With the advancement in technology, the entire world is going digital. The digital platform is revolutionising the market sector. Leading to the creation of cryptocurrency, that has taken the world to a whole new level in almost every other industry thus reducing and hence virtual removal of the physical currencies that are used for transaction purposes. According to Malcolm CasSlle. Thus cryptocurrency will lead the world in doing business in a whole new set up.

Companies are ever changing, to incorporate and have their space in the ever dynamic world of cryptocurrency to remain up rest if they have to remain for posterity purposes. World Wide eXchange is one such company that is taking the lead in the globe with the crypto era that we are in with the creation of virtual assets that can be traded in the entire globe. Malcolm is the president of WAX (World Wide eXchange).

Malcolm CasSelle is sure of the fact that, the platform while taking its rightful place in the marketplace, as is required thus having it in entirely all the platforms. Malcolm CasSelle is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate and a degree in computer science from Stanford University thus his broad knowledge base is of great importance in the sector and having expertise in the area.

Malcolm CasSelle as the president of WAX is helped by other in running the company. The Chief Executive Officer of WAX is William Quigley. The design of the platform is of great importance hence the need for a designer who is John Brechsci and Jonathan Yanthus is the COO of the company.

WAX is the number one bitcoin merchant on the platform in the world leveraging on its large market size and user demand of protocol since it is based in different countries to enable greater connectivity for a large market base.

The entire system is meant to aid in connect buyers and sellers with minimisation of fraud thus the system is secure to be dependable as its supported by blockchain which assists in tokenising and removal of the geographical separation as it operates on a platform that is run by algorithm hence efficient, flexible and faster.


OSI Group Purchases Tyson Foods

OSI Group LLC has been doing so well for the last decade. The organization has been getting huge profits in the complex market. Venturing into the global market was one of the best decisions the company has ever made. Consumers from all over the world are happy about the quality of services they have been getting from the company branches in all over the world. Apart from maintaining high quality products for the consumers, OSI Group has been offering employment opportunities to a large group of people. These individuals are highly experienced, and they are offered very nice compensation packages. The great package from OSI Group LCC motivates these professionals to work hard at all times.

The expansion of the company is out of this world. Apart from opening new branches, the company management has purchased several companies and food plants to make the production and storage of food products easier. The leaders of the company closed an acquisition deal, and this has left so many people talking. The management announced that they will be the new owners of a food processing facility that will also be serving as a storage warehouse that is known as Tyson Foods. The institution is based in Arkansas in the United States, and it will offer OSI Group numerous benefits.

Tyson Food Plant is found in Chicago, and it has all the features that needs to make the customers happy. Tyson Foods is 200,000square feet, and it is located very close to the main company facilities. The location of the new facility played a key role in the acquisition process. Tyson Foods will offer the infrastructure the company needs so that it can cater for the growing clientele in the United States and other parts of the world. Tyson Foods is expected to support all the business activities that were being carried out by the food processing company.

The people who work for Tyson Foods do not have to get worried about the new developments. According to the company management, these people will be hired by OSI Group, and they will retain their positions in the company. Under the new management, these professionals have all the reasons to smile because they will have better compensations and other employee benefits that were not present in the past. Sheldon Lavin and the company president, McDonald played a very crucial role in the recently completed transaction.

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Did Wes Edens’ Giannis Antetokounmpo Attract Eric Bledsoe?

NBA players are competitive by nature and want to play with the most talented teammates. The Milwaukee Bucks are playing more significant games, including their run in the NBA Playoffs. Did Wes Edens’ Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo attract Eric Bledsoe to the team?

Bucks NBA Playoffs Run

There is one NBA Champion every year and 16 teams that have a real chance of becoming champion as they compete in the playoffs. Wes Edens’ Milwaukee Bucks have reached the higher plateau of the NBA Playoffs. They won 3 out of 7 games in their 1st round series against the Boston Celtics.Competitive NBA players want to be on an up-and-coming team, like Wes Edens’ Milwaukee Bucks. They want to play with the Buck’s All-Star Power Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis Antetokounmpo is a human highlight film. He makes all his teammates better.The best NBA franchises are able to attract the best talent. You can see this with the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors. Have the Milwaukee Bucks become a destination team?

Attracting Role Players

Eric Bledsoe was simmering in Phoenix. The Phoenix Suns were trying to rebuild and had even benched the talented Eric Bledsoe. Unfortunately, Eric Bledsoe felt like a scapegoat. In November 2017, Eric Bledsoe was able to express his disappointment in not being allowed to play on Twitter. That is one of the benefits of Social Media. Now, regular people can express themselves and be noticed.There are reports that Eric Bledsoe had asked Phoenix to release him in the pre-season. Of course, no NBA team wants to have its hand forced. But, Eric Bledsoe used Twitter to continue to vent. Enter Wes Edens’ Bucks team. Adding talent can be very expensive. Once an NBA team becomes good, it can be more difficult to add talent through the draft. How could Wes Edens add more talent around Giannis Antetokounmpo?

Edens Winning Culture

Wes Edens completed the Eric Bledsoe trade to add a distributor for Giannis. The up tempo pace of the Milwaukee Bucks would be appealing to most players. Perhaps, Wes Edens created a solid starting lineup for years to come: Bledsoe, Antetokounmpo and Middleton.Everyone wants to play with Giannis Antetokounmpo because he is a winner, just like Wes Edens. Eric Bledsoe was frustrated in Phoenix, now he feels reinvigorated playing for Wes Edens’ Milwaukee Bucks. The Milwaukee Bucks’ future is bright.

ClassDojo is Easily Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students

As our world grows more technological, educators and schools must find a way to incorporate more technology into school. They are looking for education technology (EdTech) that helps solve problems they are dealing with, has been tested and proven effective, and comes with a solid plan for implementation and adoption in the school. With nearly all schools online, EdTech is becoming a vital part of a school curriculum. The issue is that currently, 41 percent of educators feel that the EdTech they are using does not meet the needs of their students.

EdTech companies often make assumptions about what educators need, without actually going to talk to teachers or asking teachers to test their products. One of the most highly used products in K-8 school in the United States is ClassDojo, with an over 90% use rate. ClassDojo is also used in over 180 countries. ClassDojo’s co-founder, Sam Chaudhary, was instrumental in making ClassDojo a success. Sam spent countless hours talking and listening to parents, teachers, and students as ClassDojo was developed. Because of this commitment to talk to those affected by its use, ClassDojo is extremely popular.

ClassDojo solves the issue of communication between students, teachers, and parents. This allows parents to get updates anytime they want, and teachers to give parents information outside of parent-teacher conference times. Students can upload photos, videos, and messages throughout the day. Parents can access these can get updates on what their child is up to. Parents and teachers can also communicate directly throughout the school day as needed. Teachers can set the ClassDojo app to “Quiet Hours” so that parents know it is not a good time to try and contact them.

Teachers also have a ton of excellent resources right at their fingertips. ClassDojo can randomly assign students to groups, play music, display classroom directions for easy student access, show a noise meter to e4ncourage students to manage their own noise level, a timer, and a random student selector making it easy to pick student volunteers fairly. There is even a way to show announcements each day or a welcome message for the students.

Matt Badiali & Banyan Hill: Helping Others

We as people always seem to be stronger when we work together to achieve things. We can use our combined resources and knowledge to do great things. A lot of times this disintegrates when it comes to certain fields that are perceived as every man for himself. The business and investment fields are some of these fields. However, we can also work together in these to achieve more. That is what the company Banyan Hill Publishing is trying to show and achieve. Working with them is Matt Badiali who shares this goal. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali is man that has dedicated himself to helping his fellow man. He does this through giving them expert advice on investments. He attended North Carolina University where he pursued a PhD. He also went to Florida Atlantic University where he got a Master of Science degree in geology. This is what would catapult him to the finance industry and helping people. This degree and earning it gave him exclusive knowledge that would be just perfect for the finance and investment world. This is because natural resources are easier to predict. This turned out to be true as Matt Badiali started working with Banyan hill and several clients. His results have been great, and he has investors who have received funds and returns in the double and triple digits. He now is at Banyan hill as a publisher of the much successful newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. Visit to know more about Matt Badiali.

Banyan Hill the independent investment advice company is also dedicated to helping people with their finances. Their goal is to get financial freedom and relief for the common man. There national reach and vision is helping them do this because of their network of information from so many different places. The company makes sure to stay independent to avoid generic and mainstream knowledge that most people can find easily. They want to reach and give opportunities that are bigger and deeper to their readers. This 1998 company is doing just that with their advisors like Matt Badiali on the case. The amount of information they give is immense and they are a true example of people working together to achieve great results. They have over 300,000 daily readers. That’s much more many people who will have freedom and opportunity.


Sheldon Lavin – CEO and Humanitarian

Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group

OSI Group, LLC is a front-runner in distribution of meat and food processing. At the helm, Sheldon Lavin has taken OSI on toward becoming even more impressive. Lavin holds executive positions as CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, LLC and President of OSI International Foods Ltd. Though he sits in top positions in both these affiliates, Lavin still maintains an active presence in the day-to-day operations.

He began as an employee and financial advisor for Otto & Sons. After the company name changed to OSI, Lavin continued his relationship with the owners, becoming one, himself. His goal for the small West Chicago meat processing plant was to build it to become international. He has fulfilled that goal impressively.

Global Expansion

Lavin has been associated with OSI Group since its beginnings in 1970 as Otto & Sons. He is responsible for the expansion that has taken the small father and son company international. Currently, there are physical locations in seventeen countries and over seventy individual facilities. Though their primary product is proteins, the facilities also produce sauces, vegetables, and baked goods.

Global Visionary Award

In 2016, Sheldon received the Global Visionary Award for his contributions to expanding OSI Group into international markets. The award, sponsored in India, provides recognition to individuals who are progressive and have vision to improve their business in a grand way. One of the requirements of the award is perseverance.

Amick Farms

This chicken farm is under the guidance and leadership of Sheldon Lavin. As Chairman of OSI Group, he instills corporate responsibility that concentrates on three specific focus points. Amick Farms is socially responsible, proves economic and supply-chain responsibility, and maintains an environmentally friendly center.

Sheldon Lavin Philanthropy

Lavin isn’t all business. He is active in may charities. He contributes to the Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Boys and Girls clubs, to name a few. He uses his success to help those who are in need. He contributes to the United Negro College Fund, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He wants to remain an integral and useful citizen of Chicago through both business models and philanthropic ventures that help others to stay well or succeed.

Lavin’s interest in helping others has led him to become affiliated with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Rush University Medical Center. He is vested in helping to make people and the environment better for the future.

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The Equities First Holdings Company

Equities First Holdings is a great company that takes everything seriously about financial dealings. With them, you will be able to deal with all of your problems on a timely basis.

When you are talking to them, make sure that you are honest about your situation because you want to have a good rapport with them. Equities First Holdings is the best at what they do, and they can help you too.

There is no other company that can help you as much as them. You should call them today so that you can get your financial life in order because you can.

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Jose Hawilla Is A Knowledgeable And Successful Entrepreneur

Are thinking about pursuing entrepreneurship? Want to find out what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? It is a good idea to get tips and guidance from those who have achieved success in their own business.



When you start pursuing entrepreneurship, you can fast-track your progress by learning from highly successful entrepreneurs. There are certain traits that are common among successful people.


Hawilla is a top rated businessman and honest entrepreneur. Based in Brazil, Jose Hawilla is considered a leader in the business world. He has been setting up and growing businesses and organizations for a long time, and he understands what you need to become successful in business and change your life for the better.


If you want to start your own business, you need to study those who have already become succeed in business. It is extremely important to find out what steps they took in order to reach their goals.


There are many entrepreneurs and investors out there who are willing to advise and guide beginners and others who want to learn what it takes to achieve success in their ventures. It is a good idea to reach out to them, or go online to read their success story.


Entrepreneurs identify a need in the marketplace and start a business to fill that meed. But you need to have insight into the specific traits or characteristics that make an individual thrive as an entrepreneur.


Numerous people turn to Jose Hawilla for advice and guidance on business and success matters. Jose Hawilla is passionate about guiding ambitious individuals and ensuring that they follow the proven path.


Jose Hawilla talks about the importance of persistence and focus as you progress towards your goal. Regardless of how many obstacles or setbacks successful entrepreneurs encounter, they never give up.


Having a positive mental attitude helps to keep moving towards your goal. You need to persevere and take whatever action is necessary to achieve the outcome you want. If you possess the characteristics necessary to start and grow a business or an organization, chances are you will become successful in your venture.


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Enhanced Athlete – Building the Body of Your Dreams

To improve athletic performance, the right products are needed to produce the most optimal results. With proper clinical research, athletes and individuals seeking to advance their physical peak can depend on Enhanced Athlete. As a non-profit organization, Enhanced Athlete’s extensive research creates quality products for anyone looking to get ahead within any athletic endeavor. They are committed to the highest quality of products, at the most affordable prices; health and fitness is the number one priority. As Enhanced Athlete, anyone can expect to elevate their performance and live a healthier, more active lifestyle. Anyone striving to either reach or surpass their physical peak, there are many products that are ideal, depending on what you are looking to achieve. The company has increased the standard of quality for the products that can deliver the best outcomes. Enhanced Athlete has contributed countless hours and money to ensure customers are satisfied; there is no other company that has committed themselves to body enhancement.


Body enhancement products have evolved to transform the body like never before. With Enhanced Coaching, you can learn secrets about how to gain lean muscle, getting ripped or contest prep. You can leave an inquiry form with your email and phone number, along with your interested goal, and someone will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a free consultation. There are industry-standard staffed coaches (from registered dieticians to bodybuilders), who are ready to coach and lead individuals to optimal performance and physique. When speaking with an Enhanced Coaching professional, they will discuss the meal/diet prep, custom workout and personalized plan to enrich your lifestyle, in the most affordable way possible. Along with coaching, individuals can also go to Enhanced Gear, which has a wide variety of clothing and gear that all customers will thoroughly enjoy. From tanktops to performance joggers to performance bags, Enhanced Gear has all of the gear needed to feel good and look even better. Enhanced Gear has a high satisfactory rate among satisfied customers, and guarantee satisfaction for any customer looking to build the body of their dreams and gain instant appeal. With all the high quality products and services, customers can expect the results to reach their goals.

Matt Badialli’s explains freedomchecks

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding freedom checks. One of the reasons for this is few people understand what freedom checks are. The other reason is that the profits seem to be too good to be true. Matt Badiali, the editor of Real wealth strategist recently posted a video online explaining what freedom checks are. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Freedom checks are a result of America’s attempt to grain freedom in energy production. To encourage more companies to trade in oil and gas, the government has come up with a way to exempt them from tax. Statute 26 F allows these companies to operate tax free if they agree to give investors freedom checks. However, this benefit only applies to companies that get 90% of its revenue from oil and gas.

Freedom checks work the same way shares do. Companies that issue them out give distributions monthly or quarterly. These distributions are similar to dividends shareholders receive. There are differences between the two though. Freedom checks give a much higher return compared to shares because the company is not taxed. The other difference is, the investors do not have to pay tax on their distributions. The distributions are treated as return of capital, not income. In the event an investor decides to sell, he or she pays the lower capital gains rate.

Buying freedom checks is just as easy as buying any company’s stock. Currently, there are over 300 companies that issue freedom checks. In his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, Matt Badialli gives the names of these companies. He also offers his readers insight on which company to invest in and how to go about it. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badialli is a geologist and respected investor. He got his undergraduate degree in earth sciences from Penn State University. He got his master’s degree and PHD in geology from Atlantic University and the University of North Carolina. While doing his PHD, a friend studying for his PHD in finance introduced him to the world of finance. Matt Badialli was to help him come up with a way of helping people invest in minerals and oil. Badialli’s knowledge in geology would be helpful in explaining the profitability of minerals to clients.

Today, Mr Badialli is a contributor to Bayan Hill Publising. Bayan Hill is a publication that is dedicated to educating the masses on issues of finance. It also gives investment insights to investors. Watch: