Next generation Cloud databasing from Nuo DB

With big data and information technology playing a bigger and bigger role in our lives, it seems like there are no new companies that can compete with the giants of cloud database technology.

New and effective cloud database technology may seem as though it’s too big or project for a small company, but the startup NuoDB is looking to challenge that stereotype.

With the focus on scalability and stability, NuoDB has positioned itself as the top provider for scalable and elastic SQL Cloud databases. They were able to achieve this by focusing on five core requirements.

First and foremost the ability to scale out and accommodate new computers and systems with ease. In addition to adding new computers to easily, removing computers is also simple.

Second, it doesn’t ever need to be shut down. This includes for maintenance and upgrades, which can be a major source of headaches for cloud database users.

Hardware and software are fault tolerant. There aren’t any circumstances where tables are dropped, nor can errors cause catastrophic effects.

Next is multi-site operation. Many companies may have cloud databases that can access from anywhere, but they cannot necessarily maintain their system from anywhere. This allows the software to be a true cloud platform.

Finally, the software boasts automatic load balancing, ensuring that stalls and slowdowns are a thing of the past.

By taking this modern approach, NuoDB has built something truly unique for the current age of cloud database technology, and we are all looking forward to what they can come up with next.