Omar Yunes Surprises Everyone to Win the BFW Award

Omar Yunes owns a chain of franchised eateries spread out across Mexico. As of 2017, the visionary hotelier owned franchises 13 franchised sushi joints in places like Vera Cruz, Mexico City and in Puebla. Omar has come a long way to become the Best Franchisee in the World. He first ventured into the Japanese food restaurant business at the tender age of 21. He’s had to constantly innovate and re-invent his strategies to stay afloat and profitable.


Speaking while receiving the honorary Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Award in Florence, Italy, Yunes dedicated the accolade to the over 400 staff working with him at the 13 outlets. That in itself is a clear sign that Omar values his employees above all else. He, unlike many business managers, realizes the importance of investing in the welfare of workers and Omar’s lacrosse camp.


The first runner-up in the Mexican franchisee category was scooped by Ivan Tamer, a franchisee from Prendamex. The food outlets were feted for the outstanding job done in implementing creative marketing strategies. Patricia Campos, a manager at Prendamex franchisee lauded Omar Yunes for raising the industry’s standard. Patricia confessed that some of their systems have been borrowed from the successful models by Omar’s outlets and learn more about Omar Yunes.


The grandiose 2015th BFW Award ceremony in Florence, Italy brought together high-ranking officials of the franchisee brand from all corners of the globe. The representatives awarded points to brands that had the most robust networks and motivated employees, among other poignant aspects listed on The Mexican Association of Franchises and the Universidad Anahuac represented the Mexican brands in the judge’s podium.


Diego Elizarrarras who was in charge of organizing the BFW awards event praised Omar Yunes and his franchise for the excellent data management systems and the cost-cutting measures they’d adopted at their 13 units in Mexico. Elizarrarras further added that the win has effectively propelled the Mexican franchisee brand to the global platform and contact him.


The CEO of the Sushi Otto, Benjamin Cancelmo remarked that the awards were primarily meant to encourage franchisees to work closely with their customers. The BFW award also motivated the franchisees to provide their clients with superb quality services, always and more information click here.