Matthew Autterson in His Dutiful Investment Management

Investment Management ordinarily is a term used by the financial expert to explain the harmonization of resources/ assets whether securities, bonds or shares or classically the tangible assets in a venture with the expectation of return. Investment can be through institutions or privately either directly or indirectly. A sound investment choice is made subject to analysis of asset allocation, diversification of risks or long-term returns.

There are different investment styles investors can pick on based on their external and internal business environment. They range from growth style to market neutralization, small capitalization, indexing, Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) among much more. Each of this has their risk magnitude and accepted areas of application. This brings the need to consult with a seasoned investment or portfolio manager like Matthew Autterson.

Investors who engage in mutual or currency trading floors or those under collective investment schemes benefit more from investment management. This is because their resources get professional management. According to Boston Consulting Group, assets managed at a fee have high yield compared to others. Successful managers understand the 3-Ps model which is the Philosophy, Process, and People working them symmetrically. Some of these tops of the game investment firms include; Wells Fargo, Rockefeller Financial, Citigroup Global Market and the Bank of America Global Wealth Investment Management.

About Matthew Autterson

He studied at the Michigan State University between 1975 and 1979 and the Buena Vista University with a degree in Accounting in the Finance option. He currently is in private practice of investment management advisory based in the Greater Denver Area, Colorado. Matthew Autterson is skilled in financial services, investment, and accountancy.

He is a wealth advisor and a co-founder at the WIN Wealth Management. He has worked on the $750 million project in Minneapolis and has worked with the Royal Alliance and American Express. Matthew is a lecturer of finance at the North Iowa College.

Hollywood Stars Flock to the Kabbalah for Answers

Located in Los Angeles, CA is the non-profit organization called, “Kabbalah Centre International.” The centre provides Zohar Kabbalistic courses, which are also taught online.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles was opened in 1984. Philip Berg and wife, Karen Berg developed the Kabbalah presentation with the revolution in Los Angeles. Now, they have over 50 worldwide branches, including Los Angeles, New York City, London and Toronto.

There is an influx of non-Jewish stars in Hollywood that have taken fascination with Kabbalah. Madonna one of the firsts, then followed by many more. But, why?

-Sandra Bernhard to the LA Times: Crediting the Kabbalah for eliminating “at least 80% of the chaos in my life to learn more: click here.

-Paris Hilton to Great Britain’s More Magazine: “When I split with Nick Carter, I coped by going straight to the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles…It helps me deal with my life.”

Kabbalah is quoted as “ancient wisdom that provides practical tools creating joy and lasting fulfillment. It is an incredible system that will completely change the way that you look at the world.”

Thinking this would be enough of the reason for celebrities following the Kabbalah? There’s more. Some celebrities in Hollywood were merely drawn in order to deal with personal life problems.

-Sammy Davis to Time Magazine: “I wanted to become part of a 5,000 year-old history and to hold onto something not just material, which would give me inner strength to turn the other cheek.”

More affirmations for the Kabbalah Centre were hopes to make the world a better place. But there are still more reasons that stars are practicing Kabbalah and even converting to Judaism.

-Marilyn Monroe to Daily Beast: Marilyn was attracted to Judaism because of her rough childhood which made her “identify with the underdog.”

However, other Hollywood stars that are fans of the Kabbalah Centre came by much simpler reasons.

-Britney Spears: Introduced to Kabbalah by Madonna.

All of this has stirred controversy with Orthodox Jews which are critical of stars Hollywood studying Kabbalah. Criticism has been thrown at the Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles which offers non-Jewish stars courses and teachings.

Traditionally, the only ones that are supposed to study Kabbalah are Jews over the age of 40. Kabbalah being taught to those before they are converted and before proper age has increased the controversy by going against the traditions of Orthodox Jews.

In closing, however, Rabbi Philip Berg who led the Kabbalah Revolution in Hollywood, may have had some final thoughts on the matter. The Telegraph published an obituary of Rabbi Philip Berg with the words, “by simplifying Kabbalah and drawing on aspects of modern life to make it more relevant, Berg claims that he made the struggles of biblical figures accessible.”

The Changing World Of Dating With Whitney Wolfe

People have a lot of things to say about dating. However, there is one thing that people can agree on. Dating is changing. When people are asked about dating now compared to about 15 years ago, they will admit that things were a little different. For one thing, online dating was relatively new and it has not really taken off. Now, one would be hard pressed to find someone who does not have a dating profile on at least one site. The only issue is hat online dating has not made it easier for anyone. This is why Whitney Wolfe is bringing forth even more change in the dating industry.

Read more: Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe Talks Scaling Her Company With Values Intact

One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done was made online dating a lot easier for both men and women. One of the most annoying things that men are faced with when it comes to online dating is having to stand out from all of the thirsty boys that are sending out all kinds of messages to everyone with the hopes that one of them would stick. This can annoy women because they are getting online dating spam from guys. As a result, the other guys who are interested tend to have it ruined for them.

Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has not only made Bumble where only women can initiate with men, but she has also put together a dating app that makes it easier for women to find friends that they can relate to. One thing about Bumble is that even though women find each other to be less harmful than men, there are some women that can cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, women also want to be careful when it comes to other women so that they can have the right friends and gain the right type of support to move forward with their lives. Click Here for more.

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Vincent Parascandola’s Resume Exudes His Massive Business Leadership Capabilities

Vincent Parascandola is a renowned financial management specialist, operating in the Greater New York City Area. He is highly skilled in matters of finance, asset management, estate planning, and life insurance strategies among others. Vincent is a revered alumnus of Lubin School of Business at the Pace University. He graduated with a degree course in computer science.

Career Journey

Vincent Parascandola’s career journey kicked off in 1986 at Irving Trust Company. He was a Systems Analyst at the firm for two years. He then moved to Prudential Insurance for another two years before joining The MONY Group. His stay at The MONY Group started in 1990 as a Financial Professional. His tenure at the firm was marked by a quick to rise to the rank of a sales manager and later the managing director. His last position at the organization was that of the Field Vice President. His exit was in May 2015 when an opening beckoned at AXA Equitable. He started off as an Executive Vice President and then rose to head the Advantage Group as the President of the division. In 2009, Vincent was appointed as the President for the Northern Division, a position he held for a year. His exemplary work through the years led him to be entrusted with more responsibilities as the President of the Continental Division. Vincent was put in charge of AXA Advisors Northeastern branches. He would oversee the Hawaii and California offices as well. Vincent’s would give guidance in the areas of sales, recruitments, and training as well as the overall operations and management. He rose yet again to head a bigger scope of the Continental Division as the chief sales officer and president.

Current Position and Awards

Vincent Parascandola has been the senior general manager responsible for AXA US for almost three years now. He is mandated to drive the firm’s overall growth and development. He is also in charge of all financial professionals in the Central New Jersey region. He offers his guidance to the staff with the aim of reaching their full potential and increase sales. Under his supervision, the company has marked tremendous growth. His excellent performance has led him to earn several accolades including the GAMA Career Development Award.


The Philanthropic Works of Eric Pulier

Few people have worked harder than Eric Pulier to leave a progressive impact in the world. Pulier can be termed as a man of many talents, most of which he has directed to helping the less fortunate in the world. He has created over 15 companies and raised hundreds of millions for various venture enterprises.

Pulier has also raised millions for his philanthropic causes. He mainly focuses on doing this within his niche of expertise which is technology. Pulier has created many innovative systems that help solve some of the problems faced by low-income communities.

One of his early creations was an interactive system designed for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The informative system was designed to teach those with multiple sclerosis about their condition.

Pulier has also donated a lot to charity. In 2010, he was honored for his contributions to the healthcare industry in Africa. His innovations that cater for children with special needs have been used by US Doctors for Africa to provide better healthcare to families in Africa.

Pulier also aims at influencing others in the technology industry to follow in his footsteps and create innovative products that are geared towards solving world problems. He does this through the ACE Foundation, which aims to get the players in the software industry to focus on developing systems that can alleviate some of the human challenges currently present. The foundation also partners with HeroX in sponsoring technology contests which are aimed at encouraging practical innovations to combat humanitarian problems.

Apart from HeroX, Pulier is also a board member and a donor to the XPRIZE Foundation which also organizes competitions for developments that could benefit the world. The foundation features other high profile individuals such as Elon Musk and Ratan Tata.

Pulier is also actively involved in the Painted Turtle which is a charity for chronically ill kids. The organization hosts a summer camp in California for the children, which is meant to help them experience the joy of being a kid.

Lastly, Pulier also donates to the Campaign for Free College Tuition. His works have indeed made the world a better place.

How José Auriemo Neto Got Bequeathed

Fabio Auriemo is a great man. Since his days as a young man, he has always cherished the institution of family. His love for his family is so great that he has always worked with his family members to do business and make Brazil more developed that it has always been. In 1992, his love for development and family led him to found a construction real estate development company with his brother, Jose Roberto. Construction was only the rudimentary foundation of Fabio’s passion for real estate, but he compromised to make a living with his brother. The two had seething sibling rivalry, but that couldn’t stop them from seeking prosperity together. They founded JHS together and were successful in their business. However, the two could not contain their different ideologies and aspirations in one business. Ultimately JHS split into JHSF and JHSL. Fabio’s JHSF ventured into development.

In his dealings, Fabio made sure to deliver impeccable services to all his clients. He consolidated so much influence and wealth satisfying his customers that the development company grew int a real estate company. JHSF impressed  best read property magazine in South America, the Bovespa. When JHSF’s previous customers are asked to explain why the company grew into Sao Paulo, New York, and Salvador, they always attribute the growth to the company’s ability to;

• Be innovative
• Be daring
• Be of quality
• Identify opportunities in the market of operation
• Be pioneering

The family man had also been grooming his son to thrive in the real estate business. Part of the reasons why the old phenom is considered to be great is the fact that he was able to groom his soon to be a greater visionary and negotiator than him. He was able to retire much earlier than his peers since he had successfully real estate business groomed a person to bequeath his responsibilities, José Auriemo Neto.

José Auriemo Neto proved that he could run the family business into prosperity when he persuaded the old man to purchase a seemingly worthless parking lot at the edge of the Marginal Pinheiros. The insight needed to conduct the hotel, business complex and an airport developments which the company is obliged came out clearly and strongly. The parking lot had not been spotted by any other real estate mogul and was thus acquired by JHSF at a low price. IT turned out to the single most profitable investment that the company ever made.

The Life and Achievements of Highland Capital CEO James Dondero

The economic field is filled with numerous competitor companies that each have their own set of accomplishments to bring to the table. However, there is just one company that seems to stand out among all, and that is the Highlands Capital Financial Firm. This company seeks continuous success through their marketing efforts, which make them one of the best businesses in the United States. Since it first opened, the company has continued to make a name for itself in the world of finance by ensuring that their clients get only the best services regarding financial aid. The success of the business will not be possible if not for their employees and of course the managerial staff who work very hard at providing customers with the best deals and discounts.



James Dondero, the founder, and CEO of the Highland Capital Company began operations in the year 1993. Since then, he has consistently tried to fit his business in such a way that it adheres to the situation of the current market trends. Through constant adjustment and alteration regarding their operations and performance, they have managed to keep their customers happy. James Dondero has made a name for himself as well by sticking to his plans and making sure his decisions fit best for the product of the company. At present, the company currently holds office in Dallas, but has also expanded to different parts of the world as well.



As far as products and services are concerned, James Dondero makes sure that customers are up to date with all areas of financial status, which includes staying up to date with market trends, assisting customers when it comes to financial investment decisions, as well teach their clients on how to grow their investments efficiently. Since the company is very fixed on incorporating excellent service, they have also managed to help big corporations as well. For some clients who have a hard time deciding on things to do, the highlands company is prepared to provide the customer with better decisions, especially when it comes to money. Up to this day, the highlands capital company continues to grow more and more.

Highland Capitol Management Offering Many High Paying Jobs in Many Locations

Highland Capitol Management based in Dallas, TX with offices in New York, Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paulo is a capitol management firm that is experienced, disciplined, and bold. Highland has affiliates throughout the world. One example is Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd. which on May 14, 2017 announced that it closed a private equity fund that is healthcare focused with $147 million in total capital commitments. The anchor investor with the fund is South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS) which is valued at $499.88B.


Highland Capitol Management jobs can be found on Indeed. Examples of the excellent opportunities include a Vice President for Institutional Advancement at the

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary – Pittsburgh, PA, a Continuous Improvement Manager at the Eaton Corporation in Highland, IL, and an Asset Manager at Redcar Ltd. – Los Angeles, CA 90012. These are just a small sample of the opportunities available from Highland Capitol Management. You can see a more complete list of jobs at the “Indeed” link above, you can read the job description, requirements, etc., and even apply right from the site.


You know you will be a “good fit” if you align to any of Highland’s strategies in: High Yield Credit, Structured Products, Distressed and Special Situations, Long/Short Equity, Healthcare, Emerging Markets and Real Estate.

Brian Torchin: Finding The Perfect Fit For The Right Job

Brian Torchin studied at the University of Delaware. He has risen to be an amazing top healthcare recruiter who created a company called, HealthCare Recruitment Counselors staffing. He has extensive knowledge and expertise as a physician of chiropractic practice. His expertise and knowledge make him the best at picking the right candidates for the right job.

Brian Torchin helps the healthcare industry have the best qualified candidate. Mr. Torch specializes in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Medical Doctors, Physician Assistants and Nurse practitioners.

Brian Torch created a Facebook page and a Twitter page. He communicates and tweets about new job openings and seminar information. Brian Torch likes helping people and treats them like family. His Facebook page includes seminar events as well as hobby pictures of him and family.

He is a very down to earth guy that loves his job and enjoys taking care of business. He also has a linkedin account where he writes articles and gives job tips. His articles are informative, motivating and are sure to teach you something.

Brian Torchin has been features in CNN iReport his line of work is greatly appreciated by many practices. Healthcare practices are so thankful to Mr. Torchin for his amazing help and work in providing them with the perfect candidate.

Mr. Torchin has positive testimonies from his clients. In his company’s website HealthCare Recruitment Counselors staffing (HCRC) practices he has worked with are beyond satisfied with his expertise and working abilities.

Mr. Torchin is hardworking and is dedicated to help the healthcare community as well as job seekers to meet and match. His job matching skills is always greatly appreciated.

Learn more about Brian Torchin:

The Journey of Arthur Becker to Success

In a report by Curbed, from 2003 to 2010, Arthur Becker was the Chief Executive Officer NaviSite, a NASDAQ quoted firm specializing in providing technological services. The firm provided cloud-based tech services to the enterprise market. When he left NaviSite, Arthur founded Madison Partners, LLC, and a real estate company focusing on development of housing projects in Florida, Miami and Ney York City. The entrepreneur was inspired by his previous experience of working closely with NaviSite and Vera Wang Fashion. Arthur earns money through investment in real estate properties where he redevelops them, then sells or leases them. Through selling or leasing his properties, Arthur earns RIO.

How Arthur Becker Achieved his Success

During the interview with Inspirery Arthur explained that he was lucky to enter the market at the right time. That helped him to be successful. However, the entrepreneur stated that hard work is the key to success of any business. Entrepreneurs who venture into the business world should not wait to achieve anything if they do not work hard, according to Mr. Becker. His most satisfying moment happened after his initial private investment was successful and was rewarded for it.

Career History of Arthur Becker

Currently, Arthur Becker is a member of management team at Madison Partners, LLC, a real estate investment firm. The company specializes in development of townhouses for different categories of people. The strategy of Madison Partners is to buy, renovate and later sell or lease the properties. Formerly Mr. Becker served as the CEO and Chairman of Zinio, LLC from 2012 to 2015. Before he joined Zinio, Arthur was the CEO of NaviSite, a tech provider based in both the United States and UK. Also, the company had offices in India.

Prior to joining NaviSite, Arthur Becker was a senior advisor and partner at Vera Wang Fashion. He served at the company for seven years and learned various fashion and design techniques which later turned to be useful when he ventured into the private business. Since he joined the private venture segment, Arthur has revealed his potential to achieve great success and also help other emerging and potential entrepreneurs to follow his path.

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