No Lather Shampoo gives Hair the Cleanliness but not the poo

WEN by Chaz is a hair care company and hair salon located in Hollywood, CA. The company was started in Bel Air, where the founder, Chaz Dean, opened his first WEN salon. It was created to give celebrities a quiet place to relax and get their hair done, away from the paparazzi. The salon was eventually moved to Holly Wood, but offers the same services. The company has now become recognized world wide, and is most commonly known for its no lather shampoo, or cleansing conditioner.

What is no lather shampoo? Well, it’s shampoo, but without the poo. Also known as cleansing conditioner for hair, this shampoo has no sulfates or harsh chemicals, and helps protect the hair’s natural oils. While some people may think that the lather in shampoo is what actually cleans the hair, this is not the case. All of that foam and soapiness isn’t doing anything for you hair.

In fact, all it’s doing is making your hair dry and stripping it of its natural oils. When hair is stripped of its natural oils, it over compensates, and creates more oil. Doing so makes the hair greasy, which makes people wash it more and more, starting the process all over again. All of that to say, no lather shampoo reverse this process. If the hair isn’t stripped of oils, it won’t make extra, and it won’t be greasy. If you want to, you can easily wash your hair every day with no lather shampoo.