New Study on the Significance of Calcium Signalling and Detrimental Effects of E-cigarettes Posted on Oncotarget

According to a study carried out by five researchers from the University of Torino, all cellular processes require calcium signaling. This is because the process controls cell proliferation and survival. Furthermore, it regulates intracellular enzymes found in the nucleus, organelle, and cytoplasm. The article, which was posted on Oncotarget, also pointed out the significance of calcium signaling in DNA replication and transcription. The researchers concluded that as calcium signaling aids in proliferation, this process could help in understanding altercations of pathological nature such as cancer progression and angiogenesis.The five researchers also stated that if the calcium signaling process is well understood, it can be used as a therapeutic approach for diverse cell operations. This includes controlling cell proliferation, helping change blocker functions and designing antibodies.

E-cigarettes and their effects on gum tissues

E-cigarettes are used by millennials for entertainment and ecstasy purposes. However, new research by scholars (of the University of Rochester Medical Center) has shown that the product has damaging effects on the teeth and gums. The study, which is available for free on Oncotarget, also points out that the health impacts of E-cigarettes are just like those of conventional cigarettes.The study was conducted by a team of researchers led by Professor Irfan Rahman, who lectures environmental medicine at University of Rochester’s School of Dentistry. As the first scientific paper themed on the effects of e-cigarettes, it focuses on the drug’s detrimental effects on one’s oral health in molecular and cellular perspectives.According to the research paper, inflammatory proteins are usually released once vapors from e-cigarettes reach the mouth. These proteins are known to stress gum and teeth cells hence resulting in damage that could cause several oral diseases. A 3D model of the human gums was used to test the hypothesis. It was concluded that the flavors found in e-cigarettes also have damaging effects on the teeth and gums.

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