Next generation Cloud databasing from Nuo DB

With big data and information technology playing a bigger and bigger role in our lives, it seems like there are no new companies that can compete with the giants of cloud database technology.

New and effective cloud database technology may seem as though it’s too big or project for a small company, but the startup NuoDB is looking to challenge that stereotype.

With the focus on scalability and stability, NuoDB has positioned itself as the top provider for scalable and elastic SQL Cloud databases. They were able to achieve this by focusing on five core requirements.

First and foremost the ability to scale out and accommodate new computers and systems with ease. In addition to adding new computers to easily, removing computers is also simple.

Second, it doesn’t ever need to be shut down. This includes for maintenance and upgrades, which can be a major source of headaches for cloud database users.

Hardware and software are fault tolerant. There aren’t any circumstances where tables are dropped, nor can errors cause catastrophic effects.

Next is multi-site operation. Many companies may have cloud databases that can access from anywhere, but they cannot necessarily maintain their system from anywhere. This allows the software to be a true cloud platform.

Finally, the software boasts automatic load balancing, ensuring that stalls and slowdowns are a thing of the past.

By taking this modern approach, NuoDB has built something truly unique for the current age of cloud database technology, and we are all looking forward to what they can come up with next.

Diving Into NuoDB For SQL Database

NuoDB was founded in 2008 and its main purpose is to help expand servers that have SQL Databases run faster by using specific architecture that is on the cloud. NuoDB is used by several companies like Aflec and Kodiak and many others. NuoDB responds the same way as other applications would on a regular SQL database. According to Wikipedia “The system can process more than 1 million transactions per second.” NuoDB Is peer to peer making sure that SQL Databases are distributed across multiple nodes. NuoDB is great because not only just the cloud but off the cloud it works really well and can be used for multiple scenarios for different companies trying to achieve different database goals. Every database is different, more and more computer operations are being used by the cloud so it only makes sense that servers would start to adjust to newer technologies especially SQL databases.

James Dondero and his Career Success

James Dondero has participated majorly in donating millions to non-profit organizations and charities in the Dallas area. James Dondero is the president of the Highland Capital Management, L.P. in which he is a co-[founder as well. Highland Capital Management gives out most products to other retailers and institutions. The products by the highland capital management are of high quality and are award winning. The total assets of the company’s resources are worth approximately 14.9 billion dollars. The assets include the affiliates such as Acis Capital Management, Nextpoint Advisors which is close-end fund, Nextpoint Strategies Fund, Nextpoint Residential Trust and the Nextpoint Capital-Health care BBD. The Highland Capital Management was awarded the 5-star designation in the world for the global allocation. The Highland Capital Management again was awarded by the Lipper Awards because of its floating rates opportunity band it is the top in ranking by the morning star in the Healthcare Short and Long equity fund.

James Dondero was an analyst in his first job he got in the year 1984 as he was working with the Morgan Guaranty in a training program. He later graduated with a degree in commerce from the University of Virginia. He attained the highest honors, the dual major in the accounting and finance. James Dondero also has the professional qualifications and certificates search as the CFA-Certified Financial Analyst together with the CMA—Certified Management Accountant. James Dondero worked as a corporate board analyst in the year 1985. Afterwards, he shifted the position to work as portfolio management that held around one billion dollars. James Dondero decided to leave the American Express later in the year 1989.

James Dondero joined the Life’s GIV Company as a Chief Investment Officer. Nit had been newly formed in the year v resigned from the American Express. The subsidiary grew significantly under James Dondero’s reign to two billion dollars before him co-founding the Highland Capital Management. James Dander is also working with other companies, and he is the chairman of the board in the NextBank and NextPoint. James Dondero also works as the chairman of the board in the Cornerstone health care and the CCS Medical. Additionally, James Dondero belongs to the board at the American Banknote and the MGM Studios.

How to Boost Your Failing Credit Score – Freedom Debt America Might Help

Dealing with debt is difficult, and often results in an insolvable cycle of debt. Financial problems often result from bad credit, resulting in people never getting the help they need. Here are a few tips that anybody can use in dealing with unsettled debt and bad credit ratings.

Cosigners can make a world of difference, although not everybody has a responsible person in their life willing to assume payments if the account holder defaults. Cosigners invariably boost credit ratings, in theory assuring creditors that debts are always paid.

Never close out lines of credits. While it is OK to pay them off, closing accounts cuts down on account history, resulting in lower scores than before consumers started.

Maximum balances are never meant to be reached. Not only are they difficult to pay off and less likely to be resolved, they inherently cause credit to plummet.

Look into an automotive loan if you’re in need of a new vehicle. Even if you’re not, it’s more than possible to sell your current vehicle and finance one of similar quality. As long as you have sufficient cash flow, your credit score will go through the roof.

If you rent through a property management company, paying on time will prevent your score from slipping even further. However, private, small-time landlords won’t offer a credit effect.

Freedom Debt Relief is a for-profit debt negotiation company that deals with creditors and shrinks payments to a fraction of their original cost. In opposition to what some potential clients think prior to initiating the process, Freedom Debt Relief is entirely legitimate, registered and in good standing with the BBB, and has founded other organizations to help consumers tackle their debt. Employees at Freedom Debt Relief help clients work through problems effectively, even if they choose another servicer other than their employer.

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A Look into the Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is an established finance executive who works tirelessly to bring positive changes to the industry. However, Cassio Audi didn’t begin his finance career at a young age. Before venturing into the finance industry, Audi was an active member of a music band. According to Cassio Audi’s portfolio, his early days were full of excitement and lots of fun. While still a youth, Audi had the chance to start a successful career in music and a prominent rock band.


Cassio Audi’s Rock Band Members

Years ago, Cassio Audi met Yves Passarel, Andre Machado, Pit Paddarel, and Felipe Machado. They collectively agreed to start a rock band. Roles were allocated according to someone’s talents and by 1985; the band was already making music. Cassio Audi’s responsibility in the band was playing drums. He took his drumming role seriously and performed exceptionally in all performances. Cassio Audi’s dedication to his drumming role earned him a lot of respect from band members, fans, and the music industry at large. A renowned heavy metal music band known as Iron Maiden greatly inspired Cassio Audi’s rock band. Over the years, Iron Maiden has maintained his great follower base and is among the most respected rock bands in the industry and read full article.

The first album from Cassio Audi’s successful rock band was The Killer Sword. It received lots of attention particularly from the younger people immediately after release. The Killer Sword had several trucks most of them being hits. After a while, the band released Soldiers of Sunrise and people loved it. Audi’s music career proved his expertise in the drum sets. The band was headed for great things despite the various criticisms. Due to their achievements and contributions to the music industry, the band received a couple of awards. After some time, Cassio Audi abandoned his music career and ventured into the finance industry and learn more about Cassio Audi.

Sheldon Lavin Roots for Global Expansion of the OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has developed a career in the meat industry. He has been in the industry for the last four decades. Before joining the meat industry, Sheldon worked as a banker and a successful investor in his consulting firm. Since then, Sheldon has gone up the ranks to become the CEO and Chairman of the OSI group.

Due to his dedication, OSI team has a total number of over twenty thousand employees across the globe. As the CEO, Lavin is very proud of his workers the organizational culture that he has been able to entrench in the various company ranks. He confesses that unlike other firms, OSI industries witness a very low employee turnover and all the staff work as a family. He considers the employees as the most important stakeholders in the industry.

During the reign of Sheldon Lavin as the CEO of the OSI industries, the firm has been able to expand far and beyond. The management has received various awards and trophies on behalf of the company. Today, OSI group is the best processing plant and powerhouse in the entire globe. Lavin has dedicated his whole time towards the success of the venture. To achieve this, he understands that the various stakeholders must feel honored and respected. For this reason, he ensures that the clients are always satisfied and that the employees have enough motivation to realize the company goal and mission.

Today, at over 80 years of age, Sheldon Lavin feels energetic and active to focus on the growth of the company to Asia and Europe. He says that expanding and diversifying business operations is the best part of any business. He feels relieved by the mere fact that he has been able to carry the entrepreneurial culture overseas. Despite working at his old age, he hopes that the current generation of young entrepreneurs will be able to foster growth while making efforts to conserve the environment.

As a successful businessman, he hopes that he will be in a position to inspire the young generation. He feels that the only way to alleviate poverty is by teaching the young people to conduct business transactions and operations responsibly. In this way, they will be able to create employment opportunities and support the global economy.

Lavin is a cheerful giver. He is involved in various works of charity. He has supported different groups such as the Inner City Foundation in Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund amongst other groups.

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Look Out World! Sawyer Howitt Is On His Way!

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is currently one of the most influential teenagers in the nation. He is an aspiring entrepreneur. At the age of 17, Howitt became the project manager for the Meriwether Group, a company that offers assistance for new entrepreneurs.

Meriwether Group was founded by his father, David Howitt. Sawyer Howitt is responsible for directing the projects carried out by the company. As the project manager, it calls for strong leadership skills, making Howitt the perfect fit for the position. He is self driven and capable of completing every task that comes his way. Howitt has a strong understanding of what it takes to run a company, financial and operational, which gives him the mindset of an entrepreneur. He is skilled at tasks like creating complex spreadsheets and presentations to more minor tasks like taking important notes and filing. Nothing is too hard for him.

The Beginning Of It All

At an early age, Howitt discovered his strong interests in finance and business. Throughout high school, he focused his classes more on those subjects. He also took part in several administrative internships. In order to gain valuable experience in the workforce, Howitt worked at Kure Juice Bars. While there, he formed great relationships with the customers. He is pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance from the University of California, Berkeley. Sawyer Howitt has a clear vision for his future. He has the desire to help other entrepreneurs with their goal of establishing a business.

Philanthropic Efforts

Not only does Howitt work hard for the MeriWether Group, he also works just as hard in his community. He loves to give back in any way he can, contributing in more ways than one. He has led various organizations for women’s rights and educational funding. He has directed a international ethnic study group. Howitt has also spent his time mentoring other youth struggling with staying out of trouble.

Sawyer Howitt has a huge support system including his father and the executives at MeriWether. They provide Howitt with entrepreneurial advice that will help to prepare him for the world of business.

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A Great Combination of Talent and Energy: Brown Agency Fits the Bill

The Brown Agency is creating excitement in the fashion world. The combination of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South has combined the talent and energy of the fashion world in Central Texas with the commercial media world. Modeling is still the primary focus, but actors and actresses gain opportunities that they wouldn’t have received before now.

The main goal of the Brown Agency is to give its talent more opportunities to shine. They believe that their agency is only as good as their talent. The founders knew that this combination would increase exposure of their talent to potential clients. The full service feel is what delights clients and talent. The expectations are that prepping talent for the next market level is a smart investment.

Both Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South had excellent reputations for promoting the best and most dependable talent. For clients looking for exceptional talent, the Brown Agency fits the bill. The agency works with clients needing models, actors and actresses for a variety of venues. Models with the agency have worked on the New York Fashion Week runaway and the Dallas Fashion Week runaway. Actors at the agency have worked on local commercials and in various television series.

Austin, Texas was where Justin Brown decided to start his agency. He wanted an agency that wasn’t too big but offered many of the perks the talent expected. Austin offered a challenge for Brown to make his mark in the commercial field.

Austin is growing and is no longer a town with just local campaigns. National companies are realizing that Austin does have the talent they are looking for to represent their brands.

An important part of what it takes to be a part of the Brown Agency is the willingness to work hard. Talent agencies do expect that those who shine in front of the camera provide their best for the clients. The camaraderie that goes on behind the scenes is a bonus. For the talent it is the feeling that the agency will go to “bat” for them that drives them to work for Brown Agency.

The Brown Agency has opportunities in the commercial field with advertisements and corporate videos. Models at the agency often get opportunities in New York and Los Angeles to be featured in a fashion show. Actors and Actresses are provided with opportunities in theater productions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The fact that clients now have the opportunity to pick the best talent is what makes this a great combination. Clients understand that all talent is thoroughly screened and vetted before they become available.

Models, actors and actresses are provided with many opportunities to shine when they sign with the Brown Agency. Visit


Securus Technologies is Helping to Change American Prison Security

Securus is a great technology company that works closely with the prison system. This organization provides state-of-the-art computer and electronic equipment to help secure correctional facilities and law enforcement areas. This company also provides inmate communication systems so that the family members and spouses of incarcerated felons can keep in touch with their loved ones.


Securus first began in 1986. At the time this organization serviced the prison industry by setting up land-line phone service. Now, their services have extended to include computerized video calls and digital communications. Prisoners can talk to family members at a competitive rate and even see them while they speak. This was not possible in the past but is a reality in today’s age.


Many prison guards enjoy Securus technology because it helps to keep them safer while doing their jobs. When technology becomes more sophisticated for members of regular society; people behind bars also improve their technology position as well. This is why smartphones are common behind bars. Securus uses the Syscon Justice System to detect prisoner owned smartphones. This tool helps to keep this form of contraband from overrunning the prison area.


Throughout the years, Securus Technologies have worked hard to ensure that correction guards are safe. They have camera systems, microphone installations and ID equipment which are all used to keep law enforcement personnel protected while on the job. This technology is also good at preventing crimes as well. Securus Technologies is a first rate communications provider for prisoners everywhere.


The Important Work of Eric Lefkofsky

The co-founder of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky, is moving on to bigger and more important things. Lefkofsky is a Chicago based entrepreneur who has been focused on data analytics for the majority of his career. It has led him to focus on companies like Groupon and concepts like Accelerated Disruption. Now, Lefkofsky is focusing his work on combining the two concepts to craft his biggest endeavor yet: Tempus.

Tempus is likely the most important work that Lefkofsky is going to approach in his career and it is due solely to the reason that it can fundamentally change lives. Tempus is an operating system that has been developed to work alongside electronic medical records. The goal of Tempus is to create an overlay for electronic medical records (EMR) that makes them more accessible and usable for medical professionals. The result of a successful implementation of Tempus is as simple as it is staggering: results, real results, will start to come to fruition in the realm of cancer research.

Now, Eric Lefkofsky has always approached his career as an entrepreneur with one simple concept in mind: find a problem and then craft the solution. Lefkofsky does not create for the sake of creating. Though he does admit to getting lost in his fantasy worlds of solving EVERY problem, Lefkofsky knows that targeted work can be the only successful path in the tech world and more information click here.

For Lefkofsky, Tempus is an ideal solution to a problem that has saturated and slowed down the entire health care world. While much of the United States focuses on health care insurance, Lefkofsky is focused on health care solutions. Cancer research is notoriously fickle due to the fact that every body reacts to medications at least a little bit differently. That means a drug like Herceptin may work in 40% of applications while completely doing nothing for the other 60%. Tempus, as it turns out, is a chance for us to figure out WHY this is the case.

If Lefkofsky is successful implementing Tempus at anything near a national level then he might go down as one of the most important entrepreneurs around and what Eric knows.

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