. Fortunately, most people recognize the value of Soros’s contributions. As a philanthropist and an advocate for less-advantaged groups, Soros has demonstrated that he is an engaged, positively focused citizen.

Even in this relatively enlightened era, George Soros finds himself attacked by anti-Semitic voices. In some cases, this anti-Semitism is unvarnished. All too often, however, hateful critics use veiled anti-Semitic language fraught with sinister meaning. Glenn Beck is one example of a major national commentator who has attacked Soros inappropriately. Glenn Beck has consistently lambasted Soros using wild, conspiratorial language.

Even worse, Beck attempts to characterize Soros’s most amazing initiatives for change as evidences of some sinister conspiracy. Through his Open Society Foundations, Soros has supported a wide variety of pro-democracy institutions throughout the world. The capstone of Soros’s admirable social consciousness, the Open Society Foundations have concretely helped make the world a better place. It is shockingly ignorant for Beck to recast these pro-democracy achievements as sedition or coup plotting. Beck has even gone so far as to hint that Soros is planning some type of coup or revolution in the United States.

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Glenn Beck’s Ridiculous Misreading of George Soros Might Not Be As Inappropriate As Busting a 14-Year-Old’s Balls for How He Behaved During the Holocaust, But It Still Sets Back the Cause of Human Understanding

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Fortunately, most people are simply too well-educated to fall for Glenn Beck’s insane polemics. It is easy to see that by accusing a prominent Jewish citizen of prosecuting a sinister global conspiracy, Glenn Beck is following a long and infamous tradition. Tyrants like Stalin and Adolf Hitler peddled theories about a worldwide, Jewish conspiracy to destroy human freedom. It is patently wrong for Beck to follow this tradition using time-honored slurs against the Jewish people. Instead of honoring Soros for his accomplishments, Beck has demonstrated that he is unwilling to let the truth get in the way of his anti-Semitic, anti-modern ranting.

Even more shockingly, Beck has repeatedly alleged that Soros is guilty of anti-Semitism himself. Fortunately, Beck’s theories are so fanciful that most Americans do not take the right-wing commentator seriously. Even by the standards of theatrical right-wing radio personalities, Beck presents an example of undisciplined excess. Beck’s statements and demeanor are so extreme that one could easily compare the Glenn Beck show to professional wrestling. Unfortunately, millions of Americans listen to Beck and take him seriously. Beck’s paranoid, quasi-bigoted speech cannot hide the fact that George Soros is a great man and a great philanthropist. Nevertheless, people like Beck coarsen the public discourse and work against the accomplishment of important democratic changes.

Even if Glenn Beck is essentially a joke, his accusations against George Soros represent a dangerous trend in the American conversation. More and more often, popular commentators take the role of uninformed demagogues. These unpleasant voices manipulate the public and attempt to turn them against outstanding actors like Soros. In the years ahead, Soros will continue to use his Open Societies to promote anti-authoritarianism and stronger democratic institutions. Although critics like Beck will continue to misrepresent Soros, it is certain that Soros and his fellow travelers will rise above the criticism and continue doing good.

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How the Combined Properties in WEN by Chaz Help Nourish and Restore Hair

A young woman decided to keep track of the results she experienced from using the fig version of the Wen hair cleansing conditioner. She wrote about the results she saw as she used the QVC advertised product, and then posted them online to Bustle. Her article starts by telling readers how she could actually feel her hair having more thickness as she worked the cleansing conditioner into her hair for the first time. This was at a time of day when her hair was already showing signs of being greasy and frizzy. She did not have time to use the product on day two, but was back to it on day three and every day after for the rest of the week. She states how she loved the way her hair looked and felt even after blow drying it.
A Complete System

Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN, was familiar with the types of issues most people had with their hair. As a stylist at a prestigious salon in Bel Air, Mr. Dean understood the need for a better way to cleanse the hair. He decided to develop a product that would not remove the essential oils from the hair and scalp. By doing this, the hair was left in better condition after cleansing. He also added botanical extracts to help repair some of the damage done by styling and coloring.

WEN by Chaz is promoted on sephora as a cleansing conditioner because it combines the properties found in shampoos, conditioners, detanglers and even deep conditioning products. By combining all of these properties in one product people obtain better results. The nourishing ingredients in WEN makes the hair look and feel healthier even after one use. The combined properties also makes it easy for people to cleanse, condition and restore their hair using one basic product.

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Beneful Gives Gizmo The Confidence He Needs

I have a Dachshund and his name is Gizmo. Gizmo is the cutest fluffy little dog out there and could win over anyone’s heart. Gizmo thinks that he is a big dog so he barks as loud and fierce as a big dog would. Currently, Gizmo eats Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful incredibites and they are so flavorful and nutritious that they give him the confidence he needs to protect our family. Beneful has two different types of incredibites flavors. The two flavors of Beneful incredibites are real chicken flavor and real beef flavor which allows Gizmo to have his freedom and be able to choose between which flavor he wants to eat each day. Gizmo also loves Beneful dog treats and will only train or come inside from the house when I offer him one. The types of Beneful dog treats that I buy Gizmo are the Beneful dental ridges in the mini size for him and the baked delights stars treats. Beneful dental ridges keep Gizmo’s teeth squeaky clean whereas the baked delights stars get his attention. In the winter time, I feed Gizmo Beneful roasted turkey medley wet dog food [Product link:] so that he can also enjoy the holiday season as much as everyone else can. Beneful dog food is great quality, reasonably priced, and much more like a home cooked meal than any other dog food out there is. Ever since I started feeding Gizmo Beneful he has been confident enough to stick up to anyone he doesn’t know or has suspicions about and it makes his personality that much stronger. I love that Beneful has so many dog food options and hope to allow Gizmo to try some other dog foods than the ones he has been having so he can see which Beneful dog food he likes the most out of all of them. Due to the amount of confidence that Gizmo has now I am planning on enrolling him for dog shows because not only is Beneful giving him confidence but it is making his coat more silky and shiny which really stands out because he is a long-haired Dachshund. When I don’t have the time to go shopping, I prefer to buy Beneful online from Amazon.




Big Data Analytics from Securus

Investigative Solutions from Securus Technologies is offering upgrades of its user interfaces to clients in need of more intuitive software without touching the adaptability of of their products.
The main focus of this UI overhaul is to make threads easier for users to access while also improving system performance. Securus’ General Manager of Business Management, Kelly Solid, said the new software has done away with enhanced navigation and logging that used up resources unnecessarily, limiting the user’s capability and lowering the quality of their experience.

Upgrade 3.1 is revealed by a Linked In post it will take Investigative Solutions platform and swap it for an HTML 5, allowing for seamless integration with other Securus software and products. With a more adaptable systems, users will be able to take greater advantage of these tools when conducting investigations.

The upgrade for Threads is a little more substantial. With threads 3.1, users can access calls without having to exit the Threads application, allowing for real-time access of data which can be applied to maps, analysis for reports and even generating hard copies of reports. Threads has been the communication tool of choice for corrections facilities needing to establish reliable contact with others in the justice system and monitor the calling habits of the inmates they monitor. By overhauling the user interface and making the work of these institutions easier allows for better service of the inmate and increased security for their personnel and visitors.

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Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas [click here:], and from there they have provided technology solution to more than three thousand correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies across North America, affecting the lives of over 1.2 million inmates.

By providing communication tools, software and various computer-integrated products, these agencies can communicate with one another and with communities surrounding facilities where inmates are held, taking public safety as a primary concern and allowing the justice system to operate at optimum efficiency.

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Renting a Home Can Lead to More Career Opportunities

Home ownership has been ingrained in the American psyche as the brass ring of financial success that everyone should aspire to. But in more recent times many financial professionals have begun noting reasons why owning is not always better; and one of the most pertinent reasons is for career advancement.

Owning a home does create stability in ones living situation. But it can also be correctly described as creating a burden and a hindrance to career advancement. We all know that commuting in New Jersey can be a painful experience. Read more: Explainer: How Downtown New Brunswick Has Emerged From Its Doldrums

Anyone that has tried to drive from Edison to Jersey City during commute hours can attest to the maddening, sanity depriving experience that it is. Combined with a competitive job market that frequently requires people to be flexible not only in work hours, but sometimes work location, and the traditional notion of home ownership begins to look less appealing.

If an employer offers someone a new job opportunity that may lead to a promotion in Jersey City, and the employee currently lives in the Edison, home ownership becomes a burden. The thought of dealing with a real estate agent, mortgage lenders and may be home staging companies is enough to make many people hesitate before accepting a new job opportunity on the other side of New Jersey.

But these hesitations may later on prove to be the deciding factor in whether or not someone achieves their career potential or stalls out at a middling position. Learn more about Boraie Development LLC:

Living in a rental home used to have relatively negative connotations. Homes of all type that were owned used to be considered “better”. This is also beginning to change with new rental home developments being built by companies such as Boraie Development.

High end rental living complexes that combine the very best amenities, maintenance and luxury touches that used to be traditionally reserved for owned homes are now becoming standard features in properties developed by companies like Boraie Development.

With Boraie Development type rental properties, renters are now able to enjoy not only the best of the here and now, amenities and luxury touches, but also look after their long term financial well being, by taking advantage of career opportunities that may appear without hesitation or fear of the costs and hassles of disposing of an owned home.

Makari Skin Whitening Cream leads the way to Radiant Skin

Makari the skin care company goes above and beyond  with its collection of skin care products for those interested in ageless beauty. Its products are made in Switzerland with ingredients like caviar and sulfur, which are excellent clarifying components for repairing acne prone skin and developing a healthy glow. Focusing on women and men of color, the company is one of the few that addresses their specific skin care needs, and they take their role as a provider for this community very seriously.

Makari is one of the most luxurious brands for women and men of color, and they offer their products in local beauty stores as well as private locations in New York City, Brussels and Paris. They focus on addressing the unique beauty concerns of their customer base and refuse to add Hydroquinone to any of their products, a chemical that is used in many African beauty products that causes health problems. Some of their products are quite popular, especially the lotions and cream cleansers with carrot oil as the main ingredient. Their most enduring product, however, is their skin lightening cream, used by millions of their customers to relieve dark spots and even complexion.

Their lightening systems include exfoliating and antiseptic soaps plus moisturizers. With ingredients like carrot oil, shea butter and SPFs added, the products contribute to even tone and lightens even the most obvious facial acne scars. What makes their lightening products unique is their refusal to use Hydroquinone, which is known to cause ochronosis, a skin condition that causes darkening and thickening of skin and dome-shaped yellowish and grayish-brown spots.

It is hard to find skin lightening cream that is ethically produced and do not cause serious health problems. This is what makes Makari such a valuable company for those of Asian and African extraction. While skin lightening products are popular in these communities, many companies add ingredients that can create serious health risks down the line. Makari can be trusted as a company that offers alternatives to the typical skin lightening creams, with products that work but do not contain harmful chemicals.

Justice in Venezuela Fails

Venezuela is in chaos. According to MySpace, more than a million people protested recently as their living standards dived. As the economic crisis deepens, crime is rampant. There are lootings, robberies, and other violent acts committed.
According to ABC News article that went viral on facebook, when Robert Bernal was running in the street, most people didn’t know why, but they assumed that he had to commit a crime after an elderly man claimed Bernal robbed $5 from him.

So the mob meted out justice. It was harsh as Bernal, 42, was first kicked and punched into unconsciousness, and then soaked with gasoline and burned, while the vigilantes stood by to watch him die.

Violence against those accused of crime is becoming commonplace. “There are no trials, an accusation is enough” says Diaz Granados. This kind of reminds us of the Middle Ages. But, nowadays, crime isn’t the only concern in Venezuela. There are also shortages of food and inflation spiraling out of control.